Verb of the day 'To Bake'

Uploaded by EngLanguageClub on 09.10.2012

Hello, today's verb is 'to bake'
'To bake' is the infinitive of the verb.
The past simple form, and the past participle as well
because this verb is regular is ‘baked’,
The continuous or gerund form is 'baking',
To bake is when you cook certain types of food in an oven.
For example 'To bake a cake'.
'He bakes cakes regularly.'
'She is baking some bread'.
'They didn’t bake enough food for the party.'
'I baked a pie for dinner.'
The gerund form, ‘baking’, is also used as the name of the activity.
For example 'The children love baking.'
'He doesn’t like baking.'
'Do you like baking?'
'Baking is a fun type of cooking.'
A person who bakes for a living is called ‘a baker’.
For example 'He is an excellent baker'.
The shop where baked products are sold is called ‘a bakery’. For Example
'Our town doesn’t have a bakery.'
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