eBox Platform - Setting up a VPN

Uploaded by eboxplatform on 07.10.2009

eBox Platform is a unified network server
that offers easy and efficient network administration
for Small and Medium Businesses
being the open source alternative to Windows Server
In this short video
you will learn how easy it is
to set up a VPN using eBox Platform
A VPN allows your employees on the road
or at home to securely connect to your office network
As usual, before making use of the VPN module
we must enable it in the Module Status section
eBox VPN is based in SSL authentication
so first, we are going to create some certificates
When you go to the CA menu for the first time
you will need to create your eBox CA
Enter your company data and click Create
Once you have a Certification authority
create a certificate for the vpn server
Make sure to use the external host name for your office
as the common name
Also create a certificate for each user
who will connect to the VPN
Once you have your certificates ready
go to VPN, servers
and create a new VPN server
Don't enable it yet, since you need to configure it first
Click on configuration and fill the details
The default port for openvpn is 1194 UDP
but you can use whatever you want
Choose a network range for the VPN clients
and check 'Allow client-to-client connections'
if you want your clients to see each other
If you want your VPN client to access
internal servers other than this ebox
go to advertised networks and add the networks
you want to be visible to the clients
Now that we have all the details for our VPN
it's time to enable it
And save the changes
To configure your client, you will need the certificates and configuration
You can download that bundled as a zip file
and copy it to your client
We are going to watch
how to setup our windows client
but you can use OpenVPN on Linux
or Tunnelblick on Mac
Extract the bundle and copy the contents to
Program files, OpenVPN, config
Then, you can launch OpenVPN
right click on the tray icon and connect to HQ
You should now be able to access your internal network
We hope you enjoyed this demonstration
To download eBox platform
and watch other videos like this
please visit ebox-platform.com