Engine CMS Content Management System

Uploaded by meloncreative on 27.01.2011

Our websites are easily updated and managed when using our Engine CMS.
Log into Engine CMS through a secure portal.
The dashboard shows key information about your website performance.
See your website content in an organised list view.
Comments can be added to your content to keep your team up to date with changes.
The easy to use form is tailored to the specific content you wish to publish.
Easily copy and paste content you have already prepared into the editor.
Formatting text and adding a link is easy with a click of the mouse.
Adding images to your content is simple with the ease of a drag and drop interface.
Choose to automatically post your content to your social networks, such as Twitter.
The blog had now been posted to our website and Twitter account.
Easily manage and reuse assets for your website.
Optimise your images for search engines and DDA compliance.
Engine CMS will automatically will automatically crop and resize your images if required.
Engine CMS collects subscriptions, enquiries and registrations from your website.
You can easily import and export your contacts to maximize the potential of your data.
Easily search, or view your contacts on a map to see their locations.
Create, send and track HTML e-newsletters within 5 easy steps.
Choose a HTML template to instantly see what your campaign will look like.
Send your e-newsletter in Plain text too.
Editing and formatting your campaign is simple and quick.
Choose who you want to send your campaign to.
Check your campaign details before sending.
Test send your e-newsletter and schedule when you want it to be sent out.
Track the performance of your campaigns.
Optimise your website, and individual web pages for search engines.
The information will be automatically inserted into your website's HTML.
See the browsing trail left by your visitors to your website.
See the browsing trail left by your visitors to your website.