Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 20 ~ The World that Never Was 1/4] (English Subs)

Uploaded by Cyberman65 on 17.07.2012

Sora: This is Organization XIII's...
Sora: This world too has been closed off by sleep...
Sora: That's not true right?
Sora: Plus, I opened the seven keyholes.
Sora: So yeah, I should be back in the original world, right?
Sora: But why here though?
??: Are you STILL only half awake?
Sora: Who's there!? Come out here!
??: All this planning was so annoying but...
??: It ends here, is what I'm saying.
Sora: Why are you...
Xigbar: Let's start spilling in order shall we? Sora... Roxas...
Xigbar: First, you were supposed to go back to your original world...
Xigbar: but why have you come to this world?
Xigbar: The answer's simple: we invited you here.
Xigbar: We took advantage of the instant you fell asleep.
Xigbar: We accompanied you, and led you here.
Sora: From the start...
Sora: Oh! The man in the robe...
Sora: The guy in the black cloak, and Xemnas
Xigbar: Correct!
Xigbar: To cross time and go to the moment when a world falls asleep...
Xigbar: one has to have a body in that past place and time.
Xigbar: I'm sure you met him before, the man in the robe.
Xigbar: Yup. From that time, your coming here was fated.
Sora: You're making that up!
Xigbar: Yeah... Too good to be true.
Xigbar: It's unbelievable, huh?
Xigbar: That's why you guys couldn't see it.
Xigbar: And your plans were all out of whack.
Xigbar: As proof, even if you return to the original world, you won't return to the way you were.
Xigbar: You can't wake up anymore
Xigbar: In other words, it doesn't matter whether this is reality or a dream, is what I'm saying.
Sora: I get it. It doesn't matter
Sora: But, the fact that you guys are my enemy remains clear.
Xigbar: You never change, glaring at me with those eyes of yours
Xigbar: But, it's time to tag out. All this work is so complicated y'know!
YMX: Let's go together.
Sora: What the...
Xigbar: Sweet dreams.
YMX: Yes. This is the start of it all.
YMX: In this time I hadn't noticed that that man was I.
YMX: I never thought that I would throw my body away to make myself go on a quest
Sora: What do you mean?
YMX: That is the Xehanort that is just a heart.
YMX: That is the man you call Ansem.
Sora: Whoa!
Sora: Him...
Sora: Hey that's-!
YMX: Yes, the time that Xigbar was telling you about.
Sora: The me that was here a little before the world got engulfed in darkness...
YMX: To travel through time one must through away his body.
YMX: Ansem first made me go on the quest and came here at this place and time.
YMX: With this, all the things up until today were decided.
Sora: What do you mean?
Sora: You mean to say that you knew everything?
YMX: No, not all of it...
YMX: After this, Ansem took controls of Riku's body
YMX: And went through time like that
Sora: So, that's all you know right?
Sora: Why was it decided that I would come here today?
YMX: The reason is...
Sora: Kairi!
Sora: What is this?
YMX: You've been here many times.
YMX: Your first adventure, the adventure in your memories, the adventure in data
YMX: And the adventure in dreams
YMX: It like repeats and repeats, like déjà vu
Sora: King Mickey?
Sora: Donald! Goofy!
Sora: Pluto!
??: Sora
Riku: What is this place?
Riku: Why am I here?
Riku: I opened the seven keyholes. Why am I not back in the real world?
(Reality Shift: Mirage Split) Yellow Box: Touch all the white points 3 times! Bottom Box: A reality shift in that allows you to cut by sliding the white