Bread and Weightloss what you didnt know about it!!!!!

Uploaded by MarisaPeer1 on 31.03.2011

Hi I’m Marisa peer. Thank you for listening to me. Your body will only eat something if
the picture is right. And if you want to stop eating a food that is rubbish for you, you
have got to make the picture wrong. Now people have this belief that bread is a very healthy
food, it is if you’re a cow. Because cows and sheep are designed to eat grass, human
beings are not designed to eat this food which is literally wall paper paste. Until 10 000
years ago, no one on the planet could eat flour because nobody had milk. This is not
a food designed for humans, humans don’t do well eating what I call grass because that’s
all cereal is. So when you eat this food, this is how it is in your body, it is just
glue. You probably made paper mache when you were a kid, you probably glued things together
and you could wallpaper with this, it will stay like this for years and years. This is
literately worthless as a source of nutrition your body doesn’t like it, it doesn’t
ask for it, actually it can’t use it. When you eat anything that is a starch, which is
what this is, it turns to sugar very quickly, and when your system is overloaded with sugar
you literally store just fat. One slice of bread has 5 times more sugar than your body
can use, and your body must store that as fat. This slice of bread has 3 spoons of sugar
in it, your body doesn’t like sugar. When you eat proteins and fat (good fat ) your
body will use that, when you eat carbohydrates which are very starchy you will never use
them up unless you are doing vigorous exercise. So it’s really worth looking at this and
realize that your body doesn’t like it, it can’t use it, it is worthless as a source
of nutrition, humans are not designed to eat food that is designed for cattle, so don’t
eat this. And don’t eat this pasta, and if you really want to go off bread just take
one of these and do this and just roll it up and you will find that it becomes literally
rock rock hard, this is playdoh, none of you will eat playdoh and like bread and playdoh
it doesn’t go off. You can keep this in your house for years and years and years , it
just becomes rock hard, it’s worthless. So try to see bread as playdoh , as glue,
as a worthless food that your body doesn’t like. And also this has now become 80% of
our diet in the West, people have cereals for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, pasta
for dinner, crackers for snacks, you are eating a food that is designed for cows that chew
for 20 hours a day makes liters of saliva its full of gas and has no energy. Your body
is not designed to eat this. You should be eating this twice a week at the very most
and certainly not everyday. If you want to be thinner stop eating starch which is sugar.
Thank you for listening, go to my website there’ s all kind
of handy hints that will help you stop eating food that is designed for cows. Thank you.