Hurricane Sandy Appeal

Uploaded by BritishRedCross on 02.11.2012

Hurricane Sandy was a huge storm, affecting
countries in the Caribbean and parts of the US.
Media attention has been on the effects of the
hurricane in the US, particularly in New York
but areas in the Caribbean and countries in the
Caribbean have gone largely unnoticed.
It is estimated that in Santiago, Cuba,
15,000 homes were destroyed.
Throughout the country, 150,000 homes are
are estimated as damaged.
In Haiti, 21,000 people that were still living in
camps affected by by the 2010 earthquake,
were forced to move, as Sandy moved through
the region.
In Jamaica, 3600 families are without their homes
Staple food crops throughout the region were
leading to the possibility of food problems in the
near future.
The British Red Cross has launched an appeal
to support the national societies
throughout the region, who have been affected
Red Cross volunteers are working in shelters
throughout the Caribbean to support families,
who have been displaced by the hurricane
The British Red Cross appeal is to support those
directly affected by hurricane sandy
We aim to support those most in need,
so please, give what you can.