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Announcer: On today's Daily Dose, Jillian gets Nascar star, Danica Patrick,
to reveal what actually scares her.
Danica: I am scared of water that I cannot see through.
I am scared of the dark.
Is my microphone in the right place? I do not know if I am supposed
to supposed to get it up close.
Female: You are fine.
Danica: It does not really? Female: You are good.
Jillian: It will pick you up.
We are here with my good friend, which I love to say, and of course,
probably the most famous race car driver in the world, Danica Patrick.
Danica: Wow.
Thank you.
Jillian: Here is what I love the most about you.
Right now, you stand for so much for so many people, and yet,
you are just a woman who does what you love,
and has always done what you love.
Can you talk a little bit about how you got into racing, and why? Danica:
I was a wee little girl, I am only this tall now,
but about that tall, I was 10-years-old,
and we just were looking for something to do together as a family.
I have one other sister; she is two years younger than me,
so we bought go-carts.
My dad had been in racing all of his life, so we started racing go-
carts, my sister and I. Jillian:
You were only 10? Danica: I was 10 and my sister was 8. We did
spend time together, but then all of a sudden,
I left home at 16 and moved to England,
and then I was not home anymore.
Jillian: Going into this line of work, this is a passion.
Was there anybody that encouraged you to continue following your passion and make a career
out of it? Was there anyone that discouraged you in the opposite direction? How did
that play out for you? Who were the key players in that path? Danica:
My parents were probably the biggest contributors to me taking the path that I did,
and leaving school at 16, getting my GED, living in England by myself, and racing.
I think that it is hard for kids.
Sometimes, parents limit their kids at what they do,
sometimes they are scared for them and do not let them try things.
I was lucky, my parents let me try everything when I was a kid,
and that is what it takes to find what you love.
People need to be brave enough to try,
and parents need to be open enough to let their kids try things.
For crying out loud,
it would be pretty normal if my parents did not let me race go- carts,
but they did and that was it.
Jillian: I have to ask you this: Watching you at Daytona slam into that wall,
as your friend, I am worried about you.
Are you worried about you? Is your husband worried about you? Am I over-thinking this?
This looks very scary to me and dangerous.
Danica: I will tell you what I am hoping, first.
I am hoping that I will not really crash too much more anymore.
In Indy cars, when I first started, my first race in an Indy car,
I had the biggest crash I have ever had in an Indy car.
Then in stock cars, and specifically in Sprint Cup,
my very first Sprint Cup race was the biggest crash I have had in a
stock car yet, so hopefully it is out of the way.
In Nascar sometimes, things are a little out of control.
Jillian: Yes.
You are not crashing, you are being crashed out.
Danica: Exactly, yes.
You get crashed out a lot.
Jillian: You are getting crashed out.
Danica: But I am still hopeful that they will not big anymore.
The Series always works on safety, that is for sure.
That wall what I hit was a Safer Barrier wall,
which means that there is a wall with foam behind it,
so that it absorbs some of the energy.
It is not like hitting a brick wall;
it is like hitting a soft brick wall.
Jillian: A soft brick wall? Danica: It does not mean it did not hurt,
and it does not mean that it was not a really hard, fast hit.
Jillian: The fear now;
is there no fear? How are you managing the fear? I know for me, snowboards,
for God's sake, I am afraid I am going to fall and break something.
This is a whole other ball game.
Danica: We do have helicopters waiting by to take us to hospitals nearby.
There are no helicopter waiting for you on the .
. . Jillian: You are made of different stuff, buddy.
Danica: The funny thing is that I am scared of so many other things.
Let us just list them, it takes two hands: I am scared of heights,
water that I cannot see through, the dark, and bugs.
Jillian: Fair enough.
You have your fair share of fears, but you definitely manage this one,
which is potentially life threatening in a completely, very real way.
Danica: I am not scared of wild animals, though.
I desperately want to pet a bobcat.
Jillian: You are made of different stuff.
Danica: There are bobcats in Arizona, where I live.
One day,
I was out running around the neighborhood and I came up on a wash,
and all of a sudden,
I saw this rabbit sprint one direction and I think another one went another direction.
I am running along, and all of a sudden, a bobcat pokes its head out,
so I stop and I just look at it.
I just slowly take steps backwards and it just looked over at me,
and it went, 'Whatever.
I am a bobcat,' and it just walked across the street.
I waited for it to get a ways away, and then I started jogging past.
I turn around and there was a second bobcat.
I immediately regretted my decision in not trying to pet it.
I always look for bobcats now.
Jillian: Do not pet the bobcat.
Danica: I am apparently not afraid of speed, either, apparently, or crashing, for that matter.
Jillian: I want to ask you, then.
You are not afraid of speed, crashing, and bobcats.
Does faith play any part in your ability to continuously step into that car and
hit the road in that way? Danica: The answer is yes.
I became Catholic when I met my husband the year we were engaged.
I think it just gives you a sense of handing your problems and your fate
to someone else, a little bit, to God.
Jillian: Surrendering.
Danica: Yes, exactly.
I just pray that I do a good job with it, that I am smart,
and that I use talents that I have and I was given,
and the rest is what it is.
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