Episode 3 - Deaf Dave.mp4

Uploaded by notthesharpest on 06.06.2012

Hello all you good looking people
Nicole and I are like two peas in a...
..bowl of peas.
When we want things done we get it done
and we don't stop untill its done
That's why today we are starting our new jobs as motivational spea......

Great work out!
I've never felt so healthy
And you know what? I'm so excited for us to start our new jobs together
what should we wear?
Something professional
Now, don't ever let anyone make you feel bad about yourself
This is why you should never date a cop.
You take the school bus in the morning
He makes you feel guilty!
You eat a cookie.
He makes you feel guilty!
You drink and you drive
He makes you feel guilty!
You charge other men for sex
He makes you feel guilty!
You have sex in public.
...makes you feel guilty!
Moral of the story is
Don't feel guilty!
You did a great job!
Thank you.
You really seemed to grab the children's attention

Oh, I just think they're just so, ya know adorable. Just so ya know life like and um..
What do you want!?
A toy!
You want a toy?
Oh my god so cute. Um..I got sissors.
Here, go run!
Anyway, we should totally go out on a date
Sure Yeah? Ok. Well, here's my phone number. Call me.
I'm deaf. I can't call.
I don't discriminate. Ok. I'm gonna go. Bye cutie!
I have a date with the teacher
Oh my God. He is so cute
and a great listener
You look beautiful.
Thank you...THANK YOU!
So...being a motiva...
What? It's so loud in here. It's like we can barely hear eachother.
Oooh. Why don't you teach me how to sign?
Ok...Hello. Hello!
Jewish? Really? Now I would think Jewish was this.

Jewish? Really? See now I would think Jewish was... Oh wait, hold on. You got three drinks and I only got one.
So you should pay.

Jewish? Really? Now I would think Jewish would be something like...