Beth & Trish Break Records w/ Recordsetter - 8/15/12 (Full Ep)

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TRISH: Oh hi, you guys.
This is going to be a great show.

BETH: Hey guys, welcome to My Damn Channel Live.
I'm your host, Beth Hoyt, here feeling strong and just
hanging out in the studio today with all of you guys.
Cross my arms.
Giving myself the Heimlich maneuver, scratching my head
and fiddling with--
I don't even wear a bra.
Who's behind me?
Who's behind me?
Oh my gosh!
Hi, Trish.
TRISH: Hi, oh.
BETH: I didn't know you were here.
TRISH: I didn't know I was here either.
TRISH: What is going on?
BETH: Oh, well, I'm doing the show, so--
TRISH: Oh, that is so cool.
Can I-- can I hang with you?
BETH: I would love that.
You guys--
I think that'd be awesome, so I think you should stay.
BETH: That'd be great.
You're here--
you're here.
You should stay.
Oh, we have this new table of toys.
Go look at that.
We just started this today, you guys.
We have this table of toys because sometimes mommy says
don't touch all of the things in the room on the walls.
But, you know, we do want some crap to play with and like, to
put on and stuff.
So you guys--
this is all fair game to play with-- let us know in the
comments if you want us to use something in partics.
Trish, come back and bring me, bring me a fun thing.
Come back to me.
Oh, thanks so much.
(DISAPPOINTED) Thanks for bringing me this one.
Such a good friend.
TRISH: I love you.

(DISAPPOINTED) Thanks for bringing me the "cool" one.
Oh, I also, can we look at the, I wanted to look at,
bring up a comment from the live chat.
That I saw on the show.
I didn't get a chance to-- this is from--
TRISH: Oh, HashtagTopics.
"Uh, can I please be on My Damn Channel Live?
It's on my bucket list."
BETH: We are bucket list maker-happeners.
Makers happens.
BETH: Uh, Trish has always wanted to--
TRISH: I've always wanted to be here.
And I'm here now.
BETH: With her, with her--
TRISH: With my-- this is actually Trish's.
This is my--
he's my friend.
I actually modelled him after the Britney
Spears albino snake.
It's, it's identical, OK.
We're good friends.
We'll be back in second to do more comments like that.
So keep talking to me and Trish in the meantime.
Right now, check out McMayhem video.

MATT: Out there in the world, you never know who your going
to run into.
Let's have some pun today.
This is run puns.
MATT: I'm running on empty here.
I might be trailing off.
Am I on the right path?
You've been running through my mind all day.
I've got a leg up on everyone here, man.
All right guys, take a hike.
Do you have a phone?
I lost my phone, maybe, do you have a Sprint?
Are these hiked up too high?
MATT: Jog my memory real quick.
Um, I know this is a stretch, but, you've been running
through my mind all day.
And now that--
MALE SPEAKER: I've been running through
your mind all day.
MATT: And now that you're all-- now that you're all
laced up, maybe we can take a hike together?
Want to hit the ground running with me?
I'm inclined to ask, I know it's a stretch.
But it's also a stretch.
Is the street before Fontaine Prefontaine?
I've been making great strides in my life.
MATT: And a lot of women have been giving me the run around
for a very long time.
MATT: But, before I run, I just wanted to say that I
enjoyed taking this hike.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Good for you.
MATT: We're getting a lot of mileage out of this joke, huh?
There used to be a dance, many years ago,
that looked like this.
The cabbage, no, what am I doing right now.
FEMALE SPEAKER: You're running in place?
MATT: So it's called the--
FEMALE SPEAKER: Running man?
MATT: There it is!
It's all downhill from here, guys.
Guys, it's all downhill from here.
But now you're over the hill, so.

BETH: OK, guys, so the Olympics are over.
TRISH: It is true.
BETH: I know you guys.
And today, we'll be concluding our own Olympic coverage.
BETH: Yes, I know.
Well see, because we have our--
I don't want to cover--
TRISH: Everybody's so sad.
Our Olympic cauldron is still happening.
So this where we're going to be extinguishing our Olympic
cauldron later on--
BETH: I know.
They really love the Olympic.
TRISH: Everybody loves the Olympics.
But we're still going to have some Olympic fun today.
Aren't we, Bethy?
BETH: We are, Trishy.
TRISH: OK, so you guys know that, every single Olympics,
there's always some new sport added.
Well, we thought we'd take a moment to suggest a fun sport
that we like to play?
Ready for, I think we're ready for international competition
on this one.
BETH: We've practiced a lot of this one.
It's called Champong.
Maybe you guys saw Diggnation and My Drunk
Kitchen do some Champong.
TRISH: Yeah, Champongie Timies.
BETH: And we, we are going to so, it's just classier, you
know, than beer pong.
TRISH: It so classy.
Champagne is classy.
BETH: And you can just sip as you're playing.
We've set up the exhibition here of the sport to show
everyone the fast-paced excitement.
So, you know, we're trying it out
right now for the Olympics.
TRISH: I'm so ready.
I'm going to beat you.
BETH: All right, I'll go first.
And just take two balls--
TRISH: She's always goes first.
BETH: Mm-hmm.
BETH: So close.
BETH: Boom, drink it down.
You can just get rid of that.
OK, here we go.
Oh, all right.
BETH: All right, drinking it down.
TRISH: Going down the hatch, Bethy.
BETH: Mm-hmm.
TRISH: That is delicious.
BETH: It just, it requires a lot of skill, because you get
more buzzed-- there's a lot of bubbles.
Yeah, you blow it a little bit, and you get more buzzed
than beer, so--
TRISH: It kind of hurts.
It kind of stings.
Um, your turn, your turn.
BETH: It's so classy, though.
BETH: We're pretty good.
TRISH: Come on, man.
BETH: I mean, we've been practicing this
for years and years.
TRISH: Oh, haha.
All right, here were are.
BETH: See we--
BETH: It's a, and it's a--
I say that's a gold medal, right there.
BETH: That's on its way.
That's a good, that's extra points.
For the style points.
You get extra points when you do that.
Ooh, let's look at a comment.
Trish, read it while I drink this.
TRISH: OK, um, this is from HolographicSweater.
This could be close.
Beth is a fierce competitor and Trish
is apparently sadistic.
BETH: That's very true!
Very good observation.
TRISH: You know us so well.
MALE VOICE (OFFSCREEN): Re-rack, re-rack.
BETH: Re-rack.
TRISH: Oh, that's you.
BETH: Re-rack because there's three.
Oh, that was really, really a wet burp.
TRISH: I feel sick.
BETH: Disgusting.
Here we go.
BETH: Oh, I get to, I get to, I think that I should re-shoot
that because of the re-rack.
Yeah, re-rack, and I get to reshoot that.
TRISH: This is like-- this is like alcohol poisoning.
Thanks, My Damn Channel.
Oh, darnit.
BETH: You can help out your teammate by, you know, getting
a little hip in there.
Here we go.
It's harder when there's three.
BETH: I'm just getting, ouch.
Oh, you didn't even throw it, and I was-- oww.
It's good I have these abs of steel.
TRISH: She does.
It's usually, it's like a trampoline.
BETH: It's very important that you cross-train, so that your
heart, you know, you're, so, let's do it
off of Trish's chest.
TRISH: All right.
We're really-- we've got to step up our game--
step up our game.
But again, we're just showing you.
BETH: You know, I was going to sip it out of
my champagne flute.
So it's like, you know, as long as we're.
TRISH: All right.
BETH: OK, here we go.
TRISH: I'm winning, guys.
I'm winning this.
BETH: And actually, you know what, for the last shot, here,
this is what we do when we're just like really getting into
it, just to wrap it up.
The final shot is all the balls.
TRISH: Multi-ball!
BETH: I missed all of them.
BETH: We both missed every single ball in that.
BETH: Well, that was exciting.
So, that's, oh, we have a comment.
"Go do some synchronized dancing," from
Sure thing.
TRISH: All right, synchronized dancing.

TRISH: That was.
BETH: That's synchronized dancing.
That's just--
TRISH: The Chinese always win.
So we don't even try.
It's important to have an array of sports
that can do, though.
BETH: Thanks, guys.
TRISH: Well that's just a taste of the excitement that
comes with Champong.
I say we should see it in Rio 2016.
BETH: Yes, Rio, get your act together.
I need something to eat.
I'm so drunk now.
TRISH: I've got liquid all over my face.
BETH: OK, you guys watch this.
And we'll see you and your comments in a minute.

TOMMY: Hi, this is Tommy Wiseau, and you're watching My
Damn Channel Live.
Have a groovy time.
BETH: Ooh, you spilled.
We're back and we're eating ice cream.
TRISH: Ice cream should definitely be an Olympic
event, I think.
BETH: --chunk of something.
TRISH: Um, I think it's because it's
got stuff in it Beth.
It's a-- banana split.
It's a banana.
But it wasn't a banana.
Why isn't this in competitive eating?
Why don't we have competitive eating in the Olympics.
BETH: Well, I, I can eat this better than
you, you can eat it.
TRISH: You're lactose intolerant.
BETH: Is that competitive eating?
BETH: I'm going to eat, I'm going to eat
the crap out of this.
I'm going to take that right off your fork.
BETH: Oh, no, no, no.
I'm going to [LAUGH]--
Let's see--
very competitive eating.
TRISH: She's so fierce.
Yes, I am.
Let's look at some comments from you guys, from
the chat and stuff.
Here's a comment.
This is from goodyguts.
"Improv a story with the toys!"
TRISH: Awesome.
OK, this is David Bowie.
BETH: And this is--
TRISH: Oh, David.
What's happened to you?
BETH: Keanu Reeves.
BETH: All right.
So, Keanu Reeves, we're going to make this short.
TRISH: OK, Keanu.
BETH: Yes, David.
TRISH: I'm so happy that you weren't in Labyrinth.
It was such a good movie without you.
BETH: You know what, though, I was just too busy receiving
letters from Beth Hoyt when I was at that age.
Because I was just-- that's all I did, all day long, was
open up mail from Beth Hoyt.
TRISH: Let's face it, Beth Hoyt wasn't even born when
Labyrinth came out.
BETH: Well, here's the thing.
She was writing me letters in a past life.
TRISH: I'm oddly attracted to you.
BETH: Hey.
BETH: You look like my ex-girlfriend.
Oh no, and then, finally, David Bowie got
to eat Keanu Reeves.
And that finally happened.
And that's how that-- ouch.
Next question is a comment for YouTube.
And this is from--
TRISH: Uh, what kind of-- this is from OurEverythingVlog.
And what kind of music do you listen to?
BETH: Uh, Trish is in a band.
TRISH: It's true.
BETH: And explain your band.
TRISH: I'm in an all-girl punk band.
It's called the Upskirts.
And we're a punk band.
And I dress up as a bunny all the time-- as you guys
probably know.
BETH: It's very surprising to me because--
it's not like I don't think you're talented, but I just--
she's a really awesome punk singer.
She's like, she's really good.
TRISH: I am, I'm always covered in.
And I play bass, but, it's OK, Beth.
BETH: It's the same thing.
TRISH: It's not the same thing, Beth.
BETH: Anyway, next comment is from Elensmellon90.
"I have a question, if you're a chair, then what celebrity
would you let sit on you?"
TRISH: Oh, gosh, there's just so many.
BETH: I'd like someone with, like, a--
TRISH: A tiny celebrity, maybe.
BETH: Oh, I was thinking a big, cushiony bottom.
TRISH: Like, like Philip Seymour Hoffman.
BETH: That's the last--
I definitely would not--
I'd be like, not here.
I think he's a great actor.
I just-- he wouldn't be my celebrity of
choice to sit on me.
I would think, like, I was thinking, I was thinking,
what's her name, from Misery.
Kathy Bates.
TRISH: Kathy Bates!
She would be so lovely.
BETH: She would like sit on there and would, like, have,
like, tea and read a book.
I think that she'd be a great chair companion, right?
TRISH: I think we should make that happen.
BETH: Yeah, I think we should become chairs and get Kathy
Bates to sit on us.
Let's work on that, you guys.
Next comment is from Ugene94.
How about keg stands as Olympic events?
TRISH: Um, I think yes.
I would say that, I--
BETH: They're very--
They're very, very difficult.
They require the arm strength and the plank.
TRISH: I don't think they are that difficult.
Because you've got the handles.
So you can, like, push yourself up.
BETH: Have you done one before?
TRISH: I have.
I went to college.
BETH: How was that for you, the keg stand?
The first time I did one--
TRISH: I don't remember.
BETH: That sounds about right.
They are harder than they look.
TRISH: We've got a little Twitter comment here--
BETH: I'm sorry, I just burped, you guys.
TRISH: That's was disgusting.
BETH: This is from @BudCort.
"Do you guys ever compete against each other?"
BETH: We never stop.
TRISH: We never--
we never stop competing.
BETH: No, I said that.
TRISH: No, well, I, we, I never stop
competing with Beth.
BETH: It's not true.
I am the one that usually, I mean,
TRISH: Well, I--
BETH: If I wasn't always winning, you
wouldn't have to compete.
TRISH: Did you see Champong?
I don't think she was winning.
All right.
BETH: Next.
We've oh, we've never really won anything together.
TRISH: We actually haven't.
We haven't won anything together as a team.
We've never--
TRISH: No, we no, we have not won anything together.
We just compete against each other.
But we think, I think that we should, what
if we combined forces.
We are best friends and we often fight a lot.
We could set a record for being, like, the best friends.
TRISH: Oh my gosh.
BETH: Let's do that.
TRISH: The best friends record.
BETH: Oh my gosh, hi Dan.
DAN: Guys, guys.
Hi guys, how are you?
DAN: I've got some tough news.
You guys have a wonderful friendship.
But I cannot call this an official world record, a
recordsetter record.
TRISH: Well wait, I don't understand.
Why wouldn't that be a record?
Well, at, we love world records.
But the rules are they have to be quantifiable so that
somebody can break them.
And there's just no way that I could sit here with my timer
and counter and measure that you guys are
actually best friends.
BETH: Well, you could just, I mean, you could just, I mean,
can just trust me now that no one's better friends.
Like, we just say-- we'll tell you that it's true.
DAN: I'm not, again, I'm not here to, like, deny that you
aren't best friends.
But it's just, there's no way that we can verify that.
I do, however, can I make a suggestion?
If you guys do want to set a recordsetter world record, I
think there are some other ideas we could work on.
BETH: Yeah, totally.
TRISH: I'm all about that.
BETH: Let's do that.
OK, let's awesome.
Let's set up for some records.
You guys, stick around.
We'll be right back.

MALE SPEAKER: Great hair.
MALE SPEAKER: It looks silky as shit.
MALE SPEAKER: Is it real?
MALE SPEAKER: What, did you buy it, is it a
weave, horse hair?
Dumb, cheap hooker.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Who are you?
EUGENE: Hi, I'm Eugene Mervin, and you're watching My Damn
Channel Live--
for some reason.
MALE SPEAKER: Nope, not going to do it.
I may be in immense pain right now, but I'm not going to
stoop to your low-brow humor.
Maybe some political satire?
A turn of phrase, perhaps?
A commentary on the existential void that is life?
I'm not laughing.

TRISH: All right guys.
We are back with Dan Rollman of
BETH: Now, we have a comment, first.
TRISH: Yes, we do.
This is from easymoney202.
Best team highfive.
You can win it right now by doing it.
You too.
You're the--
DAN: Oh, oh OK, cool, cool, cool.
Here we go.
TRISH: Don't jump too high.
BETH: So we won it.
TRISH: That was the best one.
DAN: That was a pretty awesome high five.
Not a world record because, again, we can't measure best.
But yes, that was pretty awesome.
BETH: Also, my shoe just farted.
I just want you all to know that I have sweaty feet.
TRISH: I don't think that's the truth.
BETH: It's true.
TRISH: Um, you know what?
DAN: I'm standing behind her.
TRISH: Since we can't, since we can't set a record for
being the best friends.
You know what we can set?
We can set a record for, maybe, um,
giving the most hugs.
Like doing something that's involves a log of hugging?
BETH: Yeah.
TRISH: Because best friends hug.
DAN: Well, this is interesting.
In fact, we have a world record on set
by a duo in Spain.
And it is for the most balloons popped by two people
hugging in 30 seconds.
So that could be a fun--
TRISH: We can do this.
We're going to break this.
TRISH: All right.
BETH: We're going to break that.
TRISH: Let's do it, let's do it right now.
BETH: We, we're just going to hug.
DAN: Great, so the general guidelines is the most
balloons popped by two people hugging in 30 seconds.
The current record is 10, set by a duo in Spain.
You can have an assistant hand you the balloons.
And the balloons have to be popped purely with just your
chests pressed together, the hugs together.
BETH: OK, we have no hidden needles in our shirts.
DAN: I checked before the show.
So we're good.
We're good.
ASSISTANT: If I tell you to back away, back away.
All right?
BETH: Oh my gosh.
DAN: So we're looking for 11.
11, 11 in 30 seconds will be the new world record.
Are you guys ready?
DAN: A attempt.
On your marks, get set, go!
DAN: OK we're at 15 seconds.
We're stlll at one balloon.
OK, there's two.
DAN: Three.
Here we go.
DAN: Time, time.
no, the last one did not count.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
BETH: Let me make sure that I'm all still in here and
I think I broke a rib.
TRISH: You're covered in balloons.
TRISH: Seriously, why isn't that an Olympic sport?
BETH: I can't believe we didn't win that.
TRISH: I mean, like, everybody, everybody would
watch that.
BETH: Everybody would watch that.
And that's very difficult.
TRISH: It's really hard or harder than I thought it was
going to be.
I'm out of breath.
BETH: Let's take a comment from YouTube.
Let's take a breather.
that was not what this show is.
I want a hug.
Give me one, please?
BETH: Yeah, here, uh, uh, and it just pops in your face.
Imagine that, right?
It's not easy.
TRISH: It hurts.
It stings.

BETH: I'm going to cry.
There's something in my childhood that just triggered
that is not happy.
OK, as we've said earlier, today is our final day of
Olympics coverage here at My Damn Channel.
BETH: I know.
Many stars are born at these Olympic games.
And their names are now familiar to
everyone, Ryan Lochte.
TRISH: So hot.
BETH: Missy Franklin.
TRISH: So hot.
BETH: Debbie Douglas.
BETH: Um, a little girl.
It's kind of my--
TRISH: Well, she's, she's still attractive.
BETH: She's very cute.
TRISH: There's another name, a name that, I think, forever
changed the Olympics.
It's a name that, like, sadly too few people know.
BETH: It's very sad.
TRISH: That name is Grusha Komarov.
Take a look.

NARRATOR: It's a time not many people talk about.
It's a time not many people remember.
GRUSHA: I was cleaning bathrooms of
gymnasium in Romania.
And I paused, I watched the young girls
do beautiful tumbling.
Such athletic girls, so, so strong they are.
So tiny, so tiny.
NARRATOR: A time in women's gymnastics.
GRUSHA: I see a little girl.
I see her at gym every day since she's very young.
Very talented, this one.
NARRATOR: A time when gymnasts wore their hair down.
GRUSHA: She fly in air, fall flat on face.
Ah, I say, I know why.
NARRATOR: A time before for Grusha Komarov.
GRUSHA: Her hair was all in fair.
All in face.
I call her over to me.
I say, little girl, come, come to me.
NARRATOR: Meet Grusha.
The woman behind the tight hair in women's gymnastics.
GRUSHA: I have barrettes.
She not know the word.
She not know word, barrettes, in Romanian.
I fix her.
And I say go, go out there.
That was Nadia Comaneci.
She best gymnast in the world--
until 1980s, until.
That never would have happened with hair in face, never.

I fix up gym.
I fix up gyms all over my country in Romania.
I spread message all over Russia.
I go to Yugoslavia, to China, to Japan.
I go across Europe.
I country to country need most help, most barrettes, America.
Girls with hair everywhere.
I come, I change the sport.
I changed sport.
Many grateful coaches, and gymnasts, and crazy mothers
and fathers, who call me every day say, Grusha, thank you.
Now just listen to Gino, Gino tell you.
GINO: Before Grusha come to my gym, my girls were not good.
The drive, the talent, the skill, it was there.
But the execution.
No stick-a the landings.
Falling off-a the beam.
Running into the vault.
Then one day Mrs. Grusha come knocking on my door.
GINO: --and says, I fix them.
Give me one at a time.
You could here the girls screaming, oh, but not one was
crying after.
You see, when your face and hair pulled so tight, no,
cannot cry.
Two of my gymnasts went on to compete for
the games that year.
For the first time, I go to Olympics.
And this year, I have three going to London.
Grusha has helped so many.
She changed the sport.
GRUSHA: I am 62 years old.
I was born in 1950.
I was 26 when I put back Nadia Comaneci's hair.
I've been wearing my hair this way since I was little.
It keeps you looking young, so they tell me.
NARRATOR: Unbeknownst to anyone, Grusha Komarov was
secretly battling alcoholism.
And died of cirrhosis of the liver a mere five minutes
after this interview concluded.

BETH: Oh, poor Grusha.
TRISH: I'm know.
BETH: Did think she looked like me?
No, not at all.
BETH: Oh, I thought--
BETH: OK, we have a comment from YouTube.
And it's from--
TRISH: MrEinsteinWarhol--
I like that.
Um, "Challenge--
Longest time spent harmonizing." All right.
BETH: All right, then in this face.
It was like--
a longest time spent--
TRISH: Let's do it.
I'm just going to hit a note.
BETH: And we could keep going.
We could.
See, we could, we would've won that one if that was an
Olympic-- yeah, we didn't want to--
if we wanted to keep doing that, if we didn't have a
half-an-hour show, we would've kept going.
TRISH: Yeah, we would've won that one.
BETH: Next comment on YouTube is from cyriacx.
I am traumatized.
I never want to see a balloon again.
TRISH: You know, that's an actual disease.
There are people that have that.
It's like an orb--
TRISH: Hey, dude.
Stop doing that.
BETH: OK, I've got to pull myself together.
I've got to pull it together.
TRISH: Yes, we all have to pull it together.
BETH: What were we saying?
BETH: Oh, the disease, the disease.
TRISH: You know what, earlier--
TRISH: OK, earlier we attempted to beat that record
it was a standing record on
BETH: It was very hard.
TRISH: But, you know what?
Now, we're going to set a new record, you guys.
We're going to do it.
Dan, could you explain to them?
DAN: Sure thing, sure thing.
So, I mean, obviously, great attempt on the first one.
But you did not beat the record of 10.
TRISH: We didn't.
DAN: Wonderful attempt.
This is going to be a brand-new
world record category.
So you're definitely going to set this world record.
This is exciting, right?
BETH: Yeah.
We're definitely going to win.
We're going to win for sure.
DAN: So the record we're going for is going to be the most
eggs smashed over somebody's head in 15 seconds--
TRISH: I'm so excited.
DAN: A brand new category.
So before we begin, we just need to know--
I just need to know, who's going to be the smasher, and
who's going to be the smashee.
BOTH TOGETHER: I'm smashing the eggs.
No, I'll smash the eggs.
DAN: OK, well, I, I don't care.
I mean, you guys are best friends.
Why don't you just figure it out?
I mean, you should both be offering to
get smashed on, right?
BOTH TOGETHER: I'll smash them on her head.
DAN: OK, guys, guys.
Beth, you're taller.
BETH: And I'm younger.
TRISH: That's--
BETH: And I'm younger.
TRISH: So unfair.
DAN: Beth, I think you should be the one to get smashed on.
TRISH: I completely agree.
DAN: So let's set this up.
Yeah, let's do this.
TRISH: All right, all right.
What are we going to do?
BETH: Nate?
Did you have-- if I'm going to do this, I want to
be in like a poncho.
Do you have the rain poncho and goggles I make you always
have in your pocket?
Thank you.
He carries this around just in case for me.
TRISH: Oh this is going to make you look so good.
DAN: And so let me just quickly go over the rules here.
This is brand new category.
You're going to have to smash eggs using
only one hand, Trish.
Eggs have to be smashed one at a time, so you
can't smash a bunch.
They have to be raw eggs.
And the eggs have to crack over Beth's
head for them to count.
And if they do not crack on the head, I will not count.
So we're looking at 15 seconds.
We'll wait for Beth to get ready.
BETH: I'm just going to take out my precious gems.
TRISH: Oh, Beth.
DAN: You want to just show, show these eggs?
These are raw eggs, correct?
TRISH: These are raw eggs.
BETH: All right, so just to make sure, don't get them in
my hair because I just washed it.
TRISH: Free range.
BETH: I just, just, try and keep my hair out.
TRISH: I'm so excited, you guys.
I haven't actually, this is a fantasy that's I've had for a
really long time.
I can't believe it's coming true today.
DAN: This is going be exciting.
All right.
BETH: I do this for you guys.
TRISH: Are you ready?
DAN: Beth, are you ready?
Are you ready, Trish?
TRISH: I am.
DAN: Here we go.
The most eggs smashed on somebody's head in 15 seconds.
A brand new, world record attempt.
On your marks, get set, go.
Maybe try a different spot on my head?
Maybe just like?
Oww my god.
DAN: Time!
BETH: Oh, I have a concussion.

TRISH: That was so fun!
BETH: Did we win?
DAN: That was amazing.
We got 15 eggs smashed in 15 seconds--
a brand new recordsetter world record.
TRISH: Oh my gosh, you guys.
DAN: Beth you deserve one of these also.
BETH: Hooray, hooray.
BETH: That concludes our Olympic events here at My Damn
Channel Live, for the summer of 2012.
I'll take that towel.
Nate, god.
That concludes our events, you guys, this Olympic summer.
Get over it.
TRISH: Dan, I could not thank you enough for being here.
We're going to be seeing you again soon, though, right?
DAN: I'd love to come back.
That was a lot of fun.
BETH: We have a comment from YouTube.
DAN: Congratulations.
BETH: Oh Dan.
TRISH: This was the best.
BETH: Bye Dan.
TRISH: Oh, oh, we've got a to challenge from MomochiZab.
I will beat your egg smashing on head record.
BETH: Yeah, go for it.
Have a great time.
TRISH: I'm excited.
You send that in.
BETH: That'll be really fun for you.
Oh, they're so cold.
They're so cold.
It's just like--

TRISH: There we are where.
BETH: We are, OK, and that probably is, this is probably
good for my hair, I think.
TRISH: Yeah, just, mmm.
BETH: We're moments away from our closing ceremonies.
But first, a look back at some indelible moments from the
2012 My Damn Channel Olympics.
Well, quite a journey.
TRISH: I would say so, you guys.
BETH: Let's take a look at the-- oh, we have a comment.
Let's check this out.
This is from cyriacx, I'm not going to eat any
eggs anymore either.
You're ruining everything for me.
I hope you guys enjoy the reward.
We ruined balloons and eggs for him.
I'm so sorry.
I'll tell you what-- they're ruined for me, too.
TRISH: Another comment, let's do another one.
BETH: We will enjoy the record.
We won-- we just beat that record.
TRISH: Well, we just made the record.
We are the standing record-holders.
BETH: Next up, another comment is from ItsTheBreezyShow.
Question, why is there a donkey and a
rainbow on your wall?
Uh, the rainbow is just.
TRISH: Why wouldn't there be a donkey and rainbow?
BETH: The donkey is for pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.
TRISH: Oh, I love that game so much.
Why didn't we play that?
BETH: We, I , you know, I would, also--
TRISH: Next time.
BETH: We could play it right now.
BETH: Here, let me spin you, here.
So what happens.
Can I have some sort of blindfold for Trish?
BETH: Like let's, uh--
TRISH: I'm so excited.
I'm so excited.
BETH: How about just--
TRISH: Oh, you're covered in eggs.
BETH: Yeah.
Just close your eyes.
And you're going to have to--
I'm just going to make you point at you--
what, oh, there's one right there?
Oh I see.
Oh, here we go.
This is all happening right now.
I have a blindfold.
BETH: Oh, but you're not done spinning around.
I'm sorry.
TRISH: OK, I know what--
BETH: But wait, stop.
TRISH: All right.
BETH: OK, thanks for the suggestion, by the way.
And here, this is the donk-- this is the tail.
BETH: So just, wait a second.
This is fun, you guys.
TRISH: OK, wait.
BETH: Just keep spinning.
Just keep spinning.
TRISH: Got it.
While I keep spinning her, do you guys, oh wait, actually.
All right, now go for it.
Oh jeez.
BETH: Good luck.
Oh, boo!
So off, so off.
On the neck.
She put it on the donkey's neck.
So off.
TRISH: I'm a failure.
BETH: Eggs are just sticky all over.
All right, let's go look at the final medal count, you
guys, from the Olympics.
Remember that thing?
Let's look at the Olympic medal count.
I need to be reminded that I'm a winner.
Right now that feels good.
TRISH: Um, it's not really fair, because I didn't win
anything since I didn't compete in the Olympics.
BETH: The board doesn't lie, Trish.
Not everyone can be a champion.
TRISH: Like you?
Like you.
BETH: OK, Trish, I'm going to make it up to you.
For not putting in the thing, and for letting me compete,
I'm going to let you extinguish our Olympic you
know, torch/yule log.
TRISH: OK, all right.
BETH: Yeah, I'll let you do that.
TRISH: That's very exciting!
Now wait, wait--
BETH: I'm a good friend.
TRISH: Do you--
Can I get water?
Or um--
BETH: No first, first, not yet, not yet.
First, let us turn towards the flag and put our hands on our
hearts for one final My Damn Channel anthem.
Nate, can you get your ass out here and show
some respect, please?
TRISH: Come on, Nate.
BETH: Everyone put your hand on your heart one last time,
you guys, for the My Damn Channel anthem.

BETH: It's just a memory, a memory of a victory lost.
It's not a victory anymore, then.
Anyway, Nate, get-- your time is up.
TRISH: Get out.
BETH: It's our show.
BETH: OK, Trish,
TRISH: OK, so how are we going to this?
I would like a fire extinguisher.
BETH: Actually, no.
All- we don't even need that.
BETH: We just uh--
that's that.
BETH: Oh, I'm sorry so.
OK, you go for it.
BETH: Great, OK, the Olympics are over.
But our big video premiere is just about to begin.
This is the My Damn Channel original video premiere.
Is the Save the Supers, with the super force verses teens.

Oh, no.
BETH: Oh, wait.
I'll do it, and then--

NARRATOR: Previously, on Save the Supers.
The Super Force budget went from bad, to too good to be
true, to bad squared.
They captured Panthera, and then on un-captured here.
Will they find a way to boost morale?
And I also don't believe in the concept of morale.
Find out-- now.

MERMAN: Uh, where are you guys?
And no, I cannot see you coming in.
Because you're in an invisi-jet.
What the fu--
Well, despite losing Panthera, it's been a great week for us.
We stopped Cardinal Sin, the Chiseler, and we saved the UN
council from fake Nelson Mandela.
So it's time for some R&R, in the form of public outreach to
the local high school.
Hanging out with teenagers is fun.
FLEET FOOT: Hanging with teenagers is fun.
ELEMENTRA: Hanging out with teenagers is fun.
WORLD MAN: Hanging out with teenagers is fun.
NIGHT KNIGHT: Hanging teenagers is fun if they've
committed a crime.

ELEMENTRA: So my parents are gods.
And my mom personifies the concept of truth, which is how
I inherited the breath of truth.
I use that term because my peers do, and
I want to be accepted.
I'm extremely insecure, and I wet my bed as
recently as last October.
I'm scared of orchids.
TEEN GIRL: Do it to Mr. Williams.

MR. WILLIAMS: There will be a pop quiz on Friday.
I really believe in most of you.
And I find Elementra attractive.
I'm regretting the fact that I agreed to do this.
MERMAN: OK, next presentation.
Let's just--
NIGHT KNIGHT: Speaking of chemistry.
MERMAN: OK, Night Knight, we're not doing this.
WORLD MAN: I'm here--
WORLD MAN: With a supervillain.

Everyone chillax.
The Bombardier's here to scare kids straight.
And scare the straight kids gay.
FLEET FOOT: It gets better.
MERMAN: OK, World Man, in the hallway.
Fleet Foot, detain him.
Get in the hallway.
What are you thinking?
WORLD MAN: What better way to teach kids not to be a villain
than to show them a really cool villain.
MERMAN: You brought a supervillain into a high
school full of children.
WORLD MAN: He's reformed.
He has his 30-day chip from Supervillains Anonymous, which
means he hasn't done bad stuff for like a whole month.
That's better than most collegiate sports coaches.
MERMAN: You can't just expect--
WORLD MAN: What, you don't believe people can change?
MERMAN: Of course I do.
WORLD MAN: Trust me, for once.
MERMAN: Oh my god, I can't believe I'm going to do this.
All right, let's do this.
Now let's get in there and scare the
shit out of some kids.

BOMBARDIER: I shared a cell with Dr. Glacier for years.
There ain't enough blankets in the world to
keep you warm at night.
TEEN GUY: Why do you kill people?
MR. WILLIAMS: Hugo, that's not appropriate.
BOMBARDIER: Nah, nah, it's OK.
Look, I didn't mean to kill nobody.
I'd just like to set off bombs.
You see, villainy is an addiction.
I learned that way too late.
Man, days like today, I would've
planted 20 bombs already.
And a high school, [LAUGHS]
there are so many places to hide bombs.
Hell, when World Man let me take a piss, I might have
planted one here or there.
I don't even know.
That's how strong the addiction is.
MERMAN: You idiot.
Elementra, breath of truth, now.
Did you plant bombs here?
BOMBARDIER: I may or may not have.
I honestly don't remember-- oh, yeah I did.
That is so me!
See, the addiction.
MERMAN: Again.
Where are they?
BOMBARDIER: Everywhere.
MERMAN: OK, evacuate the children.
BOMBARDIER: No, no, no, I definitely would've set a
trigger for that.
World Man, x-ray vision.
WORLD MAN: I don't see anything.
BOMBARDIER: Damn, I encased them in aluminum, which World
Man can't see through.
You blogged it once, the same night
you wrote about Twilight.
MERMAN: Give us something, man, come on.
BOMBARDIER: Here's one.
8, 7,
MERMAN: Shield the kids!

BOMBARDIER: Oh, that's right.
They were fun bombs.
FLEET FOOT: They were fun.
BOMBARDIER: May be I am recovered.
BOMBARDIER: I'll turn in my chip.
Yeah, sorry.
MERMAN: Take him prisoner.
WORLD MAN: Do you need to pee first?
BOMBARDIER: I would like to.
MERMAN: Do not let him pee first.
We're not perfect.
I mean, everybody makes mistakes.
And we do make a lot of them.
But I think our tally shows that we do
more good than harm.
Am I pissed at World Man?
You should not bring a bomb-making
criminal to a high school.
Fun for you.
MERMAN: But, in his own weird way, he
showed faith in humanity.
And I think there's a lesson in that somewhere.
NIGHT KNIGHT: You want to make an energy drink?
MERMAN: Maybe if we all did that, there'd be less villains
in the world.

And maybe we wouldn't need the Super Force at all.

SVA COUNSELOR: All right, I want to welcome everyone to
this week's meeting of Supervillains Anonymous.
It's great to see some familiar
faces again this week.
OK, Bombardier.
Why don't you start us off?
Hello, I'm the Bombardier, and I am addicted to destruction.
GROUP: Hi Bombardier.
BOMBARDIER: It has been a tough journey
since my latest relapse.
But I am proud to accept my seven-day chip.
MALE VOICE (OFFSCREEN): Oh, what's happening?
SVA COUNSELOR: Why don't you, uh, just hand your chip back
to your sponsor there.

FLEET FOOT: It's all right.
You'll get there.
I did.

NARRATOR: Eww, that robot just barfed.

BETH: It's all crusty on my face.
Like if I move, it's all going to crack.
TRISH: I'm disgusted by you.
You disgust me.
BETH: So, recordsetter's awesome.
And you guys should check out the YouTube page.
There it is.
And also, send us the videos.
If you break this record with the eggs, again, go for it.
TRISH: Yeah it's awesome.
BETH: I would recommend just egg whites next time.
TRISH: Yeah.
BETH: Yeah, just say, only egg white.
Also we didn't really get--
and let us know if you want us to break any records that
already exist on recordsetter.
We'll do that on our next show.
Because we're going to have Dan back again.
We didn't actually give Dan a proper goodbye, did we?
TRISH: You have to come back, Dan.
BETH: We want to give you a proper goodbye.
DAN: Such a pleasure to be part of this.
TRISH: Bye, Dan.
BETH: Bye.
DAN: Bye, bye, bye.
BETH: Well, that's proper.
That feels better.
TRISH: Bye, Dan all right, get out of here, Dan.
Just teasing.
BETH: We'll see Dan a lot more in the coming months.
He'll be back all the time.
So let us know what you want us to do.
And then do that yourselves.
Here's some comments.
TRISH: We got some more comments.
BETH: Yeah, lets, it's from Linaswolf.
Which one will burp loudest.
TRISH: Beth, actually, can burp on command.
TRISH: I'm just--
she's just not a lady.
Shes just not a lady.
Or I'm a winner.
Or I'm the one that won that round.
TRISH: I can't burp on command.
She's the loudest.
BETH: Our next comment is from easymoney202.
Beth, did you do any sports/activities in school?
Sure did.
TRISH: Only indoor sports.
Why, what does that mean?
TRISH: Didn't you ever read, wasn't it Judy Blume.
She he would sign all her letters-- like, she would
sign, PS, lots of love and indoor sports.
And it meant sexual activity.
BETH: Ooh.
TRISH: She didn't know.
She was, like, a fourth grader.
I don't know.
BETH: I didn't know that.
TRISH: Yeah.
BETH: Are you sure that's what it meant?
TRISH: I don't know.
BETH: Anyway, I totally did.
I was, I was on the varsity softball team
when I was a freshman.
But it's really tough to play softball--
um, and I also played basketball, and volleyball,
and I danced, and a lot more things, probably, than Trish
did, physically.
But it's hard to play softball in Wisconsin in the spring
because it's actually very cold there.
And I turn yellow when I get cold.
Because I have bad circulation.
TRISH: Dying.
BETH: So this would happen.
TRISH: Dying.
BETH: These eggs were cold, you guys.
So this would happen when I'd play softball.
And the ball would get thrown and I'd catch it.
TRISH: You just have to--
And she always does this.
Like, if I put it, she'll--
BETH: I borrow her pits.
TRISH: Just put it in my armpit.
And watch, by the end of the show, it will
be completely fine.
I just-- let's put it in this one so it's less awkward.
BETH: All right.
Another other comment from YouTube is from yoonafan18.
"If you two could be any comedy duo, who would you be."
TRISH: Umm--
Beth and Trish.
Yeah, I think that's it.
BETH: Also, I'm glad this is way less awkward
than the other one.
TRISH: Yeah, that was awkward.
It's sweaty in there.
BETH: Feels so good, you guys.
TRISH: It does kind of feel good.
BETH: Let's see if we're getting any--
making any progress.
TRISH: Nope.
BETH: Stick it back in there.
TRISH: Back in.
BETH: Thanks for watching, you guys.
Um, Grace is on vacation this week.
But guess who's hosting tomorrow instead of Grace.
TRISH: Who is hosting?
BETH: TommyPom, the internet's favorite Pomeranian.
TRISH: That is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
BETH: That dog right there.
It's going to host the show.
I'll be here with him.
Oh my gosh.
It's going to be so much more, like, cute
than having you here.
I can't wait, I can't wait.
I can't wait.
TRISH: That is not true.
BETH: Thank you, Trish, for being here.
TRISH: Gosh, thank you for letting me smash
eggs on your head.
That was my favorite part.
BETH: I think if someone else did it, it would've hurt less.
But maybe we got a higher number because of your force.
Thank you Dan Rollman for being here.
Thanks recordsetter.
Thanks Olympics for existing.
Subscribe, you guys.
TRISH: Yes, subscribe.
BETH: Thanks for watching.
TRISH: Puh-leeze.
BETH: You're all my favorite.
TRISH: You guys.
We love you.
BETH: Give me a big old hug.
TRISH: Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.