Les Misérables (English subs) part 1

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Hurry up, Valjean. - Where do you take me to?
Do you really care about that?
It's the alarm ringing!
A prison break!
Fire! Gather some men
Help, let us out! - Open that gate!
Help me Valjean! - Come on Cochepaille
Come on Cochepaille
My god, he's lost - Yes, lost for justice...
He only had served half his sentence
Quick Cochepaille
Hurry up! Get out of there quick
Don't give up, stand up!
I wanted to inform you in person
It has to be bad news monsieur Javert - Jean Valjean, for your brave behaviour
... your sentence will be reduced. - How much?
Two years?
But that means I am a free man now.
Two months.
And now I change that into two months more.
But what is that compared to a lifetime?
Your existence in here the past 18 years, can that be described as 'life'?
When I'll be free... - When you'll be free...
... you will carry this prison camp on your shoe soles
As a dog I will hunt you, until you return in here.
Because all of you return here.
A handsome boy, that Felix of yours.
The same please, garcon.
This will be the fourth bottle. - Aren't you thirsty?
Yes, but the bill will be large. - That will be pleasant for the ladies
You will ask they pay for it? - Let's just get out of here.
Thanks to us, they had a wonderful day
Fantine will hate you for this. - That's fine by me.
She's pale, much to sweet. Not really interesting.
Are you having a good time Fantine?
I am so lucky. - There will be another surprise later.
And what about me? Don't I get any surprise?
Yes beautiful ladies. The same one.
I have a surprise for you too. For you Felix.
The most precious there is. - Come on with it.
Don't you want to guess? - No
You can tell me
Fantine is pregnant. - Who is the father?
Who? It's the man I love.
I'm pregnant from you Felix.
Are you coming?
I'll be right back.
The young ladies will pay for the drinks.
I'm sure they are ordering champagne to celebrate. Champagne.
I never drank champagne.
When we are married, we can't spend so much money anymore
I don't really think they were ordering champagne.
Here you are, ladies.
When pregnant, you shouldn't drink alcohol.
What date is it today? It's Tuesday, October 14th.
Tuesday. That's such a beautiful day.
Why? - Because I decided so myself.
There must be a day that will be more pleasant, a day you look forward to.
A man without hope, dies.
If you picked Tuesday by chance, you really have a feel for it.
Today is the day you'll be released.
Your passport. It should be signed at any town you travel to.
Why is the passport yellow? Yellow is the colour of happiness.
Yellow means sun, light. And I receive a yellow passport.
I just want to know I'll be happy now.
The passport had a yellow colour so you can be recognized from decent people.
This way, anybody can see at once where you come from.
Oh, that's the reason.
Justice thinks of everything. But with a head like this, everyone will notice me.
You will receive civilians clothing.
From a prisoner that died before serving his sentence.
Yes, indeed. Justice isn't very rich.
The sergeant of Waterloo
The dog barks? Is anyone arriving?
We better pick another name.
I think Waterloo scares people. It was a huge loss.
Many people are satisfied that Napoleon lost the battle.
It isn't fair.
What a cute little child.
Come and sit by the window. Every glance of sun in autumn should be appreciated.
Would you like to drink something? - A little bit milk for my daughter please.
The milk is fresh from the cow. And what about you, pretty one?
A glass of water.
Water, didn't I think so. You really should have given her a glass of wine.
You have some pretty daughters. - Downstairs, that's Eponine.
And this glutton is called Azelma.
I still breastfeed her. She has such a warm little mouth.
They are lucky. You are a good mother, it's easy to tell.
Your daughter looks pretty too. - Her name is Cosette.
I would do anything for her. But is isn't always easy.
Without father, yes... - How can you tell?
That you're alone? It's clear there isn't a man you use make-up for.
But you are a natural beauty. I'm sure in Paris, there's someone who...
I just left Paris. It was very hard.
I'm returning to Montreuil, the place I was born.
I hope to find some work there.
I can do any job. But together with Cosette it will be hard.
She can't join me when I work. And she's too little to be alone.
It would be best that somebody else cares for her. - That's true.
But how can I make sure she's treated right and gets all the love she needs?
Would you like to take her?
Me? - Yes.
Your own daughters look very happy.
Cosette is a quiet girl.
And your oldest daughter will have someone to play with.
It's an idea. But my wife is very occupied with the inn.
And little Azelma needs very much of love and attention. And that takes time.
Besides, your daughter will be another mouth to feed.
I will send money every month. Without Cosette I can work really hard.
Well, what would you say, my wife?
If we can help each other, as one mother to the other... And we like children.
We're not rich, but decent. Myself, I saved the life of an officer.
The sergeant of Waterloo, that's me.
I used to make food for the soldiers. And only horses complained about my cooking.
And you know why? I really fed all those horsemen.
Trust me. I will make you a healthy child Claudette.
Her name is Cosette. - What about six francs a month?
Six francs?
That's a lot of money.
Mama will come to get you soon.
And we will always be together. Goodbye my love.
And be kind.
You are a wonderful woman. - And you are a smart man.
You smelled trade right away. But I would never have asked for six francs.
And the child cries too. - I will raise her very good.
She's hungry.
Little girl, look...
Please enter everyone. In such a cold night no one should stay outside.
The mattresses just have been fixed.
Vincent, my good man...
Please close the gates of the cathedral.
We are full for tonight.
Are there any people left outside? - No, monsignor.
I only noticed some dogs.
If I could, I would take dogs as well.
... and my brother, who offers everything he owns to the poor and sick.
Which leads to, my sweet....
... that by now, we are poorer than the poorest.
The only thing I can't get used to...
... is that he insists on leaving every door in this house open.
So if the devil...
Did you hear that, Madame Magloire? - Monsignor is probably arriving.
So if the...
I understood I could get some food and a place to sleep in here.
Not here, the cathedral.
I am not a thief. I have money, I can pay.
But no, my friend.
You are at home here. Since when does someone pay for food in his own house?
My dear Madame Magloire...
It's so dark and gloomy in here.
I don't see anything. Would you like to place the candles?
And change this ugly cutlery for the silver ones.
Please excuse me for this improvised entrance.
Normally my friends, the poor, sleep in the sacristy.
But all mattresses are taken for tonight.
But you can sleep in comfort here.
Yes, I wouldn't hesitate to sell these valuables to help the poor.
But on the other side...
I like to keep these pretty things to treat a guest with all attention.
Monsignor, would you care for some wine? - Monsignor?
Yes, I am the bishop of Digne.
But you shouldn't speak to me as 'monsignor'.
The poor just call me 'father'.
The dignity of men doesn't depend on titles. - It depends.
I'll never lose the title of former convict.
Did you serve your sentence or did you escape? - Does it matter to you?
Please apologize. My reaction was stupid and clumsy.
It's not where you come from, it's where you want to go to...
... when you have regained your strength.
Before I was sentenced, I used to work as a tree cutter.
We have some beautiful woods here. If you want to work as a lumberman, I could...
You can't do anything. No one will employ an ex-convict.
Don't act so dejected. - It are the others that take away my good spirits.
... brave citizens, as they are called.
But that's the way people are. You can't change that.
Only god can change things.
Madame Magloire, the soup. We will prepare a soft bed for you.
Dear Madame Magloire, please put the linen sheets on the bed of monsieur.
You call me monsieur? - I don't know your name.
Nobody knows my name. I almost forgot my own name in labour camp.