Pupolicious Homemade Dog Treat Mix: The Dog Treat You Bake With Love

Uploaded by PupoliciousTreats on 04.10.2012

Hello, and welcome to Pupolicious.com, the home of Pupolicious dog treat and icing mix.
Pupolicious started with one goal: to give you easy to make and decorate dog treats that
you bake at home. Preservative free, human grade, and healthy…
Our treats are tasty while having no added salt, sugar or fat.
Our gourmet dog treat recipe is simple. The healthy dog treats you mix, bake and decorate
with no big word additives, no artificial preservatives, just healthy,
natural ingredients for your dog.
The dog safe icing mix also contains no artificial additives, added sugar or dyes, allowing you
to be in control of your treat's flavor and colors.
These treats are fun and easy to make and decorate. Kids of all ages will have fun and
the dogs will be barking for more fresh and delicious pupolicious treats.
Pupolicious is an ideal dog treat for dogs with allergies. It has a select few healthy
ingredients, reducing the likelihood of sensitivities. Are you ready to try the Pupolicious dog treat
and icing mix? Order online at pupolicious.com and start baking healthy dog treats today.
Pupolicious: The dog treat you bake with love.