Семнадцать мгновений весны (Серия 10)

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Part 10.
It is logical.
It is logical. Please sit down.
Your position with physicist Runge is firm. You may consider me as your ally in that.
What about your surveillance after my "Mercedes" as if I am some Swedish diplomat?
- Was is because of the "Runge case"? - Have you really noticed our surveillance?
You seem to have an acute sense of danger!
I am not an idiot, but a professional and have noticed it right away.
I do have a sharp cense of danger, but I have no threats here at home in the Reich.
Whenever I am outside of our mighty Reich, then may be "yes", but not here, at home!
- Do you have a head ache? - Yes, from too many concerns.
I may help you with that.
I would recommend you to try
- the respiratory gymnastics of yoga. - I don't believe in that shit.
- I simply can’t comprehend that. - It’s, actually, very simple. Look.
Your left hand is on the back of the head, and your right hand goes along the skull.
And you begin simultaneously massage around with your eyes closed tight.
Yeah, right! I’ll shut my eyes, and you’ll whack me on the head like you did with Holtoff.
He proposed to betray my homeland country that's why I did whack him on the head.
But we are down here not because of that stupid Holtoff. I’ve realized that already.
I like to play honest open games. At least with my friends, in any case.
I always felt sorry, that ...
that you don't work in my department.
We would work together so well.
- I do not agree with you on that. - But why?
You are a jealous and envious person. Just like an old loving, devoted wife.
That is the most terrible form of jealousy. A tyrannical jealousy.
I see that you pretty well understood me.
It is possible, though, to call that a friendly concern about the friends,
but that does not change anything in principle.
Was it necessary to bring me down here? Couldn't we just talk in your office?
It is calmer down here.
If everything down here would end up the way I want it to end up, then we’ll
return up to my office together and no one would know that we were down here,
nor what kind of a matter we have discussed down here as well.
Not even my own boss will know anything about this?
Are you afraid more of him or me?
- Him of course! That's obvious. - I do like your honest respond.
I can't lie to you now, can I?
- And also, I like clarity in conversation. - Clarity is a form of a complete fog.
I know you are so sly and crafty.
We called several time, but no one answers the phone there.
All right, as it said in the Bible,
a time to gather stones and a time to throw them.
I guess you were not a good student in your Sunday religious school.
The actual wording in the Bible is a bit different than yours:
A time to throw stones and a time to gather stones.
- A time to embrace and a time to avoid... - You studied the Bible so well
- with your damn traitor, pastor Shlag? - I love to re-read not only the Bible.
In order to conquer enemy, it's necessary to know its ideology. Wouldn't you agree?
To learn that during a battle would mean to doom yourself to a defeat.
What an amusing situation we are in right now.
What a pretty curious situation we are having right now, pal.
These finger prints we discovered on the glass of water, that you
gave to foolish, trusting poor Holtoff in my office.
And here we have these pretty finger prints of yours.
We have found then on ...
Where would you think, we have found them on?
My fingers could be found in Holland, Madrid, Tokyo or Ankara, Turkey.
- And where else could they have been? - I can recall, only this will take
too much time and we will miss not only a dinner, but also a supper.
Please be seated.
I am ready to starve for the sake of this important business.
By the way, your stupid Yoga considers a starvation one of the efficient medicines
and predicts, that the world in the future will cure half of the diseases
not by drugs, but by weekly hunger strikes. Well, did you recall "WHERE"?
This is a pointless conversation.
If I am under arrest
and you officially inform me about that, then
I will answer to you as an arrested person.
If I am not arrested, then I will not answer you any thing at all.
Try to steno graphically and very accurately reproduce and describe,
and, if possible, by the minutes,
what you were doing in the restricted room for direct governmental phone connection?
The access in there is categorically forbidden to you! You know that well!
I didn't really intent to enter into the room of special phone connection.
For carelessness and cowardice the officers of the phone room should be court marshaled.
They left the key in the door and ran off like rats to the air-raid bomb shelter.
After I entered the phone room, I had a phone conversation and then
a private secret meeting with Mr. Bormann for two hours.
I will not tell you anything what we have talked about.
- There is something else, Shtirlitz ... - That's enough! I had it! Go to hell.
Shut the f..k up, Shtirlitz!
You are a dirty swine! I am older than you and of a higher rank too.
- Please forgive my rude behavior, sir. - All right. You'll try to forgive you.
So, what did you speak with Bormann about? With a dear Nazi party member, Mr. Bormann?
I would only answer your question in his presence.
Please try to understand me correctly.
If you would answer it without him, then this would free you up from the need
- of talking about something else. - I am ready to talk about anything,
that would concern my interests only and not the Reich's or the Fuehrer's.
Oh, yes, that concerns you personally, pal.
Now. Here we’re having these pretty Finger prints of yours which...
which were discovered on a suitcase,
where the Russian radio operator girl used to store her spy radio transmitter.
Answering this question will be the most difficult for you.
Why? Exactly the apposite. It will not be difficult at all.
I manually inspected the suitcase in Rolf's office.
You may ask him and he should be able to confirm that.
- He already confirmed that. - So, what's the deal then?
The "deal" is that your finger prints were found on it by a Gestapo office
- before the suitcase has reached us. - That's an error! It just can't be!
- An error is excluded. - What if this is just a coincidence?
If this is a coincidence then you must prove it to me.
Why among millions of suitcases in Berlin's houses, your finder prints were found
on that single suitcase where the Russian radio girl kept her transmitter?
- How would you explain that? - That would be difficult to explain.
In your place I wouldn't believed any of my explanations ever.
I understand you, grupenfurer. I understand you very well now.
I greatly desire to obtain a demonstrative answer, Shtirlitz.
Here is my word of honor that I relate to you with the sympathy.
I am grateful to you for that.
In a few moments Rolf will be here along with our Russian radio girl,
and she will help us to determine,
how could you leave your finger prints on her radio suitcase.
Is it the Russian one that I brought here out of the hospital?
I have an absolute visual memory.
If I would have met her ever before, I would have remembered her face.
- No, she will not help us in this. - Oh, yes, she will help us a lot.
And also this little encoded spy message will help us as well.
This was Shtirlitz’ spy message that he sent with professor Pleyshner to Switzerland.
Try to recall everything, Shtirlitz, if you want to live.
Well, this is a complete failure. This is a complete crash. That's it!
I am dead. Nothing will save me now! I proved to be a complete idiot.
Damn Pleyshner! He’s a coward, stupid ass! He’s a traitor and provocateur!
I hate Pleyshner! I trusted him, but turned out to be a filthy traitor!
March 16, 1945 13:55 PM
Mueller ordered to the Rolf's murder place the best detectives.
- We couldn't find anything special, sir. - Nothing at all?
A Parabelum. A Luger pistol was used to kill.
Mueller brought along with him two of his good old friends - Rafke and Hille.
They worked with him back in the 1920's. Back when they fought the Hitler's Nazis.
He used these two men very rarely, for extra complicated cases only.
They were not directly hired by the Gestapo. They were freelance.
They did not require any aid from secret agents or dictaphones.
These two old men relied only on their heads and their experience.
This is similar to a murder case, you untwisted in Munich. Remember it?
- Murder on Aydenshtrasse? - Yes, building number 9.
- Number 8. It was an even number. - Wow. Right! Great memory!
- How is your memory doing? - I take medicine. - I take vodka.
You are a big time General, so you have plenty of cash to drink vodka.
And we, the poor regular people, have no money to buy vodka for us.
- Take bribes like I do. - Yeah, right, you are a bit shot.
I am nothing compared to you, so I'll get busted by your Getapo.
Then stop wining and keep drinking your medicine and I’ll keep drinking my vodka.
Well, what did you find out, Gunter?
I think I found something.
- How is the life overall? - Not too good.
My wife died not too long ago, so I am all alone now.
And the women nowadays prefer young soldiers and not old poor detectives.
Someone from across the street saw “our” woman and “our” soldier.
The woman with her child and the soldier were in a great hurry.
- How the soldier was dressed? - He was in the uniform.
- What kind of uniform? - Some field green army type uniform.
I thought that your SS soldiers only wear their scary black uniform.
- What car did they take? - No, not a car. They took a bus.
- What bus line number? - They took buss line 17.
- What direction did they go by buss? - Seems that they went downtown.
Quickly send the police cars along the entire buss line 17. Look for
a Russian woman with a child and an SS soldier as her guard.
Find out who is that crazy SS soldier who somehow helped her to escape.
Immediately get me all available information about that soldier!
Find out where he is from, who and where his relatives are.
Get me his entire service record ASAP!
If you only learn, that, even once, he worked with or was ever near Shtirlitz,
report that to me immediately!
For subway lines provide photos, notify the guards about the woman with a child.
Inform that she is a State criminal, a chief and a wanted child killer.
Let them detain any woman or any man with a small child and investigate them.
So this way our Russian spy woman will not escape anywhere.
Child Foster House at MozartShtrasse
Excuse me. I would want to see my baby daughter.
- The children are being fed right now. - I arrived from the front for an hour only.
- Is there a manager of this place? - Everyone is busy with the children now.
I am very sorry, sir.
- When may I see my daughter? - In about half hour, sir.
Come back in half-hour, and we will allow you to see your daughter.
- Well? - In half-hour I will get my daughter.
We have no choice, so we must wait.
Nothing will happen for 30 minutes. None knows where we are now. Right?
Wrong! You have no idea about abilities of the Gestapo. We need to move out soon.
You go without me, and I’ll catch up with you later with my daughter. OK?
No, no way. I won’t go anywhere without you. I will wait for you here.
Did you get this at the front line?
Yes, at the front. Why are you asking this?
No special reason.
I fought you, Russians, in Vitebsk city. I killed very many Russians there.
And where is the mother of your child?
She left the baby and ran off with a young healthy officer.
- What do you mean "left the baby"? - Simple. She just left the baby there.
As soon as she learned, that I am in the hospital heavily wounded,
she lost any interest in me and then brought our child to that foster house.
Now she has a love affair with a young healthy officer from the Luftwaffe.
We must leave this area. You’ll go now and I’ll catch up with you after I get my child.
I will not go anywhere without you. I will wait for you right here.
You saved me and my baby. I have no one in this city who would help me, but you.
Muller was absent already for the second full hour.
Shtirlitz realized that, something in Muller's plan just did not work out.
Something unexpected has happened.
Something has happened that just broke all Muller's plans at once.
Well, then I have some time to think everything over carefully again.
I must explain to Muller reliably and accurately to the minutes,
where, when and why my finger prints
could have been left on the suitcase of the Russian radio spy operator.
Where, when and why?
I must recall in all the fine details that day, when I got near Ervin's home.
And I must prove that I got there purely accidently, without a prior knowledge.
That was the morning of February 21.
I was driving to Ervin and Ket to talk about the reply from the spy Center in Moscow.
I got into traffic there. The area there was very damaged after a night bombing.
I lost at least 20 minutes waiting in that traffic over there.
OK. Let's see what was then.
I was going to Doroteye shtrasse.
I turned left to Beiradei shtrasse as a shortcut to the Doroteye shtrasse.
But it was not allowed to drive through there. The fire trucks were blocking the road.
And because of that, I had to take a detour all around that mess.
Then I drove on Kepening shtrasse.
There I was stopped once again.
There was a strange looking young officer, who didn't let me go.
It is necessary to recall him... I remember that I thought something
about that police officer. Yes, I was actually thinking about Ervin and Ket
and suddenly caught myself thinking that the young officer has tuberculosis.
He, the young police officer, was a little bit coughing all the time.
I can't recall the other officer at all. But I clearly remember this young one.
I showed him my SD ID Card.
Not too bad so far.
Then I helped some woman. I lifted items from the ground, pushed her baby stroller.
There were some things in that stroller. She was holding the baby in her arms.
Let's look at this picture with a slightly different representation.
What if this woman had a suitcase?
Wait a minute! This is it!
Yes, she did have a suitcase. I helped her with her baby stroller and ...
I also helped her by carrying her suitcase that she did have.
This is the only chance I have and I must it use or I am a dead man.
Here it is. I got it! This is my only chance.
Please let Gruppenfurer Muller urgently know that I did recall everything.
Please tell him to see me at once.
I'll do it right away, shtandartenfurer, sir.
So, I ended up by Ket's building only because the police detoured the traffic.
I spoke with a young policeman, I remember his face, and he should recall me too.
I showed him my Special SD ID Card and he did look at it.
He was looking at me, when I was rolling that woman's baby stroller.
Consequently, he will confirm that I rolled that baby stroller.
So, I will say that I also helped the woman with some suitcases.
If the policeman saw me with the baby stroller, so then, he will not be able,
to, confidently, confirm or deny that I carried the woman's suitcase for her.
And that is exactly what I need.
What's going on? Did something improbable just happen, Bitner?
Let me guess what has just happened. We took Moscow and occupied Russia.
Shtirlitz requested to let you know that he recalled everything, gruppenfurer.
- When did he come up with that? - Recently. Just now.
- Any new data on that SS soldier? - No, not really or not much rather.
- What precisely did you gather? - Something about his wife and a child.
This is not just "something". Any small details are important, in a case like this.
- Did you talk to his wife already? - Yes, his wife left him for someone else.
He almost died in the hospital, so his wife left him for someone in Munich.
- Who is that person she is with now? - He’s some young officer of Luftwaffe.
- You mentioned a child. Where is it? - His wife gave it up to a foster house.
- Where’s that foster house located? - It's on Motzart shtrasse, 7.
We also got some information about this soldier's mother.
There may be some shooting there, so make sure your big guns are loaded.
- Where is that foster house? - At Motsart shtrasse, 8.
You are wrong again! You always mix up and confuse even and odd numbers.
- Hello. What can I do for you? - Hello. I am Helmut Kalder.
My daughter Ursula is here... I came back to see my daughter...
- Well, the children are asleep now. - I leave for the front today. Please...
- I just want to see her having a nap. - I am afraid it is not allowed.
But I leave for the front today. Please. I am begging you...
You may not deprive me the chance to see my only child.
I will see what I can do for you, sir. Please wait out here, sir.
We’d give you a wonderful baby stroller, if you would want to take a walk with her.
There is no need for that. Thanks. I will carry her myself.
You better have a walk with her in our internal small flower garden.
It is quiet there. And no one would disturb you there with your daughter.
Thanks. I just need to see the bus schedule and I'll return right back to the basement.
- Right to the basement? What basement? - I wanted to say the garden, of course. Sorry.
You are not feeling well, are you?
- Why? I am fine. - You are very pale.
No, I am just fine. Everything is in order.
Hey, you! Are you crazy or what? Do you want to get killed, moron?!
Please take care of her while I am out of the basement.
I’ll go to the bus stop. As soon as the bus comes, I’ll return and we'll go.
We must reach the train station and get on the train as soon as possible.
We will go to Munich. My mother lives there. We’ll be safe there.
Oh my Lord! What am I doing? Where am I running to? Stop it!
Stop and think quietly and quickly!
Oh my God! What to do now?
I must stop panicking and must think what to do now.
This SS soldier was here not more than a few minutes ago.
And where is his baby girl now?
He said that he needs to check bus schedule at the bus stop.
- What bus? What if he took a car? - I did not see any cars out there.
No cars were parked in the front.
Check everything around here very closely.
So, you don't think that he wanted to drive away with his girl in a car?
- I did not see any cars at all. - Maybe you saw a car?
- What kind of a car was it? - A large one. --> A cargo? --> A car.
- Do you remember its license plate? - I did not pay attention to it.
Something is not right. We must check all the buildings and basements around.
- It's all building ruins around here. - We must inspect all of them.
Actions of a nonprofessional like that SS soldier can not be predicted.
- Nonprofessionals have impossible logic. - What if he's a smart professional one?
A smart professional would not go to the foster house just like that.
Yes, if he would be smart, he then would not go to the foster house.
No, it is going to be a dead case. We checked all basements in the area.
That SS soldier is just a nonprofessional but simply a stupid one if he came here.
- How he, a moron, ended up with SS anyway? - Maybe he was fine before he got wounded.
I guess SS Troops have morons too now. The Gestapo is the only one left smart.
Quiet, quiet, sweetheart! I am begging you! Please don't cry.
Please don't cry now. Please ...
What the hell is this?
What's that? An old cigarette-butt?
- Way too old one. - It is hard like a rock.
We need real evidences to start our detective work and not this crop.
I feel sorry for my good old friend Gunter. He was killed so stupidly.
We were just two young police detectives when we first started our police work.
There is another exit out of here, but it is covered by the ruins.
- So this basement is empty too? - Yep. Just another empty, dusty basement.
Matches got wet.
I'll be right out. Wait up for me.
- My matches got wet. - I have a gas lighter.
- My cigarette lighter is out of gas. - I just refilled mine today.
- It's hard to find a refilling shop. - Yes, I know only one place in Berlin.
Let's check a few more buildings just to make sure the Russian woman isn't there.
Oh Lord! When, the hell, will they leave this basement at last?
March 16, 1945 5:10 PM
Did something bad happen? I had a feeling that something bad happened.
I had a bad feeling too, but you should not worry what bad feelings I may have.
I managed to recall everything.
What exactly did you manage to recall?
How my finger prints happened to be on the suitcase of the Russian spy woman.
By the way, where is she? I thought, you wanted to have a cross examination.
A cross-examination of me and her.
She is now in the hospital, she will be delivered here before long.
And what has happened to her?
To make her talk truth, Rolf had to torture her child in front of her.
All right. Then we will deal without her for the time being.
- What's this: " for the time being"? - It means "for the time being".
If you are still keen to learn about this confusion with the suitcase, so
I did recall how come my fingerprints could appear on that damn suitcase.
The truth always wins! That is my strong belief.
Lay out your facts first and then we'll see.
To prove my truth, we need to talk to all policemen, who were on duty
on the 21st of this month, around Doroteye and Kepening shtrasse.
I was going to the office in the morning, but was detoured because
the road was converted into the ruins after the night raid bombing.
I was not permitted to drive any further by the policemen there.
So, I got out of my car to see what is going on and one young policeman,
apparently, sick with tuberculosis, said that I may not go any further yet.
I remember him very clearly, but I could not recall another policeman with him.
I needed to use a payphone to let know that I’ll be late at work.
I showed my Special Clearance SD ID Card and went to a phone booth to make a call.
I remember there was standing a woman with her children over there.
I did help her to roll a baby stroller to the other side of the street and
then I helped her with some of her things and carried some suitcases of hers too.
And that was the only time for the past 6 months, when I touched any suitcases.
Interrogate those policemen, who saw me helping the woman with her suitcases there.
Verify and compare those facts with everything that I have just told you.
And if any one of my proofs or words would prove to be a lie,
so then give me a pistol with only one cartridge to kill myself right here.
There is no other way to prove my alibi and protect my reputation.
Let's give it a try. Why not? It all sounds quite logical.
Let's first listen to our good Germans, then we'll talk to you, bad Russians.
You consider me Russian, don't you?
Do you really think, I am a chief of the Russian spy network here?
Mr. Muller, open up your eyes!
I am an intelligence officer and do my job well and not the first year.
If I would be the chief of the spy network here, I would not deal myself
with any radio transmitters and would not leave my finger prints on any suitcase.
I know that you are smart and sly and that's why I am suspecting you, pal.
- Shell we have some food? - Good time for it.
I ordered to bring us something to munch.
- Did you already call for the policemen? - Yes, I ordered to gather them at once.
You don't look very good. You look sick and tired.
I am barely alive. You are right, I am tired and don't feel great.
What did you cunningly hint by saying "for the time being" only?
We have plenty of time right now lay it all out. I want to hear it.
It makes no sense to talk about it before the cross-examination with her.
My truth must be proved before we can talk about anything else at all.
It feels so safe and protected in this prison cell from the bombing,
and, honestly, I wouldn’t mind staying here a few days.
- Don't worry. I'll get a chance to stay. - Oh, thank you very much for that.
Seriously, I am impressed with the way you hold yourself together right now.
I talked here with some other people, so they became limp and even cried.
- Would you like a drink? - No, thank you.
- You don't drink at all or just with me? - I'm afraid, you know my favorite cognac.
Don't consider yourself equal in cognac taste to Winston Churchill's.
I secretly know that Churchill loves Russian cognac more than any others.
If you don't want a drink, that's fine. I'll have a shot. I do feel sick today.
Hail Hitler!
Do you know or can you identify any of these people here?
Have you ever encountered or met any one of them before on the street?
I have never met or encountered any of these people before.
Maybe you saw them on the streets when you were on your police duty.
I see too many SS officers in their black uniform on the streets every day.
- No. I can not recall anyone. - All right then. Thank you.
They can't identify anyone because they are scared of your General SS uniform.
- Whose uniform scares them? Mine? - Yes, the uniform of an SS General.
What the hell! Do you want me to sit naked in front of them with no clothes?
Then tell them about a specific place and the date or they will not recall a thing.
After all, they are on the streets for at least 10 hours every day.
And after a while all the people on the street seem alike to them.
Help them out, Ayisman.
- Do you recognize that police man? - No, I have never seen him before.
For this investigation they could not involve other colleagues of the Gestapo,
in order not to throw a shadow of a suspicion on Shtirlitz.
Therefore Muller ordered to conduct the investigation by only three people,
who were up to date in the proceeding. They were Shtirlitz, Ayisman, Bittner.
So he, a General SS Muller, ended up in such an unusual role for his high SS rank.
The second policeman also could not identify or recognize anyone.
Only the 17th, there came into the room that unhealthy young policeman.
The one, who had tuberculosis.
Do you know any of these people?
No. I don't know them at all.
- Were you on duty on Kepenings shtrasse? - Yes.
Oh yes, here’s an officer who was there. He showed me his Special SD ID Card.
So I did let him get to the ruins closer.
- Did he ask to pass to the building? - No, he simply showed me his SD ID card.
He was driving a car, but the road was closed by the ruins, so I stopped him.
Why? Didn't he have a right to do that as an officer of SD?
I just followed the rule to let the SD and the Gestapo people anywhere.
You did everything right.
Don't worry, he is not an enemy. We actually work all together.
Was this man looking for a pregnant woman there among the survivors?
No, that pregnant woman was delivered to a hospital at night. He came in the morning.
Do you mean that he was looking for the items that would belong to that woman?
- Were you helping him with that? - No.
He helped some woman with her baby carriage.
A baby carriage. A stroller.
- Were the suitcases near? - Near the baby carriage?
No. Near the woman.
I do not remember that for sure.
I cann’t clearly recall if there were or were not suitcases. I do recall the carriage.
Some things fell out of it and this officer gathered them and transferred to the pavement.
- Why would he do that? - It was more safely on the other site.
The firemen with their water hoses could have ruined that baby carriage, so...
so then a child would have no baby stroller where it could sleep.
Thanks, you greatly helped us.
You may go now.
Hail Hitler!
Let all the policemen go.
Why didn't invite those, who were in the first police encompassment?
Because everything became clear without them.
- Bittner, did everyone confirm everything? - Yes, sir. Everything was fully confirmed.
It was confirmed with other policemen on the street on that day in the area.
Everyone may leave now.
Mr. Shtirlitz! You are not free to go yet!
I am ordering you to remain in my office.
End of part 10.
Translated by Fooper01. Enjoy the movie. Have another beer.