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NBC's new drama Parenthood
features a ground breaking story line
in which a family must deal
with their son's Asperger's Syndrome
After its premier,
Asperger's became one of
the most searched words on Google
We at the CW know you love Asperger's
so stay tuned this fall
for a new teen drama.
So how was your date with Jeremy?
(disgruntled exasperated "Uhhhg" sound
Terrible.All he did was talk about himself.
But then,
all I did was talk about myself...
because we both have Asperger's
Are you the new kid?
Well, there's just one thing
you need to know
about Asperger's High and that's:
The cafeteria's on a seven week
alphabetical rotation
beginning with Beef Chili
and ending with Tuna Casserole
Iiiis it wrong that I grabbed you?
I don't know know
I don't know either
(voice over whisper-Asperger's High)
So when knight's went to a tournament
they had to measure their lances
to make sure they'd know
one knight had a longer lance
than the others
The difference between a melee
and a joust is a melee is a team...
I know in Final Fantasy 13
there's a world
on top of another world
and people get cursed
and then they have to
preform a task
and then they get turned
into a crystal.
It's basically... replace the Cannon R lens mount
The Cannon FX,the Cannon FP,

the Cannon Pellix, the Cannon FPQL,
the Cannon Pellix QL...
Do you...guys mind if I sit here?
(all talking at once about their special
(newcomer) The actor JT Walsh
appeared in over 50 feature films,
including The Last Seduction,
Break Down, Good Morning Vietnam...
(Whispered voice over) Asperger's High
Thanks for helping me
with my homework Alex
No. Sad.
It's okay.
I got that one wrong too.
You have brown eyes.
Brown eyes are dominant in humans.
Except they are less common
in areas around the Baltic Sea
and Scandinavia.
(Whispered voice over) Asperger's High
Brad I have something to tell you.
I've been cheating on you with Alex,
and I'm pregnant.
Okay. What does that mean?
It means we've been sexually
interacting with each other
and I'm going to have his baby.
Okay. Should I be upset?
I think so.
That's pretty good.
(Whispered voice over) Asperger's High
And featuring special guest star
Claire Dane's as Temple Grandin:
Autistic High School Principal
your brother's in the hospital.
He was hit by a drunk driver,
your mother.
Please don't touch me.
Oh no!
I just wondered if you wanted
a Rubix Cube.
I've got one.
Do you like cows?
Aspergers High.
Friday nights at 9 on the CW.
8 pm Central after Smallville
and before One Tree Hill
The time slot was previously filled
by Everybody Hates Chris
which was canceled
and Friday Night Smackdown
was just canceled
and before that the CW
didn't exist
and then there were two networ-