Photoshop Tutorial : How to Remove Dust Spots [60 Seconds] Beginner

Uploaded by TutorVidCom on 28.08.2010

Welcome to another Photoshop Tutorial from
This tutorial is going to be a 60 second tutorial showing you how to remove dust spots in your image.
Dust spots often show up in the skies when you're taking pictures at a high aperture
setting at say f/16 or something
If you zoom into your images at say 50%
You'll see these spots like this
especially around the corners and edges of the photo. There's one..
and here's a dark one and the quick way to get rid of them of is
by using the patch and healing brush tool
They are all shortcut J and we can start by using the spot healing brush tool
and that one, all you have to do is brush
over the spot and then it disappears
now you can see it and didn't do a perfect job of
removing it so another
tool could be this here patch tool
with a little larger area or if you're
having troubles finding the right match this one works generally better
This one, you just click and drag around your spot you want to replace and
click and this is where it's going to select it from
and where it's selecting
the most important thing is to get the same sort of texture
if we have a small spot like this we want to repair and even if we drag on this cloud over here
it will still make it blue
just as long as it's the same texture. And that's it.
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