How to Edit an Article Through the Joomla Frontend

Uploaded by MrPosran on 25.06.2010

so I thought it would be a lot easier to show you how to edit an article than to actually write it out
so once you are actually at the web site the first thing you want to do is to log on to the web site
click of a button on the upper hand corner
it will bring down the log-in box here
just fill in your login information
and if you don't remember your login information there is actually two links
for forgot your password and forgot user name which will e-mail you your information
from there you just click the login button
the website will reload and this time the articles will actually have a new icon
in the upper right hand corner
and that will allow you to edit that article when you click on it
so when you click on that
it will actually take you to the editor
from here say if you want to
make this line bold
you highlight the
and highlight what you want to change
and then the editor is similar to Word where
you can hit "B" for bold, "I" for italics
the "U" for underline, strike-through
if you want to center it you can do that as well
and if you don't want to center it
so that you just highlight what you want to change then
apply the change that way
now if you want to edit text
we're going to add a "thank you" to the bottom
just type it in there
hit save
and your changes will be applied
so the web site reloads
if we scroll down
we can see
that the line is bold, italics and underline
and that there is now a thank you at the bottom
so to undo the changes or make further changes
click the edit button
go back to the editor here
highlight what you want to change
this time we're gonna unselect
underline, italics and bold
and then
we'll remove the thank you
hit save
and the changes we just did have been undone
so in a sense we
set it back to zero and it also tells you that your article has successfully saved