Momentum - Ken Roczen Part 2 - Supercross - Episode 22

Uploaded by redbull on 21.09.2012

Winning there was incredible. Of course it's the best feeling when you win, and when it's all over,
you know you have done a good job, and you can just relax and feel cool. I have to say that's the best feeling ever.
So, here we are at my home. Nothing special. I mean, nothing in like America or whatever. They have very cool, neat, perfect homes.
But our's is a bit more untidy, because we're hardly there. But I guess no one is perfect.
We just had it repainted, as sort of an A-Team style. All we need are the wide wall tires, and then they would look really amazing.
Yeah the first motorbike he got, I think he was only two and a half years old, and he was controlling it properly. I thought to myself, he can really ride.
Everywhere we went people used to look at us. I mean for us it was normal what we were doing, he just grew up with it, so it was nothing supernatural.
He's always been crazy, even when he was a kid. He always did things that were connected with fear. He always looked for a challenge,
to try things out, to test himself, and to push himself to his limits. With Kenny, the bigger the challenge, the more he rises to it.
Each year, we spend a maximum of one month in Germany. That's why I drive home with him over night, so he can see his friends, so he can have some fun,
because I know what it's like when you're that age, and you're young, and no one can give that back to him. I don't want to take that away from him.
So we started this club with our friends and we called ourselves Turbine Gramont. We were quite interested in all stuff from East Germany…
like Turbine cars and Simpson weapons, and we used to do things together regularly. So when he realized we had a club to do with mopeds and things,
he thought to himself, "OK, so I need a moped if I want to join." And just like that, he bought a moped and started to live like we did.
And he doesn't want Turbine Gramont to be only about him either, the club's for us all, not a sort of fan club.
In a few minutes we're off to the German Grand Prix, and I think it's going to be a real big deal. Lots of my friends will be there, so I can hardly wait.
Kenny got something for us that we haven't had for a long time in motocross, and that's dominance from Germany yet again.
At the World Championship, I have the red number plate, which means I am the championship leader, and first in the ratings, and now my task is to get more points one race after another.
Right now it would be a mistake to say that he's not the favorite for the World Championship, he definitely is. If you look at it objectively,
he doesn't really have any opponent. So there shouldn't really be any obstacle, but you can't really be sure about anything.
This training is very good for me. I was the first with an advantage of 7/10 of a second. The track has a lot of deep channels,
so you can't go that fast, meaning it's not really motocross. I think it will be very difficult to overtake.
There are days where you think, no it's not a perfect day. I'm the sort of guy who doesn't say, "Oh, I want to be among the top 3,
or the top 5 or whatever." I always wanted to win. I think you hardly ever have the perfect race, but if it works out of course, you feel great.
I get a huge kick out of racing. I just love the start, and when I'm waiting at the starting line, I keep moving around trying to keep my pulse racing…
and my concentration high. Some people do the opposite, trying to keep calm, but I'm the sort of person that wants to pep up myself a little bit.
"And there off!… And now Ken is ahead by one length. Fantastic!"
"The red 94 of the World Champion leader Ken Roczen is in the lead!"
"And then Tommy Searle with number 108, and now Jeffrey Herlings is getting ready to attack."
"Oh my God, where's Kenny?"
"And here he comes! He's the middle of the field but now he's furious, and wants to get to the front!
"He goes around on the left, and must be in 12th or 13th place, but watch this! He really has to go for it."
"Ken Roczen has the best time in the first section."
"Manager, where's your Turbine Gramont?"
"And now here he is overtaking Zachary Osborne, which means he's in 4th place."
"And he keeps on going on and on. He won't be satisfied with anything less than first place, whether he has a cold or not."
"And now he's trying to overtake Jeffrey Herlings, and he's doing it! He's really done it. Now it's a dual between the two of them. And he goes through!"
"And whose the winner of the German Grand Prix once again, Kenny Roczen!"
Ken has said very clearly that he wants to spend the whole next season riding in the US.
He's a young guy, and of course he doesn't want to dwell on the fact that he's leaving. He might not be appearing here…
in Germany for the next two years, and he doesn't know at all what it means to leave this all behind.
Ken good luck to you!
I wish you all the best. We all know that you've got it in you.
Over there you should really rock it for us Europeans.
I'm really completely happy right now, but my dream is to become World Champion.
And the fight will definitely go on until the very end. If I become World Champion this year, I'm going to throw the biggest party of all time.
I just want to say thank you to everybody! It has been an incredible year, and I'm just stunned.