Chanakya - Episode 29

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After coming to PataIiputra Acharya Vishnugupt had started putting ...
his pIans into action.
He was targeting the paIace officiaIs one by one.
FirstIy, I want to set Magadha right.
And Minister Shriyak must have toId you something.
GeneraI BhadrashaI's warning had the Chief of StabIes worried.
Chief of stables was searching for someone.
The shroud of secrecy was cIearing graduaIIy.
You have been putting off since many days. I cannot wait anymore.
If you do not meet me in the morning tomorrow, then I wiII kiII you!
Acharya Vishnugupt had found a cIue of this secret.
But the horse trader, Dushyant was unaware that he was being watched.
Acharya was making a headway towards his goaI.
MeanwhiIe, the Cabinet had decided to..
...donate the Iand to Acharya Vishnugupt.
Chief Priest, have you any objection?
I've no objection, Prime Minister.
I too have no objection.
I too have no objection.
Dushyant went to meet the Chief of StabIes in disorderIy royaI stabIe.
You shouId have thought about it before taking horses from me!
Acharya Vishnugupt Iearns from Minister Shriyak about the Cabinet's
unanimous decision to donate the Iand.
But Acharya Vishnugupt was sure that he wouId not get the Iand.
Aren't you convinced yet, Vishnu?
Don't be disappointed if your confidence is broken, Shriyak.
The history of Magadha's poIitics is fuII of exampIes treachery.
Acharya Vishnugupt's assumption was right.
Emperor Dhananand deIayed his decision for the donation of the Iand.
I wiII convey my decision soon.
During aII this manipuIation, Minister Rakshas was trying to
gather information about Acharya Vishnugupt.
Give every information you get about this man to me daiIy.
Vishnugupt's past worried the Minister.
Sir. - I saIute you, O' Sun God!
Greetings, sir. - Greetings, Vasudha.
Let me go. Or I wiII scream.
I reaIIy wiII.
At the most your madam wiII kick me out of here.
But I want to spend every moment with you.
Even your screaming wiII be music to my ears.
Scream - I wiII faII.
Greetings Prime Minister.
Greetings, Prime Minister. - You are mistaken
I am no more the Prime Minister. - I know it, sir.
Seeing you moving freeIy after many years, revived my oId memories.
Many years ago, I used to greet you as the Prime Minister on these road.
After meeting you again today, I addressed you the same way.
I'm happy to see this change. - Goodbye.
Good to see the Iion freed and roaming around again.
Where were you? I sent four messengers to you.
Had you toId earIier, I wouId have come every morning to drink miIk.
Greetings ...!
I wiII have miIk.
Since when have you become so shameIess.
I have to survive, Minister. Shame wiII kiII me.
Even a hungry caIf goes to his mother, Shriyak.
Which door wiII Chanak's son ... - I did not mean that, Vishnu
I meant, that I do not Iike you staying with onIy Ajay.
When I have no pIace in Ajay's home, then I wiII come to your doors.
Take me seriousIy sometimes.
I wiII do that when you start taIking about serious matters.
You are indeed shameIess! - I'm not taking it seriousIy!
Watch how I authoritativeIy I swaIIow the shame.
You too drink.
If you wait here any Ionger, then he wiII scoId you too after I Ieave.
Yes Shriyak. Why did you caII me?
The Prime Minister has asked you to seIect the pIot of Iand.
And Ieave the rest to us.
Why? Has your confidence been betrayed or not?
Emperor wants time to think it over.
Emperor may think as Iong as he Iikes! I haven't stopped him.
I had not asked the Iand in donation!
That's why I'd asked to Iet me buy the Iand.
I neither wanted nor do I want any charity from the Emperor.
If I can, then I wiII definiteIy try to fuIfiII my responsibiIity!
Meet the Prime Minister once. - No, I wiII not!
I can find my way, Minister. I am Ieaving.
You cannot Ieave without my permission!
Do you know, what you are saying? - Yes!
I know quite weII.
When you caIm down, then teII me what I have to do for the university.
The Prime Minister wants to Iay its foundation himseIf.
So I have to give him an answer.
May I ask you something?
The Prime Minister has asked me to encourage you to buy the Iand.
And he is firm about heIping you in buiIding the university.
AIright. I wiII Iook for a suitabIe pIot in PataIiputra.
I wiII inform you when I find it.
There is no need for that.
I wiII get the map of Iand avaiIabIe for purchase in PataIiputra.
If you wish, invite Ajay here tonight. - AIright
And pIease do not take any step without informing me.
AIright. - And have dinner with me.
What about Iunch?
I am Ieaving but ask Ajay's permission for dinner tonight.
Because a minister may feed me once and then he'II give onIy assurance.
And I cannot survive on assurances.
Why doesn't somebody show this man the door?
Wait, I'm coming with you.
For how many days wiII you be out of PataIiputra, trader?
About three months.
Have you deposited the fees? - Yes, sir.
PIease show me the receipt.
Have a successfuI trip.
If you have the sIightest suspicion on anyone then inform the
Iaw-enforcement officers at once. - As you say, minister.
And aIways remain aIert.
Minister Rakshas is waiting for your orders.
Continue your dance ... ProbabIy I wiII come back again
Greetings, Emperor. - Greetings, Minister
Where were you untiI now?
I went to inspect the city gate.
Then I went to the poIice department. - Sit, Minister.
As soon as I got your message, I came here, Emperor.
I too feeI, that citizens rightIy caII you - ''Rakshas'' (demon)
If you don't want to rest at Ieast Iet others rest.
Like a demon , you do not Iet anyone rest for the safety of Magadha.
You do not Iet me be in peace either.
Magadha and your security is my responsibiIity, Emperor.
And I take my responsibiIities seriousIy.
But what danger do you see that you've stepped up the vigiIance?
I am onIy doing my duty. Emperor. - I know, Minister.
But I cannot even give any advice to you.
You are my master. Emperor.
You've right to order me - you don't have to advise.
I wish to be aIone for a whiIe.
After the Cabinet meeting yesterday you didn't come to see me ...
so I was waiting for you today.
The Prime Minister said, that the Cabinet has unanimousIy resoIved ...
to donate Iand for a university at request of some Acharya Vishnugupt.
It is true, Emperor. But the finaI decision is yours.
Is it necessary to buiId the proposed university in PataIiputra.
I did support the proposaI. Emperor. But I need time to think it further.
Minister. My decision is dependent on your decision,
Emperor, I want to wait a whiIe before making the finaI decision.
This wiII give me time to review its consequences.
Before giving any answer to the Prime Minister I want your opinion.
So I've asked him to wait for my decision.
You're capabIe of taking decisions.. - I shaII wait for your decision.
As you wish, Lord.
Minister Yes, Lord?
Do you want to say something? - No, Emperor.
If the Emperor no Ionger needs me, then kindIy permit me to Ieave.
I aIways need you Minister, what is wrong with you?
I am taIking of the present, Emperor.
If you wish, then you are weIcome to join me and the dancers.
No, Emperor. I shaII rather Ieave. FareweII, Emperor.
Go, Minister
If the guest is a Brahmin, then we make speciaI arrangements for him.
You save him from becoming sinfuI! - We do our best.
Does this appIy to you or do you think you are free to be sinfuI?
I am content with my present condition, Lord.
Do you have any probIems from guests or traveIers?
None so far.
You keep an eye on their activities, don't you?
I foIIow the ruIes rigidIy.
I inform the concerned authorities about suspicious peopIe.
I hope you'II continue to foIIow the ruIes.
Minister , What was the need? You are my guest.
I foIIow my ruIes of conduct rigidIy and expect the same from you.
Goodbye ... !
What is the matter, sir?
Inform aII the workers to keep a keen eye on conduct of every traveIer.
I assume, you observe aII the ruIes. - Yes, Minister.
And you wiII do so in the future? - Sure, Minister.
Take care of your bar and its order. - Yes, Minister.
Come inside.
What is your name? - Pravanak
Are you the guard here? - Yes, Minister
Keep an eye around you. - As you say, sir.
ShaII we Ieave? - Yes
Is he someone Important? - Important! He is Minister Rakshas!
Minister Rakshas?
Due to his rigidity and discipIine peopIe caII him 'Rakshas' (demon).
But why was he going to the dancing haII now?
Either to Iook for some criminaI or to inspect the pIace.
WiII the criminaI be waiting for him in the dancing haII?
Spies and criminaIs prefer to hide in crowded pIaces.
So that they can't be caught by the Iaw enforcement officers.
But how do you know aII this?
I know many government officers.
They say, that spies get friendIy with danseuses to extract information.
So we have been asked to beware of strangers.
Then you shouId beware of me too! - You are no stranger now.
Is everything okay? - Yes, sir.
Beware! Minister Rakshas can be here any moment for an inspection.
Did you ask for me, madam? - Come in, sir.
PIease sit here. - What is the matter?
He wants to ask some questions.
Greetings, sir. - Greetings.
PIease sit.
Ask whatever you wish. But don't insuIt my guest.
Do you want to know about me, sir.
What is your name? - Siharan.
Where have you come from? - Aratta.
What do you do? - Trade in horses.
Why have you come here? We're taking horses to KaIinga.
Who eIse is with you?
My servants, some mercenaries and a horse trainer.
Where are they? - Outside the city.
Have they put up a camp? - Yes.
Then why have you come here?
To stay? - To see the city.
Have you seen the city? - Yes, a IittIe.
When wiII you Ieave for KaIinga? - After my servants see the city.
Where is your identity scroII? - In the room upstairs.
Do you know anyone here? - OnIy the ones I have met recentIy.
AIright. You may go.
Do you know the punishment for Iying?
Yes, sir. - Go.
What was the probIem, sir? - Nothing speciaI.
Some Iaw enforcement officer wanted to inquire about me.
Father. The minister is here to meet you.
PIease keep Iying, sir.
What brings you here, Minister?
The Emperor wanted to know about his former servants.
He has been asking about his confidents and their heaIth.
So I came to meet you today.
How is your heaIth now?
What wiII I do Iiving now? I'm onIy waiting for the death.
It wiII come when it has to.
Wonder when my time wiII come.
Sir, if you need anything then do not hesitate to ask.
The Emperor wants to do something for his former servants.
Is the Emperor keeping good heaIth?
Good. I want nothing more.
Sir, did you have any visitors recentIy making inquiries?
Who wiII come here now? And what wiII he inquire from me?
I wiII ask you an important question.
As far as possibIe, take your time and think carefuIIy before answering.
Twenty years ago did any teacher die in the prison of PataIiputra.
I do not remember any Acharya dying in the prison.
PIease try to remember.
The death of some Acharya Chanak. - Chanak?
He was exiIed.
Do you cIearIy remember he was exiIed? - Yes.
But why are you asking this question?
Because some oId enemies stiII beIieve...
..that Acharya Chanak wasn't exiIed.
I want to assure them that he was exiIed.
Why do you worry about what they beIieve?
The truth is - Acharya Chanak was exiIed.
After many years Iater, a compIicated probIem has come before me.
To resoIve this probIem, it was essentiaI that I find the truth.
That's why I found it necessary to ask this question.
Rest assured, Minister.
The truth does not change with time.
I wiII be gratefuI to you for your heIp.
AIIow me to Ieave now.
FareweII, Minister. Convey my regards to the Emperor.
Nachiket, the Minister is Ieaving. - FareweII, sir.
Must you go to KaIinga? - Yes, Vasundha.
Can't you stay few more days?
Even if I want to, wiII your very dear friend permit me to stay?
Who can force you out from here without my consent?
I don't know his name, but I saw him Ieave your room two days back.
Who? Dushyant? - Maybe, that's his name.
Why do you worry about him? - Because I am an outsider.
I don't want to get into a fight with anyone to be with you.
Don't worry about him for some days.
Why do you give me faIse hopes?
It is the truth. For some days he wiII be busy shopping of horses.
Shopping for horses? - Yes.
He said that he may have to go out of PataIiputra to buy horses.
Isn't he in PataIiputra now? - I don't know.
Anyway, you have charmed madam so she wouId not have Iet him meet me.
If she couId, she wouId not Iet go from here.
But you stiII haven't toId me about your profession.
Do you want to know the truth? - Yes.
If someone Iike you comes into my Iife..
..then I'd spend every moment Ioving her
Leave me ... !
Mother, Minister Katiyen is here.
Go ahead, I'm coming.
Greetings, Minister. - Greetings, sister.
PIease be seated. - No sister, I am aIready Iate.
I'II go. But where wiII Acharya Ajay be now?
He didn't teII me.
TeII him that I had come.
I'II go now. FareweII.
Have you decided? - I can't understand a thing.
Then why did you waste so much time?
If I can't comprehend this map, then is it my fauIt?
UnIess I know who owns which Iand It won't be easy for me to decide.
If that is your probIem, I'II ask the coIIector to heIp you.
As you wish, Minister.
Vishnu. You don't go to coIIector's office. I wiII choose the Iand.
I've no objection. If Minister Iikes, he can chooses the Iand.
Ajay, better you go. And I'II make the some inquiries from other persons.
If he goes, then he is IikeIy to fight with someone !
ReaIIy? If I fight with someone, won't you two support me.
One day you wiII get us into fight with someone!
And I wiII not give you chance to run away.
If you wish to acquire knowIedge then get rid of fear within you.
Cowards have no right to knowIedge.
He who chaIIenges the whoIe worId in the cause of truth ...
can Iay cIaim to the highest knowIedge.
One day you shaII get us into fight with someone.
And I wiII not give you chance to run away.
Vishnu, shaII we go home? - Let's go.