The secret to learning another language quickly: Speak from day 1

Uploaded by irishpolyglot on 31.08.2012

Hi everyone - I have a quick question for you...
Do you know the #1 secret to learning another language quickly?
Fortunately, if you are serious about rapid language learning, you don't need any of that.
The secret to learning another language quickly is MUCH more simple...
In case you don't know me yet, I'm Benny from Ireland, and when I was 21 I could only speak English.
Eventually I concluded that I just didn't have the gift to learn another language and was ready to give up...
But with nothing else to lose, I created an off-the-wall experiment for myself....
But ultimately, I could communicate with people. I could travel with confidence.
I could go out of my town and make new friends.
And I could immerse myself deeper into the local culture.
And that's all I really wanted... was the ability to communicate and make friends in the local language.
So in case you haven't guessed it yet, the secret to rapid language learning is...
You've got to speak it from day one.
Don't wait to understand all the words, the grammar or the tenses.
Use the words and phrases you're learning immediately, even if you make a lot of mistakes at first.
When you get into the flow quickly, you can improve quickly.
Since discovering this unconventional approach to language learning, millions of people around the world have learnt about language hacking from my blog
and I've even been asked to speak at events like TEDx
"There are 7 days in a week and some day is not one of them."
So many people are interested in this non-traditional approach because it creates a whole new set of questions about learning languages:
What do I do if I'm shy or not confident in my language?
How can I start speaking my first week if I have no words?
Where do I find others to practice with if I can't travel to the country right now?
Will I offend native speakers for butchering their language?
My inbox was consistently getting bombarded.
Instead of trying to spend hours answering each email individually, I decided to create a package of information with everything I knew about language hacking.
And thus, the Speak From Day One Package was born.
Before I tell you what it is, I want you to know that I don't care if you buy it or not. And here's why:
My real mission is to help more people speak more languages faster.
I've felt that hopeless feeling, thinking it was impossible to learn another language.
Now I've experienced the wonderful and amazing things that come from across cultures communication, I know the truth:
that anyone can learn another language with the right approach.
I built this product because I wasted a lot of my time and money on other things that simply didn't help me.
Those strategies aren't bad. They work for some people...
They just don't work for me, because my focus is on speaking with people, not to pass a exam.
I wanted to learn languages quickly so I could socialize with locals and really get to know their culture,
well beyond what all the English speaking tourists were seeing.
The Speak From Day One Package is what I wish someone would have given to me when I was 21 years old.
So I wouldn't have to learn all this stuff through trial and error!
So if you invest in the Speak From Day One Package, you'll get:
The 32,000 word Language Hacking Guide e-book, which has everything I know about language hacking including:
worksheets, 'conversation connectors' to meet locals and details on many more resources for learning and practicing your target language
That entire guide is also fully translated into 24 languages so you can practice by reading in your native language and the one you want to master,
side by side, without needing a dictionary.
You also get the Speak From Day One HD Video series that you can see me apply the strategies from the language hacking guide in action with a native.
And here's a clip of example:
Well, a major problem you might get is you don't understand what they are saying.
But you have to realize that it's a lot more than just the words. There is a lot of context involved here.
and you'll get several hours of interesting interviews with many well known polyglots and language learners.
As well as entire ebook in mp3 files, read by me.
All of this will teach you the processes I'm personally using to live my life entirely through other languages.
Hold on a second. With all that being said, do NOT buy the package:
If you think buying this will automatically make you speak the language.
If you are learning the language to pass an exam.
Or if you love learning about grammar, tenses, punctuation and all that kind of stuff.
If any of those describe you, the Speak From Day One Package won't help you.
And you'll likely try it, discover it doesn't work and will want a refund.
I always give refunds if it's not what people expected,
so I figured I'd save your time and my time and tell you it simply won't work for you.
On the other hand, this will be very helpful for you
if You want to learn a language to make new friends, or connect with co-workers or immerse yourself in another culture
And you don't learn vocabulary well through rote memorization or if you don't like studying grammar
And you can't necessarily travel to the country that speaks the language right now
Or your priority when learning the language is to speak to other people, not to write an essay or to read a dissertation
If that sounds like you, then click the link below to get access to everything via a secured membership website to watch the videos,
and to download the ebook to your iPad, or your Kindle, or your computer whatever it is
and you can access all other files within minutes!
Instead of wasting time, and money to learn all of this stuff on your own,
why not just get some help from someone who's done it already.
And you can get all of that for only $97.
But as i said, there is money back guarantee, so there's no risk to try it.
And if you're still not sure, check out the 'In Action' page to see
viral videos, my TEDx talk and thoughts and some testimonials from people who have gone through the package themselves.
If you're not ready to commit to learning your next language yet, no worries.
You can get all my regular blog updates and videos on, which is the website where I try to inspire people to learn languages.
Just to be clear though, the title fluent in 3 months is the challenge that you have to set to yourself.
It's not promise. It's not magic formula.
You just have to aim for as best as you can, in the shortest time you can.
So that's the kind of thing I talk about in the language hacking guide.
I want people to push themselves harder. OK?
One last thing, on a more serious note...
If you have a desire deep inside of you to learn a language, PLEASE don't suppress it. Don't wait another day to get started.
I don't care if you use this package or not. Just start speaking the language now. Today.
Sadly, I've watched many people say 'Oh I'll learn a language someday...' And then life passes them by and they never pursue that dream.
So today, do yourself a favor and commit to learning your target language.
Don't just put an hour or so a week into it; MAKE the time and you'll get results.
Don't allow yourself to wake up in ten years time regretting never learning the language you've always wanted to. OK?
Thanks again for checking out this video. Bye..... and see you soon!