Dark Horse Comics - Hellboy: The Fury Part 5

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NIMUE: I will be wind again.
GANEIDA: Old Queen Mab--
she didn't tell you.

This field--
it is called Vigrid.
And it's written in the stars and the roots of trees--
when Ragna Rok comes, it will be here.
ALICE: You're Queen Mab.
Why didn't you tell me--
we heard you were dead.
MAB: I am dead, girl.
Dead and gone.
ALICE: And Ragna Rok?
MAB: The last battle, when the champion of man--
ALICE: Fights a dragon.
Yeah, I heard that part.
But that woman made it sound like--
like it was the end of the world.

MAB: Nimue is the dragon.
I thought--
I hoped that Hellboy would be able to stop her before this.
ALICE: He tried.
MAB: But the storm's come.
Now it's laying waste to all Britain, and soon, it will
spread over the whole world.
Monsters long buried will all rise again.
And for a while, it will be their world.
MONSTER: Amagog ramm jahurr.

MAB: Until it all burns.

Then, out of the ashes, a new world rises.
That's Ragna Rok--
not just an end, but a new beginning.
ALICE: But--
all the people.
MAB: Everything will be swept away.
ALICE: Hellboy?
MAB: No one could have done more.
ALICE: But if he wins--

MAB: He cannot win.

MAB: This world's run its course.
But it's not that it goes, it's how it goes.
The dragon, the Ogdru Jahad, it escaped
its prison too soon.
Hellboy fights to buy this world a little more time--
time enough for his friends to do what they must.
MAB: So when the new world comes, at least the spirit of
man will survive.

HELLBOY: Vasilisa.
Hey, kid.
How you doing?
VASILISA: How are you?
Is there much pain?
HELLBOY: It's like you said.
It doesn't hurt.
VASILISA: You've come so far.
Are you ready?
HELLBOY: I guess so.
ALICE: Hellboy!

VASILISA: I'm so sorry.



ALICE: Hellboy?
How'd you get here?
Doesn't matter.
I'm just glad to see you.
You wouldn't believe the day I've been--
ALICE: Behind you!
HELLBOY: What the?
NIMUE: Right now, 500 witches are clutching at my heels.
They have me.
NIMUE: They are dragging me down.
But if I'm bound for hell, I will not go alone.

HELLBOY: Son of a--