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GRACE: George Clooney might be single.

GRACE: Hello my little plumskins.
Daily Grace here for MyDamnChannel LIVE.
Let's kick off today's show with MFCFLTS.
My favorite comment from last Tuesday's show, it comes from
Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18,
and find line four.
Oh, here's a book.
Let's find page 18.
Kirk Hammett--
my favorite.
Someone get me a life preserver, 'cause I wanna ride
this dream boat.
K, so--
Page 18--
Found it, line four.

Nothing tops a well crafted mojito cocktail when it comes
to making the--
That's like a little drunk Yoda right there.
That's pretty amazing.
Who did this?
Who did this to me?
Did you do it Kirk Hammett?
I bet you did.
We have so much in common.
Anyway, shoo, he's so good at flexibility.
Guys, today, my guest is Dan Dobi, who created--
the film, "Please Subscribe." I believe we actually have the
trailer from Dan's wonderful documentary for
all of you to see.
Right now, go, roll it before he says anything, go!
Look at--
-If anybody's online right now, please say yes.
-I think they still probably assume it's just like a fun
hobby that I do.
-It is so new.
I can do this for the rest of my life, because no one's done
it for the rest of their life.
-It becomes more about the game of YouTubing than the art
of making something really creative and cool.

FEMALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): This has been the only job
that I've ever had.

That looks so cool!
And here's the man behind that wonderful
documentary, Dan Dobi!
He's an excellent filmmaker, as you can probably tell, a
YouTuber and whoa, look at that hair!
DAN: Look at that hair!
GRACE: You must be from Florida originally, right?
DAN: Nope, Connecticut.
DAN: I did live in Florida though for a little bit.
GRACE: Oh, yeah, you do have a little waspiness to you.
DAN: Yeah, there you go.
GRACE: That's OK.
I have it too.
It runs in our families, literally.
Anyway Dan, thank you so much for being here!
DAN: Thanks for having me.
GRACE: Now, you created the YouTube documentary, "Please
DAN: Mm hmm.
GRACE: Can you tell us a little bit about this
DAN: Sure.
I follow around about nine YouTubers and I just go see
what their life is like.
GRACE: Cool, I'm intrigued.
Who might some of these YouTubers be?
DAN: Oh, well.
Um, Hanna Hart's in it, Mitchell Davis, SeaNanners,
GRACE: Mm hmm.
DAN: Wheezy Waiter--
GRACE: Yeah.
DAN: Um, Dan Brown--
GRACE: Mm hmm.
DAN: And you're in it too.
too, but Grace is in it!
For me!
All the rest are just letters put together to make words
that don't mean anything.
I'm in it!
That's so fun!
That's so cool!
Now, what made you want to make a
documentary about YouTubers?
What made me want to--
uh, yeah--
uh-- uh--
GRACE: Why did you make this documentary about us?
DAN: Um, well, when I started doing YouTube, it kind of
like, you know, the bug bit me pretty quickly, and I kind of
wanted to jump right into like--
GRACE: It's a nasty bug.
Well, it's a great bug.
DAN: Uh, I kind of wanted to just like, well, when I dove
into it and I started doing it, I kind of was uh--
I didn't really know too much about it.
GRACE: Yeah.
DAN: Um, and after I started learning and started doing it
and diving in, um, a lot of my friends and family were all
like, oh, what is this YouTube thing, what it's about?
And I'm like, you know what, I'm just gonna make a movie
about it, so I kind of just went around with some of my
friends and just shot them and-- yeah.
GRACE: That's awesome!
That's the thing.
There's a lot of people out there that don't know what
goes into making web video.
And because it's so new and so popular, you get to show us a
little bit more than what we get to see on the computer.
That's pretty cool!
Now for these people out here, what's the plan with this
What's happening with it?
You just gonna watch it at home, every
day, all day by yourself?
DAN: Yep.
It was first-- yeah, I was gonna like, distributive it
first online, now I'm just gonna save it for myself, so
no one gets to see it.
GRACE: Uh, you missed your chance!
DAN: That's pretty much it.
It's over.
No, um, I actually wanted this uh, to be released kind of uh,
early August, but then we wanted to kind of submit to
some film festivals, so.
GRACE: Great.
DAN: Yeah, so when you do that, you can't really release
anywhere in the world, so um, right now, we submitted to a
few film festivals--
South by Southwest, uh Sundance and a few others, so
the idea is to kind of maybe--
GRACE: You wanna pick up all those names you just dropped?
DAN: Um, so yeah, the plan is to kind of do that.
I'll go to film festivals and see what kind of
happens from there.
GRACE: Nice.
DAN: But, uh, I know the million dollar question is
when is this going to be released.
And uh, we don't know yet, but we're kind of hoping for early
February new release.
GRACE: On Valentine's Day.
DAN: Yeah!
GRACE: If you don't have a date, maybe you can have a
solo date with this movie.
DAN: Mm hmm.
GRACE: I hear it puts out.
DAN: What up?
Uh, now because Dan is an experienced filmmaker and
interneter of all sorts, I thought it'd be nice for us to
answer some of your questions about content creation--
DAN: Yeah.
GRACE: --which is what everyone that's involved in
his documentary is doing.
So let's take a comment from the YouTubes, shall we?
This is from teeheeimjack.
Jack Hee hee.
That's-- all right--
I got--
OK, it got me.
What you do when you want to start making videos, but all
you have is your crappy MacBook webcam?
Mm, this face.
What would you do?
DAN: Um, well, I'd start watching Jenna Marbles videos
and see where she came from.
I mean, she's been doing--
I don't-- has she moved on from those?
I mean, she's--
GRACE: I don't know, I heard that the--
she had a nicer camera and then she might have gone back
to a different--
I don't know, it's hard to tell.
But um, I-- yeah--
I say take uh--
advice and inspiration from people that are doing videos
with MacBooks and just start doing it with your MacBook.
I mean, not like-- not like-- do--
do videos with your MacBook.
DAN: Yeah, I mean content is at the the
end of the day, king.
GRACE: Yeah.
DAN: And I think, you know, I mean I can't really speaking
on her behalf, but one-- what I believe just
did it with her webcam--
er, on her MacBook Pro for a while, and I guess that's kind
of where it came from.
GRACE: Yeah, because ultimately, at the end of the
day, as great a production value as you have, the content
of what you're actually saying doing is more important.
So just start doing it on your MacBook.
Also, it takes so much time to develop like a voice and a
point of view on things that you want to do.
And start doing it on a crappy MacBook, and by the time you
got your shit together--
GRACE: --you can work your way up to a nicer camera and start
creating really great.
Let's take a Twitter question shall we?
This comes from Busvlogger.
Except for Facebook and Twitter, what means do you use
to get your content seen by new viewers except for
Facebook and Twitter?
I use Tumblr.
I love it.
I'm Tum t tum tum tums, tumbln all the time.
All the time, I love it.
Uh, you can get your stuff out to people.
There's also a lot of gifts on Tumblr that you can just have
an enjoyable time by yourself.
DAN: Google+ as well.
GRACE: Oh, I have not ventured into Google+.
It scares me because it seems complicated.
It seems like a woman.
DAN: I think um--
I think Google+ is more about discovering such when like
Facebook is more like see what your friends had
for dinner and stuff.
So I would go dabble in Google+, 'cause it's
definitely like--
GRACE: How's it--
OK, what-- are there still circles?
DAN: Yeah, there's circles, they're working on it.
GRACE: OK, 'cause I don't know what it--
I don't know--
I get the emails and I don't know.
Mom alert.
Mom alert.
Let's take a Twitter question.
This is from itsmacho90.
What is the best thing that has happened
to you since YouTube?
Wow, that's a big ol' question.
Um, the best thing that's happened to you since YouTube.
DAN: Well I-- is that since-- um--
like YouTube was created or is it when I started posting
videos or which one?
GRACE: Since you started using YouTube?
DAN: Oh, I've met so many cool friends, so many cool people.
DAN: No, no, I'm dead serious.
Like, I--
I-- a lot of people I hang out with now are either in the
community or like--
in the community.
GRACE: Yeah.
I totally-- we met through the community, and now we talk
like once every six months.
It's really, really fun.
Um, yeah, I agree.
I think that you get to meet a lot of people and
share points of view.
It also affords you a lot of opportunities--
to-- to work with like brands and uh-- celebrities and
events and things like that.
And you get [INAUDIBLE]
So I like going to conventions like that and
being a part of it.
When I got to Comic Con, I feel a little left out, but
when I go VidCon and Playlist--
Playlist Live, I don't.
DAN: I went to Poland last year--uh-- because of YouTube.
GRACE: What?
DAN: Yeah.
DAN: There was an event called YouStarsLIVE.
And they just--
I don't know how I was pulled, 'cause at that point I was
like a baby Tuber, but they're like, yeah you
want to go to Poland?
And at first, I was-- thought I was gonna get kidnapped, but
it was actually a really fun time.
GRACE: What did you do there?
DAN: Hung out, talked, did a panel, and drank beer.
GRACE: What?
DAN: Yeah.
GRACE: Where was my Google+ invite to this event?
I'll gladly take it.
Maybe I just don't--
I'm not using the platform right, and maybe my event's
just sitting there.
definitely-- they invited me.
Let's take another comment.
This is from henner0.
Is it OK to experiment with different things, i.e., skits,
vlogging, singings, or should you just stick to one?
DAN: I would go with the singings.
Stick with that.
The singings.
GRACE: Singings is always--
I mean, it's the glee affect--
the glees affect--
uh, yeah--
YouTube is your college.
Experiment like a crazy person that doesn't know what they
want to do with their life.
I think that's--
DAN: I would experiment for sure to see what--
see what sticks.
I know a lot of friends who do YouTube who, you know, started
singing, and then now they're doing skits and vlogs and
stuff, and some of it, I mean, you'll see what happens.
So experiment and see what sticks and then, you know,
you'll find it.
GRACE: It'll evolve over time.
It's uh--
So ultimately YouTube boils down to science really when
you just think about it-- geodes, fossils, et cetera.
Let's take another comment.
This is from [INAUDIBLE]
How long does it usually take to edit a five minute video?
Five minutes?
Ha ha.
That took me on an emotional coaster, that question.
Um, how long does it take you usually to edit
a five minute video?
DAN: It depends on what is it.
If it's like a vlog, I mean, you would think that, oh, it's
really quick, it's cutting, this and that.
But, I mean, when you shoot-- when you shoot for a five
minute video, I mean, you- sometimes I
shoot for 25 minutes.
GRACE: Mm hmm.
DAN: Um, I mean, cutting it down, I would say maybe takes
around, I mean, after you do it a bunch of times, maybe
around like 15 to 20 minutes to cut it down.
GRACE: So you're saying it takes you--
DAN: 15 to 20 minutes to maybe cut down to a 5 minute video.
GRACE: But then exporting and uploading is so long.
DAN: Oh, I mean is that what the part of the question?
GRACE: Yeah, I think it's the overall.
For me, overall, to create a five minute video that's your
average Daily Grace video, usually takes me anywhere from
conception to final upload between three and six hours.
DAN: Mm hmm.
GRACE: It depends how easy the concept is for me and how
quickly I can edit it together.
The longest portion of the whole process is really
exporting and uploading.
DAN: Mm hmm.
GRACE: It's a bitch.
DAN: Mm hmm.
GRACE: Anyway.
DAN: I misread that question.
I apologize.
I thought you were strictly referring to--
GRACE: Oh, well the actually editing process is never as
long as the exporting and uploading.
DAN: Yeah, yeah.
GRACE: Fascinating stuff, really.
DAN: Mm hmm.
GRACE: Put my monocle back where it never was.
Let's take a Twitter question.
This is from Dred Fonnelly.
If there was an apocalypse and your videos were the only
things left, what would aliens think on discovering them?
DAN: Uh, that we're all just a bunch of idiots.
GRACE: Yeah, that we're all super insecure, awkward dumb
dumbs that leave drinking and hate leaving their apartment.
That's pretty representative.
DAN: Yeah, I'd say so.
GRACE: Overall, in some ways.
Um, yeah, and that somehow we all think that mirrors are
recording devices that we're just all talking into.
Yeah, it would be weird.
It'd be really weird.
Sometimes I think if my grandparents watched my
videos, that they would think different thoughts about me
than they do right now.
DAN: Mm hmm.
That's why I block the majority of my extended family
on my Facebook, so they can't see.
GRACE: So they're not watching this right now?
DAN: No.
GRACE: Oh my god.
Then I can say anything I want about your family.
DAN: Sure.
GRACE: They're wonderful, waspy people.
DAN: Mm hmm.
GRACE: Just kidding.
They're not.
They're terrible.
Just kidding.
They're great.
DAN: Yeah.
GRACE: Let's take another question.
This is from Maladictus.
Grace, how much of your day do you spend watching other
YouTubers' videos?
Well, I spend a lot of my day now, since Time Warner messed
up my cable and now I have no television and I can't watch
"Say Yes to the Dress," or Heidi Booboo or "Chopped."
And following Alex Guarnaschelli on Twitter is
not the same as watching Chopped.
She tweeted the other day, "sardines." That's it.
That's the only thing she tweeted, and
it was not the same.
It was somewhat satisfying.
But I spend a lot of the day watching um, YouTube and
specific YouTubers.
I do it a lot, one, out of entertainment, and two, to
make sure that I'm not ripping off someone's idea.
That's like one of the--
in any creative medium, you never want to get accused of
using someone else's idea.
DAN: I watch a lot of it during lunch.
I don't like--
I mean, 'cause when I--
I usually am working when I'm eating lunch, so I usually
just will pop on to my phone and um--
GRACE: Oh, you watch on your phone.
DAN: Yeah.
Well, a good amount, yeah.
I don't watch on my phone very often.
DAN: Really?
GRACE: Yeah, sometimes I watch my own videos on my phone, but
that's for me to know and now for you to know.
DAN: Yeah.
GRACE: Let's take a Twitter question.
Hannahbob987, say brussel sprouts in a Scottish accent.
Oh, girl, oh, I don't have any Scottish.
brussel sprouts.
DAN: Brussel sprouts.
GRACE: Ha ha ha.
DAN: That was terrible.
That was terrible.
GRACE: Sorry Scotland, we offended you completely in
five seconds.
And thank you for that question.
I'm gonna try one more time.
Brussel sprouts.
That was closer-- sounds like--
sounds like a really gross, gross meal.
Anyway, it's about time for us to wrap up.
DAN: Before we go, um, I didn't tell you this, we have
a little special clip that I brought that no one's seen
before so--
GRACE: Oh my gosh, an extra sneak peek of "Please
Yeah, yes.
GRACE: Oh my gosh.
Roll that extra clip.
DAN: Yeah.
-The very first video that I ever made for YouTube was a--
was an about me for my MySpace.
And I just didn't feel like typing all
the information out.
And I realized that the camera that I was taking my MySpace
picks with, I had a function to where I could record for
five minutes at a time.
So I decided well, let's just film you talking.
- Hi, I'm Mitchell.
I just wanted to stop by and say hi and say a little bit
about me in person--
well, as much as in person that I can get
to you through here.
17 years old.
I like to draw, hang out with friends, and sit at home and
listen to music.
- Yeah, and then-- and then when it caught, it got like
100 views, I got really freaked out because I didn't
have 100 friends, so I knew that people were watching it
that I didn't know.
And I actually deleted that original channel and the video
and everything 'cause I just freaked out.
GRACE: Oh my god, look at that tiny vintage Mitchell Davis.
Wow, Mitchell Davis was also a guest here on the show, so now
he and Dan have entered the brotherhood--
DAN: Yes.
GRACE: --together.
Well guys, that's it for the show today.
Dan, thank you so much for being here and for showing us
that extra clip.
Where can these bloodthirsty trolls find you and "Please
Subscribe" on the internet?
DAN: Oh, they can find me at Twitter dot com--
or Twitter @ Daddobi.
They can find the movie at uh Twitter.com/ PleaseSubscribe.
They can find um, Facebook.com/ PleaseSubscribe.
Uh, they can do PleaseSubscribeFilm.com.
GRACE: Awesome.
That's so, so great.
Make sure you check all that stuff out guys.
And don't forget to subscribe to my damn channel right here
so you don't miss anything that we're doing
for the rest of time.
And catch me every other day of the week at
Guys, tell Beth I said hi.