The Evil Twin (전설의 고향 ) Part 2 (Eng subs)

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You dropped...
I'm sorry.
I suddenly felt something odd.
I'm sorry, because of me.
No, you don't have to.
It's all my fault, I desired what is not mine from the beginning.
I'm confused and ashamed about the way I am
which is not satisfying your memories.
I'm not a good person either.
So, give me some time.
I guess my mind has died with Hyo-jin's death.
It won't be able to revive,
but would be forgotten just like you did.
Please don't do that.
I can't stand your affliction.
I will tell my mother about the marriage.
Consider you didn't hear anything about the marriage.
- Hi, Ae-sim. - Yes.
Why are you here again?
Lady So-hyun is still like a child.
No one will scold for
these muddy cloths.
What is that mean muddy cloths?
- Mud on cloth? - It could happen,
is it can be a misdeed? Isn't that right?
- Yes. - Right.
But, Ahn was killed with mud on his cloth.
- Oh. That's right. - Isn't that true?
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
I thought I could do anything,
if I can comb your hair like this again.
Now you almost got your health back,
let's get the marriage happening.
Anyway, where did your bracelet go?
I'm trying not to sorry to Hyo-jin.
And not to think about old memories.
That's a good choice.
It's the way for Hyo-jin.
The bracelet reminds me of old memories.
Because it's the last thing Hyo-jin gave me.
- Mommy. - Mommy.
You bitch! Get out of my way!
I've been searching for you.
Bring my son back to life!
- Stop raising a disturbance! - A disturbance?
This bitch devoured my son!
Whose fault is it? Bastard!
- did Lady Hyo-jin do? - What's the problem here?
She's saying that Hyo-jin killed her son.
My son...
what are you doing now? Kick her out!
Get out of here!
Are you looking for your skirt?
I washed it.
Who told you to wash it?
Let's go to work, hurry up!
This is too silky for me.
You're beautiful enough to look good in these.
Really? Then I'll take this.
How could she show up this place?
That's what I'm saying.
She's So-hyun, people are dying because of her.
Really? People are dying because of her.
All the population is saying bad things about Hyo-jin.
They say curious things have been happening
- since she came to herself. - Stop that rash speaking!
Even I am scared of her too.
I'm sorry Hyo-jin...
You're still waiting for Hyo-jin.
This isn't safe place for a lady alone.
Hurry back to your home.
They say I am scarier.
Why didn't you let me go?
Falling down
there won't be more painful than my sadness.
I didn't mean it.
But the harder I try to do well,
the more of my precious people leaves me.
I don't know from what went wrong.
I understand your feelings.
- But... - No.
No one can never understand
how my feelings are, before one becomes me.
What should I do for you?
Can you just look at me
in front of you as the way I am?
If it's too hard...
- I told you to stop! - Please listen!
That clever bitch is trying to make us guilty.
You really.
Can't remember?
- To Hyun-sik. - We didn't do right neither.
Whatever we thought it as a prank or not,
if Hyun-sik gets to know it.
Does a dignity matters now?
Our breath of life depends on it!
Can you consider me as Hyo-jin?
Why does Madam want to postpone the marriage?
What happened?
Meet So-hyun.
Lady So-hyun.
Young Master sent you a letter.
I'll be waiting for you at a village shrine around 4:00 PM.
- Who is that woman that just left... - You don't need to know.
I'm too tired today, just go back to your room.
I know you are so distressed because of me.
And the rumor rises in the town.
This wouldn't have happened if it were Hyo-jin.
I said I'm too tired.
Yeah, you didn't care about my words anyway.
Lady So-hyun.
That's Hyo-jin.
I guess Hyo-jin is doing this.
She pretends to be a good girl to tease me.
What are you talking about? She didn't do anything.
Even you think I did all of that?
Lady So-hyun.
I'm sure she did that!
Calm down!
You go back home, I need to meet someone.
Lady So-hyun.
Your skin has holes just as if worms had eaten it.
Black sesame is the best therapy for that.
You have to stir it with a paulownia tree branch
and to maximize the effect, think in a virtuous way.
If it doesn't heal my skin, I'm gonna...
It won't get out.
The sesames went into the holes. Oh, dear.
Oh, my.
It won't get out.
This is all because of you.
You did it.
Sun-young, what's wrong?
You killed them.
What are you talking about? Don't say that.
You pretend to lose all of your memories.
And deceiving us.
No, I'm not. I didn't deceive anybody.
And I thought you're on my side.
I just liked your wicked pranks,
do you think I'm one of your friends?
What if I say that to Hyun-sik, will your face be the same as now?
Why even you treat me like this, I'm about to go insane too!
Why are you treating me like this! I'm so angry about it.
- Handle them with care. - Yes. Madam.
Where is So-hyun's?
She gave it to Ae-sim...
She sewed through the night to give it to you.
She has good skill just like you do, ma'am.
- the rumors in the town... - I know about it.
That's all her fault, not my concern.
But she's not the one to be blamed.
Then, are you saying, I'm the one to be blamed?
How could I...
where should she go
if you turn your face away from her?
From the past to now you're the only one
she can depend on.
I understand what you mean.
But even when you canceled the marriage
because it's not like it were before.
But I really don't know
whether I like So-hyun herself
or I like So-hyun who's becoming more like Hyo-jin.
Well... Sun-young said...
Yes, maybe she's right. Like she said,
to have a great success using the power of her family.
No, I mean...
Then what?
I heard Sun-young followed So-hyun and barely saved her own life.
And she thinks So-hyun harmed the others.
This joke has gone far enough!
I know you've been having a hard time because of this.
But it was all kids' mischief...
that accident is not only our fault.
Our fault was just following her as ordered.
What... do you mean?
Master, A terrible accident has happened.
Now that I left alone, I can't stand it anymore.
I know you killed them.
No. Why do you think...
Because they are one of those who knows the secret!
Not to let Hyun-sik know about it. Isn't that right?
You won that love by killing your sister.
If it's not you, a ghost did it?
Then why us? It was you who wanted kill Hyo-jin!!
Please don't...
don't kill you?
It's me to cry for quarter! Not you! You know that?
If then...
cry for it.
Now that you have taken off your mask,
But now you'll have to kill Hyun-sik too.
Because he knows about it all.
Wrong. I'm not killing you for that reason.
What? Hyun-sik know about what?
Who in the world are you?
Calm down.
If you die, all the problems will be solved
whether you did it or the ghost did it!
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry to Hyo-jin.
But do you also believe their words?
That I killed people.
I shouldn't have came to myself, I should have died.
I decided to see and believe as you are.
I've lost my bracelet, it's the last gift from Hyo-jin.
I have to go get it.
I'll get it for you, you just go straight back home.
It'll be safe from here.
He should have done it because of fear.
You bitch!
I'm sorry, Hyo-jin.
What do I have to do?
Perhaps, Hyo-jin?
Mommy, isn't this bracelet pretty?
Yes, it is really pretty.
I've lost my bracelet, that's the last gift from Hyo-jin.
Are you okay? It must hurt.
I couldn't save you in the past, but I promise to keep you this time.
What are you doing here?
Why is this bracelet here?
I don't know about it, let's get out of here.
Why did you save only me?
I wasn't be able to save both of you.
Let's get out of here first, and talk about it.
Why did you save me? Hyo-jin is too pathetic.
You are Hyo-jin.
I am sorry.
So-hyun who can't be loved, So-hyun who look after me
was too pathetic that I couldn't help choosing her at that moment
I thought it was So-hyun because of the bracelet.
How about being So-hyun?
You said you also hate Hyo-jin.
Do you enjoy being hated by others?
No, So-hyun, it's not her fault.
So-hyun, let's go.
Hyo-jin, try this on.
This is mine, give it back to me.
- This is mine - sister!
Hyo-jin, don't... I'm scared.
Mom, would you save me this time?
Mom... Mom...
Please help me. Mommy. Mom...
Please, help me.
Mommy, it's too cold.
Mommy, I'm okay.
So-hyun, mommy came too late.
Now, let Hyo-jin go.