Black Jack TV - Full Episode 59 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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A female Black Jack makes her appearance.
She's beautiful, cold-hearted, and a queen of the scalpel.
People call her "Black Queen".
We have a seriously injured patient!
All right, prepare for an amputation.
He was planning to go abroad to play soccer!
The decision is best made quickly.
His mother was very sad about it.
Will you marry me?
It's suspicious.
You want me to choose between you and my job?
Do you want your boyfriend to die?!
Black Jack, Today's Karte - Black Queen.
I'm going to fly to where you are.
I know I can spread my wings when I want to see you.
Nobody knows
when a miracle might occur,
but it feels like my wish is finally coming true.
Because there's only one place I want to go,
I gather my feelings whose colors never fade,
and now it seems I'm dreaming.
I'm living for your sake.
I will be your strength,
no matter how far apart we are.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
I will send you
the beautiful blossom of this flower.
So let's look for shooting stars.
So Freedom. So Freedom.
She's so pretty.
Is she a model? Or an actress?
But I've never seen that face.
Hey, she's walking into a hospital.
What? Critically injured?
A traffic accident?
Bruised throughout the body? And unconscious?
Yes, sir!
Is there a surgeon?
Is Dr. Kuwata from surgical around?!
Dr. Kuwata, we have a seriously injured patient from a traffic accident!
All right, I'll be right there.
It's from a traffic accident.
He's bruised throughout his body and is unconscious.
Blood pressure is at 80/50. Hearth rate is 110.
The knee joint is shattered.
Reconstruction is not possible.
Prepare for an amputation low on the femur.
Black Queen
Originally "Black Queen" by Tezuka Osamu
"In Progress"
The femur is exposed.
Set the tissue clamp.
"In Progress"
We amputated the leg to save his life.
His leg?
He was planning to go abroad to play soccer!
It has been his dream ever since he was small!
Don't feel so bad.
He is still alive.
He can return to a normal life after rehabilitation.
That patient was still young.
I feel sorry for him.
Our first priority is to save lives.
His mother was very sad about it.
Since the answer is still the same no matter how many times we think about it,
the decision is best made quickly.
Isn't that true?
That is absolutely right.
And for as long I've known you, you've always been right,
Of course, since I'm dealing with people's lives here.
Dr. Kuwata's surgery was quick again today.
Not just fast, but very accurate too.
But still, she scared me when she tossed the amputated leg like a daikon radish.
She is pretty,
but I'd never go out with her.
Don't worry, you have no chance anyway.
"Surgical Demon" is the perfect name for her.
She saws legs off without flinching.
You think she has a boyfriend?
Who knows?
I can't ever imagine the female Black Jack having a boyfriend.
Did she just say female Black Jack?
There is someone like that at this hospital?
It's none of our concern.
Let's go.
It bothers me.
Wait, Doc!
Did you wait long?
I missed you so much.
We saw each other the other day.
I want to see you every day.
What's this?
Open it.
It's beautiful!
How wonderful.
But is this...
You mean...
Will you marry me?
Or does this bother you?
Not at all!
I'm so happy.
It's so beautiful.
It's nothing compared to you.
Let's drink to our future.
You're still busy every day?
Performing surgeries?
You know, I can't imagine eating dinner so soon after chopping off arms and legs.
Don't talk about it like that.
Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
The thing is...
I didn't want to say this today...
Actually, it's not important.
What is it?
Now you made me curious.
Finish what you just started.
I hope you won't be offended by this.
When I came to visit you at the hospital the other day, I heard rumors about you.
Like what?
They weren't good ones.
Like, you are a cold-hearted queen of scalpels.
Why let them bother you?
Leave them be.
I've heard worse.
The female Black Jack...
You're the Black Queen.
I guess there's a devilish surgeon known as Black Jack.
And you're being compared to such a man!
It's disgraceful!
After we get married, would you stop the surgeries since I'll be earning money?
You want me to quit being a doctor?
No, all I ask is that you stop performing surgeries.
You could switch to internal medicine.
Rokurou, are you telling me to choose between you and my job?
If I must choose between you and my job, I'll take my job.
I'm leaving. Good bye.
Konomi! Wait!
Gimme another one.
Female Black Jack?
That's right! I'm that kind of doctor!
I'll chop them off left and right!
See, I'm Black Queen.
The Female Black Jack.
You get it?
Dr. Black Jack is one of our regulars.
He's right over there.
That's him?
Excuse me!
So you're Dr. Black Jack?
Pleasure to meet you.
I'm Kuwata Konomi.
I've picked up your name as my nickname.
What do you think?
What an honor, huh?
You're a cold-hearted demon of scalpels;
like a vampire; like Dr. Frankenstein; like a robot; like an ice person!
Are you?
Yes, perhaps.
That's funny!
Just like me.
Let's shake hands.
We're very similar.
Forget it. Why are you so drunk?
Did you make a mistake during a procedure?
Are you kidding me?
I've never ever made a mistake!
Stop picking on me!
Then why are you so upset?
Who? Me?
Yeah, right.
I'm as cool as always.
I'm the Queen of Scalpels!
Seriously, you should go home and rest.
Otherwise, you'll have a hangover tomorrow.
No need to tell me. I was about to go.
I wonder where she works.
Who knows?
What's this?
It's that drunk doctor's.
Is she a regular here?
No, it was her first time here.
Oh dear...
This looks very expensive.
Oh boy.
Welcome home, Doc!
Sniff, sniff...
I smell it.
I smell it!
What is this?
You reek of perfume.
It must just be you.
You think so?
Anyway, Pinoko, do you remember the rumor about a female Black Jack?
Do you remember which hospital that was?
Oh, that?
It was at Kaisei Hospital in the next town.
Why are you asking that?
I think I picked up something of hers.
The hospital in the next town, huh?
It's suspicious.
Did you pick up a ring that a drunk woman left at a bar?
this is your fault because you don't understand how I feel.
Where's the ring?
The engagement ring is gone!
I must have left it somewhere when I was drunk.
What should I do?
Dr. Kuwata, it's time for the operation.
Yes, I'll be right down.
Hey, I heard Dr. Black Queen actually has a boyfriend!
I didn't see that coming.
But I bet it won't go well.
That's true.
I bet the man will run away after getting tired of her cold-heartedness.
"In Progress"
Still, she has impeccable surgical skills.
I still don't want her as my girlfriend.
Commencing the operation.
We will amputate three fingers from his right hand.
Is there a problem?
That's his dominant hand.
I'd leave them on if I could,
but the result is the same no matter how many times we think about it.
We can't waste time.
Doctor, we have an emergency call!
We're in the middle of a procedure here.
Yes, but it's urgent.
What?! Rokurou has a serious injury?!
He was crushed by a crane at the construction site.
H-Hurry him to my hospital!
I'll handle this patient!
Not only are the bones shattered, but the arteries, veins, and nerves are damaged too.
There is a chance of an embolism as well.
Oh, God!
Reconstruction is impossible.
We have to amputate.
Doctor, we must treat him right now.
No, we can't! No way!
We can't cut him!
Doctor! The patient's life is in danger!
It's her boyfriend.
He is?
Do you think she'll chop her boyfriend's leg off too?
Do you think she'll do it?
I bet she will.
If she does, she's truly the devil of scalpels.
Stop! Help!
I can't!
I can't cut him.
What can I do?
Does a female surgeon work for you?
Oh, my goodness!
My hunch was right!
Doc really is taking her this ring!
Yeah, that's her.
What? She's busy right now?
I see.
What the...
I know what's going on!
What is it?
You claim that you're returning what you found to that Black Queen or whatever pretty woman doctor,
but you're actually going to go see her!
How can you tell that much?
Largo! Keep your eyes on Doc!
It's too quiet.
Only Largo is here!
He tricked me!
Useless dog!
Doctor, please decide.
Hold on.
Please, give me some time.
I know we don't have much time,
but leave me alone for a minute.
You're OK from the hangover?
You are...
You left this.
Is something wrong?
Where's all the energy from last night?
Doctor, can you tell me...
If you had a girlfriend and her life was in danger,
would you amputate her limbs, be it legs or arms, without hesitation?
I would.
Even if you cherish your girlfriend's body more than your own life?
I'm a doctor.
When a doctor makes a diagnosis, what difference does it make between a girlfriend's body and a squid's head?
You really are cold-hearted.
So it's your...
Is he in serious condition?
Then go and perform the surgery!
Go chop him up!
Don't hesitate!
Looks like I walked into a serious situation.
Dr. Kuwata,
we need to...
I know.
We're racing against time,
Do you want your boyfriend to die while you're here?
No! No!
No, I don't...
Get ready for the operation.
I'll help you,
so do it!
Commencing the operation.
We will cut at the lower femur.
What's wrong?
I can't!
I can't do this!
I'll do it for her.
We will cut open the injured section.
After reconstructing the bones,
we will reconnect the nerves,
torn tendons, and muscles.
You won't amputate?
Amputation is normally the right answer here
because most doctors would cause air embolisms.
You didn't amputate?
This is unbelievable.
It's a miracle.
I didn't do it.
It was him.
You did it.
I only helped you.
It's his birthday today, right?
It's a wonderful present for him.
Rokurou! I'm so glad!
It's so wonderful!
Good luck with your marriage.
What the heck?
It won't open.
What's going on?
You left through the window, so you can come back in through the window.
As you look at the ground uncertainly,
I gently pull your hair closer to me.
You didn't speak, but only sighed,
and wet my chest with your tears.
You longed to hear it, even if it was a lie.
but I couldn't give you the answer you wanted.
If I gave you that answer, despite my cowardice,
would we still be together?
That irregular breath my body was accustomed to,
I want to feel it one more time.
The breath of surprise when I lost everything,
and the pain that binds me every time I feel regret.
An encounter of love and missed opportunities.
Lost memories reunite the couple who once lost each other.
I can't remember my name or anything.
She has amnesia.
I'll take care of you until you get your memory back.
Where am I?
Come back!
Are you still with Ms. Sachi?
A man changes in five years.
"Sachi," like happiness.
Black Jack, Next Karte - Encounter of the Couple Who Share a Past.