Barbara Miller: Leaving A Legacy

Uploaded by pcclancer on 19.06.2011

Hi, I'm Barbara Miller.
A member of the social science department here at PCC.
I'm retiring this year, because I've worked 44 years and that's enough.
And I teach both Psychology and Sociology classes.
Oh, that's easy... its students, that stands out in your mind.
I mean, you're fond of faculty and we have great boss, Dr. Finkenbinder,
but uh... it's the student contact that I will miss.
Uhm... because I’ve been here so long, probably the biggest challenge is to
not lower grade standards, but at the same time, not have everybody flunk.
Because students were harder working uh... 30 years ago then they are now.
They have too many jobs, they're in love,
they don't dedicate themselves or focus quite so intently as students in the past.
Well... it's a dilemma because you find yourself thinking,
"I don't wanna lower standers and make it easier to get B's and A's",
but at the same time, one time, I had 40% F's in a class.
And I thought, "Ok... I think I'm using too tough a text book".
So that is one place that I did compromise in.
I started using, uh... text books that weren't so tough,
advanced vocabulary and things.
And so the failure rate then wasn't so bad.
I guess... I'm proud that I feel I've given it all I had.
I've been very conscientious about teaching
and uh... that's probably... the factor that rests in my mind,
is that I have no guilt over doing a half baked job.
Because I'm retiring, I've opened avenues that I haven’t thought of before.
I'm going to try to write a Gerontology text book,
because after teaching it 10 years, I can’t find a book I like very much.
And so, uh... I will do that.
And I'll travel and visit grandchildren.
I have 3 granddaughters in Utah.
Uh... 2 out of 3 are in college, one nursing school,
one in the University of Utah.
Then I have 2 grandsons in Manhattan Beach area, where I live
uh... that are both at Santa Barbara.
I encourage my students to keep licenses active,
because they never know when they might...
when that license might help them get a job.
I encourage them... for example, I give extra-credit if
they go out and get uh... a CPR License.
And I encourage them to stay in school because those degree's really open doors.