Blue | Ep. 11 of 12 | Feat. Julia Stiles | WIGS

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What time is it? Eleven.
How was your day? You first.
Nose to the stone. To the grindstone.
To the grindstone, that’s it.
Josh. Mhm?
How would you describe me as a mom?
How would you describe me?
Compared to what? I mean you’re the only Mom I’ve had.
No, just, come on. How do you see me?
You’re cooler than most moms. Silvia’s mom pads her bra, Silvia told me.
What else?
I don’t know, you’re cool, ok? Why are you fishing for compliments?
I’m not fishing for compliments. Come on. Be specific.
Ok, well you’re caring, patient. Involved.
You know, this is all very Blue of you. So what kind of Mom do you think you are?
I don’t know, sometimes I get overwhelmed by it all.
I feel fragile.
Maybe it’s because I’m such a nervous person.
What? Nothing.
Oh, you don’t agree with me?
What did that snake, Weston, tell you?
That “snake" Weston has your academic future in his hands, but that’s the least of your problems right now.
They’ll never kick me out, I’m his best student.
Start explaining.
Those assholes attacked me. Why?
Because they’re idiots. No, no because you called one of their moms a MILF.
I’m sorry, ok, I didn’t even know what that meant when I wrote the note.
That’s a lie. How do you know?
That’s a lie. That’s a lie. That is a lie, Josh!
It’s a lie.
What did you say to the other kid?
That he’d been given away because he came from bad sperm.
Why would you say something like that? Do better than this, Josh.
These guys, Mom, these guys walk around, no, they parade, like they’re kings, you know?
That one guy, Harry, he’s such a bragger. Oh, his dad’s an NBA referee-- you’d think he was Lebron James.
It’s not even his real dad.
That is his real dad, adopted or not, that’s his dad.
Mr. Weston said that one of these boys was gonna hit you, and you just stood there.
Yeah, what a pussy, right? Hitting someone my size.
So you were just gonna let him hit you?
I’ve been hit before. It’s not such a big deal, you fall, you get up.
What? What’re you talking about?
Stuff goes down at schools all the time, Blue.
I wish you would talk to me about this stuff, so I don’t have to hear it from your principal.
They want to put you in therapy, Josh. They might kick you out. What? Why?
How am I going to afford therapy? No, no, tell him to go screw himself.
I feel like I don’t know you as well as I think I do.
No, of course you do. Just chill.
Did I raise you to be a liar?
I didn’t lie about the stuff at school! Ok, I just didn’t mention it. What about the way you described me to Mr. Weston?
Look, it needed to be done, at the time. Ok, I apologize.
You know, you lie to me, too.
What? What do I lie to you about?
I’m not sure, but you do. About what?
I don’t know, ok? But I do know that there’s a lot of stuff about you and Grandma, and me, and... I don’t know.
Most of the time I don’t even know where you are. I always pick up the phone when you call, or I call you right back.
That’s not what I’m talking about. What are you talking about?
I don’t know!