Lyoto Machida Interview part 5 of 5

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So I understand that side too, I always try to understand, and I want to thank the fans even though I was booed
I think it was a moment of them needing to let it out, it was like an escape valve for the fans; “dude, you lost”
But that’s part of the game, a high level sport is subjected to these types of attitudes
And we as fighters, as athletes, need to understand the side of the fans, the side of the entrepreneurs, and its part of the game
So let’s talk about the opportunity for you to win back the fans. The rematch that is scheduled for the first of May
It’s going to be on UFC 111 in Canada, is that right?
That’s correct, the date could change to the 8th though if something comes up
and it’s another opportunity to show our work, our training, our techniques
And I wanted to thank the opportunity to be here with you as well in Sensei SporTV
And I hope to be back here to be part of this program that everyone is speaking highly of, it’s a big success throughout Brazil
Mauricio Shogun and Lyoto Machida are going to rematch in a five round battle again
Two great strikers, two BJJ black belts, two fighters that love to stand even though they dominate the ground game as well
Lyoto, if you’d please visualize, how is the rematch going to play out?
Look, that’s hard to say
But exercising visualization?
Visualizing this fight, I think Shogun may come more aggressive because he’s coming from a loss
I myself have to be more aggressive to be more persuasive, perhaps. So there are no doubts
So who gains with all of these are the fans, everyone out there watching and being part of this party
So I think it will be a more aggressive fight, a tougher fight, perhaps we’ll see the fight hit the ground as well
All of these are very hard to foresee but that’s the visualization I’m having right now for this fight
We hope it will be a great show in the first of May in Canada
The overtraining issue is now going to be discarded, you are resting well and will prepare yourself in your own pace for the first or eighth of May?
For sure, and in my fight against Shogun I was not over trained, I could be over trained had we fought thereafter because I’d be bringing fatigue into the fight
But now I am undergoing recovery for my surgery and its going well. I am doing all the right things so that there are no errors come fight time
Let’s talk more about the LHW division, one of the most disputed weight class in the UFC and a weight class that is being dominated by Brazilians as of late
We recently had the fight between Lil’ Nog and Banha, what did you think about Lil’ Nog’s debut?
I think he was perfect in the fight, he’s an extremely experienced fighter
he’s a guy that had also a life as an amateur boxer, he got a medal in the PanAmerican games
Rogério is a veteran, Banha is a good fighter, he’s young, he’s strong, he’s a good example of a good person
It’s hard talking about these types of fights because anyone can lose at that moment
It has more to do with experience and strategy and that’s what happened. Rogério was able to better implement his strategy
Banha is a young fighter, he was coming with a lot of will, but in our weight class the hands are heavy
so when the punch landed flush, Banha felt it and Rogério only had to complement it
Rogério was spectacular, it was a great win
He showed he deserves to be here and face other top fighters as he always had, such as in Pride
Rogério KO’d Banha, and obviously he wants to conquer the belt, which today is in your possession
This weight class has a lot of Brazilians. You have said in the past you would not fight Anderson
But how would a Lyoto vs Minotouro bout fair? Would there be such a fight?
Look, we are in the same team, and we have the same manager
So it’s hard to talk about this today where the situation is not here at the moment
But I personally would not want to face Rogério, we meet a lot and we had a few experiences in training together as well
So this develops a certain friendship, it becomes something very friendly between us
So it’s hard to talk about this right now, it’s something that does not interest me, Rogério has stated that it does not interest him either
But we get pressure, sometimes pressure from the UFC, pressure from the media, but it’s something we have discarded at the present time, we don’t even talk about that
I think there are a lot of people for me to face still. Rogério also has a lot of people he needs to face
And we need to cross that bridge if it comes to it, we will only know if the situation is presented to us
But I have no interests, I respect him a lot, he’s a friend of mine. So let’s kick the ball, let’s get other fighters in here for us to face
So, we would like to thank the presence of Lyoto Machida for this insightful interview
for coming here and also for placing our flag on top of the UFC
and for being, perhaps, the most famous Karateca in the world today. Thanks for coming Lyoto
I thank you for the opportunity to be here today, like I said this is a program that I always wanted to be a part of, and today I am having that opportunity
It’s a pleasure, and I’d like to be brought back more times to clarify and comment, hopefully I can get to comment only about victories from here on out
So all I have to say is “Oss” and wish all that is good for all of you
So, since this could not end without it: