Tarjeta de Video ASUS GTX 550 Ti 1Gb GDDR5 Direct Cu HD - Español - English Sub

Uploaded by omarberrio on 06.02.2012

Hi, I'm Omar Berrio from omarberrio.com
Today I'm going to show you
this video card, which is the ASUS with chipset nVidia Geforce GTX 550Ti
This video card have 1Gb GDDR5
It comes with factory overclock @ 910mhz
It have support for SLI, nVidia PhysX and nVidia 3d
The main feature from ASUS is the Direct Cu
this make the videocard operate with a 20% cooler then the stock
Here is the box opened... with the video card
It came with this cable which convert from Molex Cable to 6-pins PCI express
Here we have a Quick Installation Guide
..and the DVD with drivers and manual
And this quick start guide came in differents languages
It's a graphic guide, with some photos
It's intended to show how to physically install the video card
and how to attach the data cable to the monitor
in order to get the video card working
Now, let's see the video card
This is the ASUS GTX 550 Ti
As you can see, this is a double slot video card, it need two PCI Slots
The design is with a single central fan
And the DirectCu heatsink from ASUS with two heatpipes
These are going to transfer the heat from de GPU core to the heatsink
for get the GPU Cool faster
Here we have the covers that came with the card
Asus have the detail of include these plastic covers
for protect the port during the shipping
Or get full of dust when not in use
The SLI port also have a cover
In case you don-t use it will be dust free
The connections
For video Output we have full HDMI, not mini HDMI, VGA and DVI ports
On the other side is the energy connection
this is a 6-pins connection attached to the power supply
in order for the card can receive a 12V connection