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Can I tell you a secret, Séverine?
I love you more each day.
I love you too, Pierre.
You are everything to me, but...
But what?
I would like everything to be perfect.
-I feel this coldness from you. -I don't want to talk about it.
I didn't mean to upset you. I care about you so much.
What good is your care?
You can be very cruel when you wish.
I'm really sorry, Pierre.
Get out.
-Why? What's going on? -I said get out.
But why?
-Let go of me! -Come!
-Let go! -Come!
Let me go!
Do what I said.
How dare you?!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
It's not my fault. I can explain.
Come on.
You can be rough with the little tramp. Hurry!
Pierre, it's your fault too.
I'll explain. I can explain everything.
Shut up, madame. Or I'll shut you up.
I beg you to tell them to let me go!
Shut up, tramp!
Come on. Come.
Don't scream. If you do I'll kill you, you hear?
Pierre, I beg you. Please forgive me.
Pierre, please, don't let the cats out.
That's enough.
She's yours now.
-Pierre, I love you. -Go ahead.
What are you thinking?
What are you thinking about?
I'm thinking about you. About us.
We were riding on a coach.
The coach again?
Kiss me.
We have to wake up early tomorrow.
-What for? -To pack our bags.
-We're leaving? -Yes.
To where?
It's my surprise for our wedding anniversary.
Our happiness has lasted a year already.
What about work?
I don't want to think about it for a while...
and think only about you.
Yes, specially when you are here.
I wish we were always together.
No, please!
Sleep tight.
Good night.
Please forgive me.
You are so good, so understanding and I...
All right. Go to sleep.
Are you going to the party?
I don't know. Husson goes to bed at sundown.
Let him sleep and come with us.
They say it's going to snow tonight.
I'd love to see the magician. They say he's great.
I won't let him put me to sleep.
A magician is not a hypnotist. He does magic.
The hypnotist digs into your darkest secrets.
Well, I'll be going. See you later.
-Bye. -Bye.
What time is it?
Five o'clock.
You look bored. Don't let me keep you.
How can I be bored?
It's not like I'm in a church alone with the souls.
I want to say something nice to you.
I love you.
Thank you.
Your hands are so soft.
Oh, please!
Do we have to go? Husson is here.
Too late. They saw us.
What do you have against him? He's interesting.
You think so? I don't like his stares.
Let's go.
I saw you two go by before. Arm in arm.
It's always nice to see newlyweds.
That's a ridiculous greeting.
Not at all. It's beautiful, very reassuring.
Pierre, sometimes you make me feel so bad.
Men like you are very hard to find.
I'm being sincere.
Look at that. Two beautiful sights.
Why do you say that? Do you know them?
Is that all you're interested in?
Everything else is useless. A lot of wasted time.
You should take your obsession to a specialist.
His two problems are having too much money and too much time.
Don't forget hunting.
Also, I have a special weakness for the poor.
I think about them when it snows.
Without hope, without anything.
You're so attractive, Séverine.
Keep your compliments to yourself.
You're asking for the impossible.
I've been here for too long. I'm getting a headache.
-Is it cold outside? -No, it's nice.
I need some fresh air. I'll see you later, Renée.
-See you later. -Have a nice walk.
I like him, he's funny.
He's strange.
Worse than that.
Any news from Husson?
He's fine.
You're still together?
Unfortunately. Let's not talk about it.
-Do you remember Henriette? -Of course.
It seems...
It seems she's working in a whorehouse.
You heard. In a whorehouse.
It's true, several times a week.
Oh, my...
Can you believe it? Henriette!
-You must be shocked. -No.
Think about it. A woman like you and me.
Going with anybody.
In those places you don't get to pick.
You have to take everyone. Old, not old. Ugly, not ugly.
Even with someone you love there are bad moments.
With a stranger it must be horrible.
Those places still exist?
If you'll excuse me, ladies, those places do exist.
They're not like they were before the war.
Of course, there are no more red lights.
And believe me, their business is strong.
I can take you to many of them.
It's my job, you see.
Driving a cab for 20 years, I've seen everything.
I've been robbed twice, if you care to know.
And I'm still here.
What's the matter?
We're here.
These flowers arrived for you.
-Who sent them? -Mr. Husson.
Why did you put them here?
I'll go get a cloth.
It's nothing. It's just water.
What's the matter with me today?
Séverine, come fast!
Are you coming or not?
-Will you work much more? -I'm almost done.
Can I ask you a stupid question?
Go ahead.
Before you met me, did you go to those...
Not often. Why?
Are you interested?
Everything close to you interests me.
Funny, I thought they had been closed down.
Now they're clandestine.
I wonder what goes on in them.
-Listen, I have to work. -Please.
You go in, the women are there...
you pick one.
You spend half an hour with her...
and after you leave you're depressed all day.
Semen retentum venenum est!
Shut up.
Shut up. I don't want to hear anymore, please.
What's the matter?
I've never seen you like this.
What's going on?
Nothing. I'm just tired and nervous.
Go rest.
You're right.
-Can I join you? -No! No.
Yes, stay with me until I fall asleep.
You'll never grow up.
I can't hit one ball today. Replace me.
-Are you leaving? -No, I'll wait inside. See you.
-Hello, how are you? -Not bad.
We don't see much of you lately.
That's true.
See you.
Our mysterious Henriette.
The woman with two faces...
a double life. How interesting!
-Did Renée tell you? -Yes. But why?
For the money, definitely.
Most of the women that do it, do it for the money.
It's good to see you, Séverine.
I can't understand women like that.
It's the oldest profession in the world.
Today, all you have to do is make a phone call.
The women that work in these houses are rare.
It seems like you know them well.
Yes, I go there often. I like the place.
The perfume, women at your disposal.
I recall one near the Opera.
Madame Anais.
11 Cité Jean de Saumur. I have great memories.
-Are you crazy? -Don't take it seriously.
“Cute compulsion” as the English say.
I'm harmless, anyway.
Séverine, one day I'd like to see you without your husband.
I like Pierre, but it's better if he's not there.
Madame Anais. 11 Cité Jean de Saumur.
Séverine, Séverine. What's the matter with you?
What is it?
-I'd like to talk to you. -Come in.
Good morning, madame.
Good morning.
Are you in charge of...?
I'm Madame Anais.
I came to see if...
Let's go in. We'll be more at ease.
Sit down. Can I offer you anything?
No, thanks.
-Cigarette? -Thanks, I don't smoke.
Don't be afraid. Make yourself at home.
I can help you. Sit down.
You're nice and fresh. The kind they like here.
I know it's hard at first...
but we all need the money.
We split it half and half.
I have my expenses.
Thank you very much. I have to go.
It's all right. You're just nervous.
I can tell it's the first time you're working.
It's not that bad.
It's still early. The other girls aren't here yet.
You're about to lose a button.
When do you want to begin?
I don't know.
Maybe. But only in the afternoon.
I have to leave at five. I have to. Absolutely!
Two to five, no problem. Be on time.
At five you'll be free to go. I promise.
Good-bye. Excuse me.
I'll wait for you today at two.
What's the matter? Something wrong?
No, I was shopping in the neighborhood.
I just wanted to say hi.
I thought you hated hospitals.
I do. But I don't want to stay alone.
Let's have lunch together.
I can't. I'm having lunch with the boss. I told you.
-That's true but... -I'm sorry.
Don't forget we're going out with the Févrets tonight.
-Sorry to bother you. -It's no bother.
See you tonight.
I'll go home as soon as possible.
I wasn't counting on you.
You left in such a hurry this morning...
I thought I had scared you. Come in.
Put your things in here.
You'll meet the other two girls very soon.
Mathilde and Charlotte. Both very nice.
My girls have to be polite and very cheerful.
You have to enjoy your work.
Just last week I let a girl go. Very beautiful.
But she was too vulgar. Too bad.
Sit down.
What's your name?
-I don't want... -I don't want your real name.
Do you think my name is Anais?
We have to celebrate your arrival.
No, thanks, madame.
Just a bit.
We need to find you a name. Simple and cute.
Easy to remember.
Let's think together.
That's Mr. Adolphe, one of our best clients.
You'll see, he's funny.
I have an idea.
Would you like to be called “Belle de Jour”?
Belle de Jour?
Since you only come in the afternoons.
If you wish.
You look nervous.
You'll leave at five. Don't worry.
Is someone waiting for you?
A boyfriend?
A husband?
I don't want to be nosy.
Kiss me.
The girls are thirsty.
Wait for me. I'll be back.
Madame Anais!
A new girl! Are you hiding her?
Go get her, fast! Or I'll go get her myself.
You'll see, he's funny. He sells candy.
He has factories in Bordeaux.
He's a millionaire. Come.
If I don't get it every night, I can't sleep.
The other day I had a black one.
What a party!
Here is Belle de Jour!
-Hello. -Hello.
I told you to close the curtain.
Belle de Jour, join the fun. Have some champagne with us.
Anais, another round. Hurry up!
Lucky girl! Champagne on your first day!
It sounds like you already had some.
Get to know each other. I'll be right back.
Watch it!
Beautiful woman! From head to toe.
Forget it! She's too much for you.
That's exactly why.
Listen to him. He wants everything.
What a guy!
That's very nice.
But you need to wear something easy to take off.
She looks good to me in that dress.
Very classy. Just how I like them.
You promised me a present.
-I'd love a dress like that. -I'm not a millionaire, honey.
Too bad.
What a great cut.
The details are incredible.
Dressing nicely is easy with money...
-But you can't buy class. -Here is the champagne.
Good, I was feeling dry.
No, let me do that. That's a man's job.
I'm a world champion bottle opener!
How talented!
I like ham and sausage
I really like a good piece of ham
But I like even more a good pair of legs
This is what happens when it's not cold enough.
Warm champagne is like tea.
I'm sorry, I should have placed it in the freezer.
You knew I was coming.
But I didn't know Belle de Jour was coming.
To the person I care most about! Me!
And to Belle de Jour.
It's good, just a little warm.
Mathilde, I have a present for you.
I had forgotten.
-Here. -What is it?
Open and see.
Thank you.
He's funny. You never know what to expect from him.
Here's to fun! That's me! I love life, I love to have fun.
Well, Belle de Jour?
Are you sad?
What's the matter?
You'll see.
We'll be happy together. I promise.
-What's the matter with her? -Give me a minute with her.
Don't rush her. It's her first time.
-I've heard that before. -It's true, I swear.
-Who does she think she is? -She's new.
You're doing well. You already did something.
Mr. Adolphe is a simple man. Don't get worked up.
Do what he wants, that's all he asks of you.
-No, I want to leave. -What?
Do you think this is a game? Remember why you're here.
Now go.
Yes, madame. I'll go.
I'll go.
Leave her alone with me.
You need a firm hand.
Close the door.
I've sent the others away, it will be more intimate.
it seems you're new at this.
Listen to me. I have a nose for these things.
You don't fool me.
But if it's true, you shouldn't be ashamed.
Don't tell me that at your age you're still a virgin.
We'll find out soon.
Well, do I scare you?
You don't like my face?
You better get used to it, my little friend.
No, you can't do this to me.
Who do you think you are, you little slut?
You turn me on and then you take off? 404 00:33:28,473 --> 00:33:31,840 Games are fun for a while, but enough is enough.
That's more like it.
So, you like it rough?
Jack of clubs, it's my gin.
Mr. Adolphe is taking a long time.
That's normal.
Séverine, where are you? Are you ready?
There you are.
What's the matter? Something wrong?
Are you sick?
You don't have a fever.
Do you want me to call someone?
It's nothing. I fell asleep.
I had a headache.
I had an aspirin and a hot shower.
I'll feel better tomorrow. What time is it?
It's late.
I'll call the Févrets to tell them we're not going.
-You can go. -I don't think so.
I'd rather stay here.
And I have some work to do.
Sleep well. Goodnight.
How's the soup?
It's cold. It doesn't warm up.
Do bulls have names, like cats?
Sure. You could call that one Remorse.
The one behind it is Expiation.
What time is it?
Between 2 and 5 o'clock. Not later than five.
-How is your wife? -She's fine, thanks.
Where is she?
Over there. Let's go say hello.
It will be a pleasure.
-How are you, little slut? -Doing all right, bitch?
Old whore!
Tramp! Slut!
Pierre, I beg you to stop! I love you!
What do you want?
I want to...
Have your spot back and disappear suddenly...
-for a week without a word? -Forgive me, I...
This place is not for amateurs. The streets are for those.
Please, madame.
You're lucky you're dealing with me.
I know people that would throw you out without a word.
But I'm too good.
If you want to come back, I need you to be serious.
Can I count on you every day?
Yes, but only until five.
Let's go.
Hello, madame. I'm happy to see you again.
-Hello. -Hello.
Look. It's Belle de Jour. How are you?
-Fine, thanks. -You let us down.
-Why didn't you come back? -I couldn't.
-Let me help. -Thanks.
It's so cute. I want to ask you a favor.
Can I borrow it this Sunday? I'll bring it back Monday.
Listen, I hate to say no... but it would be difficult.
It's all right. You can find it at any store.
Cardin! How fancy!
Who are you?
-Was it tough coming back? -No.
I do it because of my boyfriend.
After his accident he can't work anymore.
He knows I come here.
I love him very much.
Of course, I could be a waitress...
-But how much would you make? -That's true.
The Professor will be here any minute.
I'll introduce you. You're his type.
-Who is he? -A famous gynecologist.
An international name.
He just got back from an operation in Copenhagen.
Here he is.
-Fill her in. -Yes, madame.
We need the light on.
You'll see, it's easy. If they were all like him.
I have a new girl.
You'll like her.
A little shy, perhaps. But a real aristocrat.
-Really? -Trust me.
Good, send her in.
Come in, please.
What are you doing?
Didn't they tell you? Get dressed!
Come in.
The Duchess has called me?
The Duchess is not happy with my services?
No. Not really.
-Madame Anais? -Yes, here I am.
You belong in the kitchen.
She's no good. Get me Charlotte. Hurry!
Right away.
-Charlotte? -Yes.
The Professor wants you. Hurry.
Just a second, madame. I'm getting ready.
Come in here. It isn't difficult.
Watch what Charlotte does.
And be very quiet.
Come in!
-The Duchess has called me? -Yes, Victor.
The Duchess is not happy with my services?
You're always making mistakes.
Yes, that's true. It's true, I admit it.
But the Duchess is so good, so forgiving, so beautiful.
How insolent!
Are you blind? See this? Dust everywhere.
There, there and there!
I broke a vase.
A vase? I'll break it on your head.
Victor, you're fired.
No, I beg you, Duchess, to keep me.
Keep me. I'll pay attention. I'll be careful. I swear.
-Not yet. Give me that. -Sorry.
The Duchess can punish me if she wishes.
She can beat me, but don't fire me.
What are you doing? You old man.
Nothing. I'm not doing anything.
I keep my distance.
I shouldn't tell you this. It's a secret, Duchess.
-I love you. -What?
I love you.
And now that I've told you I love you.
Walk on me. Spit and stomp on my face.
You dirty old man. You pig. I'll teach you.
But, Duchess, I love you.
Hit me harder.
Come. Someone's waiting.
Did you watch?
What do you say?
How can anyone sink so low?
You might be used to it, but I'm disgusted.
No, sir. I don't think so.
What about her?
Will she do?
What's this?
Credit card. Geisha Club.
No good here. Only cash.
All right. Go ahead.
Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.
-Did you do well today? -Yes, Mom.
-Did you behave? -Yes, Mom.
Go say hello to your aunt and show her your grades.
-Hello, Cathy. -Hello.
How are you?
Show me your report card.
Aren't you going to say hello to me?
Hello, Mathilde.
Do you want to go to the fair on Sunday?
Are you happy?
“B” in History, but an “A” in Language.
Madame Anais!
-Madame Anais! -What?
Now the Professor wants a pen.
-What's going on? -He wants a pen.
A pen?
I don't have one.
-Go upstairs, do your homework. -Yes, Mom.
That man would scare me, too.
Sometimes it must be hard.
What would you know, Pallas?
-May I, Miss? -Please do.
Thank you.
-Miss or Mrs.? -Miss.
What's your name?
Belle de Jour.
How charming.
I had a cat called “Dark Beauty”.
Do you often come here?
In spirit, every day.
Beautiful day, isn't it?
Yes, truly.
There's nothing as beautiful as the autumn sun.
The dark sun.
Dark sun?
You look very elegant.
Do you like money?
I would pay you well to come to my house.
-To your house? -Don't get me wrong.
It's for a religious ceremony.
It's very touching and important to me.
I'm old fashioned.
Death still touches me.
If you accept, I'd be a very happy man.
You're exactly the woman I look for.
I live an hour away from Paris.
Here is my card.
I'll meet you at the station.
Here. Put this on, please.
What's this all about?
You don't need to be afraid.
The girls before you would love to come again.
But the Duke is very strict about that.
Would you follow me?
This way.
This way.
I brought you some lilies.
You loved them so.
You're so beautiful.
Your skin is even fairer.
Your hair is even softer.
My beloved girl.
Your face is cold.
Do you remember how we had fun together?
We'd laugh and sing.
Now you're lying there, saying nothing.
Please, forgive me.
It wasn't my fault. I loved you so.
Your Lordship. Can I let the cats in?
Leave us alone! 636 00:54:49,052 --> 00:54:50,576 We are alone.
The doors are closed.
your eyes won't open again.
Your body is still.
Worms are eating you up.
And the smell of dead flowers...
fills the room.
Still here? What are you waiting for?
It's raining.
Get the hell out of here! Out!
Are you done?
Want me to sleep with you?
I wish you'd want to do this more often.
I will, Pierre. Give me some time.
I feel like I'm pressuring you.
Don't feel that way.
I want you more every day.
I'm not afraid anymore.
I think I understand you better.
We're getting closer.
Every day I love you more.
-Hello. -Hello.
Is the missis here?
-Who should I announce? -Mr. Husson.
Mr. Husson would like to see you.
Tell him I'm not in.
Good-bye. Thank you.
You're so beautiful, Séverine.
-Can I give you a letter? -I'd like that.
Would you accept?
There are a lot of people around.
Even better.
Do we have a deal?
-Like this? -Yes.
What are they doing?
Nothing. Fooling around. Take a look.
No, just tell me.
-He's giving her an envelope. -And now?
It has some lily seeds.
Okay. I see.
Herald Tribune!
New York Herald Tribune!
Herald Tribune!
Herald Tribune!
New York Herald Tribune!
-What floor? -Fourth, please.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Help! Help!
Don't goof up. Let's go.
Hurry up. Go.
Hippolyte! What a surprise.
Hello, Anais. Can we come in?
I suppose.
That way.
-It's Hippolyte. -The Latin guy?
I thought we had gotten rid of him?
There are two. I don't know who the other one is.
Who is this Hippolyte?
You'll find out soon. Don't trust him.
When he has money, he doesn't spare.
When he's broke, he wants it for free.
Come on, girls. All three.
-How about the little girl? -Yes, sir?
Can we kiss her yet?
I don't think so. She's still in school.
-Here they are. -Hello.
-Hello, Mr. Hippolyte. -Hello, Hippolyte.
-“Buen ganado”. -What does that mean?
-How are you? -Fine, and you?
We haven't seen you in months.
-We missed you. -Really?
Where were you?
Traveling, in New York...
on business.
Put three bottles on the ice. Good ones.
The best!
From Paris to heaven.
When I'm away what I miss the most is the champagne.
And hot ladies like you.
I brought someone, a friend.
You must treat him well.
Sure, Mr. Hippolyte.
When we're alone, I'll tell you another story.
-You'll love it. -Save your breath, honey.
-Too bad. -Nonsense...
Get off. You're heavy.
Come on.
Stop scratching. Go away.
Come here, new girl.
Leave her to me.
All right, if you wish. Go ahead, she's your age.
For less, I'd break my father's head.
But friendship first. We won't fight over a slut.
Tell me.
-Your friend is shy. -Very much so.
The champagne is cold. For everyone?
What's your name?
Belle de Jour.
What else?
That's it.
You don't trust me?
I want to know your name.
-Belle de Jour. -Why? Is this your day job?
What do you do later?
Nice boots.
Your teeth...
What happened to them?
Came out in one blow.
-Does that bother you? -No.
Then let's get to it.
-How old are you? -Twenty-three.
Does anyone take care of you?
What do you mean?
-Are you free or not? -No.
Making money? Business is good?
-Yes, but... -Don't lie.
Leave your stockings on.
A girl tried to strangle me once.
Poor girl.
If you want, I won't charge you.
That's normal.
Many girls would love to be in your place.
Are you going to tell me your name?
Or you don't talk much?
Fine with me. Girls that talk are a bore.
Not bad.
Too bad you only have two.
Let me see.
Turn around.
What's that little brown spot?
It's a birth mark.
Damn! I can't stand that!
Get dressed!
Not cold enough. As always.
-You read in English now? -Me? Not at all.
Why do you care?
“Abberfan inquiry accused...”
Take this to the room. I'll be right over.
The other one is for Marcel.
Who is your friend?
He saved my life a year ago. I love him like a son.
That's why I let him have the blonde.
-What's her story? -Who? Belle de Jour?
Yes, is she in demand?
All the time.
She's got class and...
And what?
-She's a pearl. -A pearl?
A pearl!
I thought you wanted to leave.
I'm glad I stayed.
I can tell you.
I like you.
Look at my hand.
It's still shaking.
What's this?
A scar.
-A knife wound? -Maybe.
What are you doing here?
Don't ask.
I'd like to have you till tonight, but I can't.
I like you too, Marcel.
Will you come back?
If you don't have money... not a problem.
You scare me.
Looks like you're having a good time.
I am. I would just like to go to Paris.
Why don't you tell me everything?
What you're hiding from me.
If you tell me your problem, maybe I can help.
Tell you what?
That you love someone.
-Someone else? -Yes.
That's impossible.
I suggested this vacation to see if anything held you to Paris.
I was right. You want to go back.
I always feel from you... this distance.
I never feel you close to me.
Please forgive me.
I guess it's my fault.
-So you think I don't love you. -That's what I think, yes.
I don't know how to explain.
So much of it I don't understand.
What I worry about...
has nothing to do with pleasure...
it's much more than that.
I don't expect you to believe me...
but I've never felt so close to you.
You want to go home?
I'm telling you I'm having a good time.
We can stay another week if you want.
No, we'll go back tomorrow. I must go back anyway.
See you.
Something wrong, Marcel?
I've never seen you like this.
Oh, shut up.
You're acting like an idiot. Not like a man.
How is it going?
We were expecting you Thursday.
-So? -Next time we won't wait.
-We almost didn't come today. -Really?
Money is tight.
We're sick of the two of you. You and that creep.
Don't waste your time. They're not worth it.
Forget it.
Mister, if you want to discuss, do it outside.
Shut up.
Give me the money. We know you have it.
Now, get out.
We'll talk about the little creep.
If you wish.
Bartender! Another one!
-Where are you going? -Make a phone call.
Amazing, women.
You can say that again. He's in love.
It's costing him a bundle.
But what can I do? Nothing.
Hello, Anais. It's Marcel.
Any news?
Since when?
I'll be right there.
I need a four letter word.
The second is an N.
“Enee” with two E's.
Of course, that word always comes up in crossword puzzles.
Belle, it's him. He's waiting.
Hello, how are you?
Where were you? Why did you leave?
I had to leave for a couple of days.
-I can explain. -I'll do the explaining.
And leave my signature.
Don't hit my face.
Don't touch me!
Do that one more time and you'll never see me again.
This time you got lucky.
I missed you.
I waited like an idiot.
I want to see you more often. Even at night.
I'm here every day. That's not enough?
-No. -You know I'm not free.
I don't care.
I don't understand.
I think you like me.
A lot.
But that's not enough.
You love him?
Then why are you here?
I don't know.
It's different.
I'm starving. Where should we eat?
I have no idea. We'll think of something on the way.
I won't be long. I'll be back at 3.
You've changed. I don't recognize you.
-I'm happy to see you smile. -I feel much better.
I've never seen you like this. If only...
If one day you had big news for me.
What do you mean?
You know. What I want the most. A child.
What are you looking at?
The wheelchair.
It caught my eye, I don't know why. Funny.
-It's just a wheelchair. -Yes, you're right.
It's been so long. I didn't recognize you.
Thought you forgot about us. It's been a while.
You haven't changed, though.
First door to your right.
Come on, girls. Meet an old friend.
Go. Let's go. Cheer up.
Yes, you look beautiful.
-You're flattering me. -No, I remember you well.
Sometimes I even dream about you.
I like that.
-Oh, no, sir. -Please, it's a pleasure.
Thank you.
-Good afternoon. Sit down. -Thanks.
These are Mathilde, Charlotte, and Belle de Jour.
Belle de Jour...
that's original.
Would you like a drink?
Later, later.
Nothing has changed, Anais.
Still the same warm welcome...
the same curtains.
Whatever happened to the lion tamer?
I don't know. Haven't heard from him.
And the heater is on?
-You haven't changed, either. -Look. The same chair.
I remember.
It was snowing. And that same perfume...
Always jasmine.
I hope you have some time for us.
All my life. I always have free time.
I'd like to be alone with Belle de Jour.
No, I don't want to.
Where are your manners? You will stay.
She is really nice.
A little nervous sometimes.
Are you happy?
This is no coincidence, you knew I was here.
You're wrong.
It's your fault. You gave me this address.
-Again, you're wrong. -Get any closer and I'll scream.
I'll cry for help, I'll jump out the window.
Is this your bed?
You make me sick, I already told you that.
Yes, it's my bed! What else do you want to know?!
You like being humiliated. I don't.
Don't tell Pierre.
Pierre? I admire him even more.
Please don't tell him.
Why can't you understand?
I'm lost.
I can't help it. I can't resist it.
I know I'll pay dearly.
I can't live without it.
Do as you wish with me.
Not now.
What attracted me to you was your virtue.
You were the wife of a boy scout. That's changed.
I have principles, unlike you.
But I won't tell Pierre.
I have some friends that would love to see you.
I can send them over.
They'd be good business.
Sorry I'm not up to it.
Next time, maybe.
Who knows.
Don't let me waste your time.
This isn't for you.
Get Pierre some chocolates for me.
Ready? Go! 985 01:21:16,538 --> 01:21:18,165 Ready!
-He already left? -Yes.
May I talk to you?
Go on.
-I must go. -When?
-Will you come back? -I don't think so.
Like that?
-Aren't you happy here? -Yes, but...
I understand.
It's Marcel.
He was just here, furious.
Almost kicked your door in.
It has gone too far.
He was saying you're only his.
Day and night.
Same old story with men.
You should go, you're right.
Before it gets worse. 1007 01:23:02,210 --> 01:23:04,804 But I'll be sad.
Women like you...
We got along well.
That's true.
Keep in touch. Give me a call once in a while.
It would be nice.
-Give me your address... -No.
Well, I guess that's it, then.
There is a man here to see you.
-Me? -Yes, madame.
Who is it? Do you know him?
No. But he says it's urgent.
-Did you bring the catalogue? -Yes, I did.
Sit down. Thanks, Maria.
The catalogue idea is not bad.
I like this place.
What are you doing here? Are you crazy? Go away!
Since you're not at Anais's anymore...
I thought I should pay you a visit...
see how you're doing.
-How did you find me? -Child's play.
Is this your husband?
Nice looking guy. Very nice.
Much better than me, that's for sure.
-Will you go? -Don't worry.
I won't make a scene.
I want to know why you left. That's it.
-Do you hear me? -Shut up!
The maid will hear us.
Go. He'll be home soon.
I just got here and you want me to leave?
-What do you want? -To see you again.
That's impossible. I'm not going back there.
I give you three days.
Find an excuse, doesn't matter what.
I'll meet you at the Hotel Dubois.
Fromentin St.
-You'll stay with me all night. -That's impossible.
Very well.
I'll wait for him.
-I have a lot to say to him. -You wouldn't dare.
Yes. Maybe now you'll oblige me.
It's just as well.
I was going to tell him anyway.
Sooner or later he would have found out.
A friend saw me.
It will take a load off my mind.
Fine. We'll wait for him.
We'll give him the full picture.
It could be fun.
I beg you, leave. He'll be arriving.
Don't worry.
I'm leaving.
I didn't believe you, but I understand.
He is the obstacle.
See you soon, Séverine.
-Did you see her? -Yes. Leave me the car.
-What for? -I need it.
Leave me the car and go.
What are you going to do?
Leave, I said.
This once, kid. That's it.
Where do you think you're going?
Any news?
The assassin is dead. The police have no clues.
Either he made a mistake or he went crazy.
-Was he identified? -No good news.
-He had a history. -It's strange.
-And Sérizy, how is he? -Too early to tell.
His wife is in the waiting room.
How is he?
Too early to tell, but he'll live. Relax.
-Can I see him? -No, he's still in a coma.
Maybe tomorrow.
You should go home and try to rest for a while.
We'll update you every hour. I promise.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
Come, I'll take you home. Come.
Maria is getting the newspaper.
I'll read you the news.
Maria is so nice. She likes you a lot.
Everyone's asking about you.
You're getting better.
The doctors are optimistic.
You're making a lot of progress. Especially your eyes.
It's funny, since your accident...
I haven't dreamt.
It's time for your medicine.
Mr. Husson, madame. He wants to see your husband.
I'm coming.
Hello, Séverine.
I'm sorry to bother you.
You want to see Pierre?
Just for a moment.
He doesn't speak yet.
I know. I'm sorry I couldn't come sooner.
I admire Pierre a lot, but I was out of town.
Beautiful dress.
I'd call it a precocious schoolgirl.
What do you want to tell Pierre?
All I know about you.
Now that he's paralyzed, he feels like a burden.
He's ashamed of the trouble he gives his “pure” wife.
So I decided to tell him everything.
He'll be hurt, but I'll be doing him a favor.
You can't say I'm a cruel man.
Show me in, please.
He's in there.
Would you like to witness our conversation?
Hello, Pierre.
What are you thinking about?
About you.
I'm thirsty.
-Would you like some ice? -No, don't bother.
I think I can take a few days off.
-Can we go to the mountains? -If you like.
Do you hear that?