The First Day of The First Lady's Lets Move! Anniversary Tour

Uploaded by letsmove on 14.02.2012

(sound of a jet flying)
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Sam Kass: Right now we are in Des Moines, Iowa.
We just completed the most incredible start to what will be
a great three-day tour here with over 14,000 kids who are
screaming and dancing and having a great time,
because this is the second anniversary of Let's Move!.
And what we're seeing is the country really uniting around
the health and well-being of our kids, and it was amazing.
The energy in this place was something we could never have
dreamed of, with the interlude dance, I think,
being the highlight of the whole thing.
The First Lady: Wait, I can't hear you!
Are you ready to do that?
All right then -- let's move!
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Sam Kass: So, from here, we're headed to Little Rock, Arkansas,
to an Air Force base.
And we're going there because the Department of Defense is
making an announcement about improving nutrition standards
across the entire force for the first time in 20 years.
The First Lady: I am truly proud to be here today as the Department of
Defense is making what is a groundbreaking commitment to the
health of our troops and their families.
The DOD is updating their nutritional standards to include
more fresh fruits and vegetables, more whole grains,
lean meats, low fat dairy products,
with every single meal.
This will affect more than 1,000 dining facilities and nearly 1.5
million troops.
Simply put, this is an example of America's entire military
once again stepping forward to lead by example.
Sam Kass: From there, we're going to go to Fort Worth, Texas,
to go to an Olive Garden.
Olive Garden has really stepped up in a great way to improve
their kids' menus and to make changes across their old menus
to support the health of the families who eat in
Olive Garden.
We're going to hear from families who are working both in
their homes and their communities to support the
health of kids.
The First Lady wants to hear what's been working for them,
what are still some of their challenges,
and how can we help to support their efforts in the year ahead.
We're committed to this.
The First Lady comes to this as a mom first working to try to
improve the obesity rate and turn this problem around.
And the First Lady knows that when the country comes together,
there is no stopping this country from accomplishing what
we know we need to do for our kids.
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