A Night at the Roxbury (4/7) Movie CLIP - Ugly Pathetic Losers (1998) HD

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[line ringing]
Cambi. It's your boyfriend.
Look, I need to see you.
Uh, well...
I'm at the sky bar.
Doug: We'll be right there.
I know it's nice!
That was so good!
I was focused the whole time. Let's go.
Did you guys have as good a time last night
As we did?
I had a great time, vivica.
In fact, I think we've reached a point
Where I can comfortably call you viv
And leave out the "ica."
Do you guys wanna hang out,
Or do what we did last night or...
Or eat and, uh...
Do what we did last night?
Sounds good. Ok.
Ladies, have your boarding passes ready.
Uh, ma'am, you're gonna have to check your bag.
The movie on this flight will be, uh...
I don't know. I can't think of any more.
Where's your car?
Our dad got mad, took it away.
Your dad?
Yeah. We used to work for him,
But we quit today,
So actually, we're unemployed.
You're not in business with mr. Zadir?
Oh, no! We are!
We just, you know,
Met him last night, so we will be.
So, no, but...
Especially if we ever get to see him again.
Hey, we were just kidding about the boarding passes.
You can get in.
Get away from us.
What's wrong?
You guys are a big waste of time.
Como? What?
Steve, you're a jerk-off!
Well, I'm glad you shared that with me.
It's a big step for both of us.
Consider what we did for you last night a favor.
Now do us a favor
And never talk to us again.
W-what did we do wrong? We'll change.
You can't change.
You and your brother are ugly, pathetic losers!