[EngSubs] Episode 0: Haruhi Attack (NERV vs SOS Brigade)

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(Year 20XX, Special Agency NERV)
Is that an angel?
Yeah, looks cute, don't you think?
She's my type.
This operation's prime objective will be to capture this angel.
We must capture it alive,
in any form as close to its original state as possible.
And if we fail?
You must destroy it immediately.
(Same day, North Highschool)
(SOS Brigade Clubroom)
Take a look at this.
Something weird's happening here.
Maybe it's just the computer acting up.
(Haruhi Internment Project)
I bet it's some kind of secret syndicate trying to muscle my SOS Brigade out of the way.
I won't let that happen.
SOS Brigade, move out!
Enemy attack?
We've just received this report from the battlecruiser Haruna:
"Have detected a huge, submerged object off the Kii Peninsula. Sending data."
It's been three years.
Yes. Now we know for sure...
...the angel is back.
(Episode 0: Haruhi Attack)
Aye, aye, ma'am!
Three, two, one, ignition!
The data has been analyzed.
It's an angel.
All personnel, go to level one battle station!
I for-for-forgot my...
And the Super Proton Cannon, too.
Damn! Have you ever heard of moderation?
Just don't over-do it.
You guys mess up the school or anything, you'll get suspended at the very least.
I understand.
Anyone accepting the defeat will be punished by running 10 laps around the school.
Hey Nagato.
What are you reading?
The committee is demanding that we dispatch an Evangelion.
Those pesky bastards.
I'd have mobilized it even if they hadn't asked.
Just hurry up and do it.
Roger that.
Look out, duck!
What's going on?
We've got an unidentified intruder.
Someone's hacking into the sub-computer.
Damn, not now!
Dealing with it in C-mode.
Aren't you afraid you'll break the keyboard hitting it that hard?
You are supposed to be my back-up unit.
Intruder is accessing the main security banks.
It's cracking the passcode.
Twelfth digit...
sixteenth digit...
D-code has been cracked.
It's broken into the main banks.
There are flaws in your program.
That's why I was allowed inside.
(Melchior's self-destruct sequence has been initiated.)
Commence termination of datalink.
May I?
Ok, let's do it then.
You do remember your promise, right?
You lost the game,
and as the losers, you have to swear absolute loyalty to me.
Oh, don't worry, I'll treat you nice.
I just might let you become a member of the Brigade.
That is why NERV exists.
Everything proceeded according to the scenario.
(To be continued?)
NERV got badly roughed up by the angel.
Could it really be a fortress for all mankind?
Down from the stratosphere comes Rei Ayanami,
and so it all begins.
It's the next episode: What's the Value of NERV?
Next time, I'll scissors!!