Veda(na) Ghosha Telugu Short with English Subtitles

Uploaded by godavaris on 24.08.2012

This film is inspired from a news paper article...
It is made in short span of 30 please ignore tech errors.
Godly Chant...
priest, please do the prayer for god
why did u come in half pant and nasty shirt.
U can smear some bigger vermillion on forhead
what is your gothram
I don’t sir. What is my gothram
u don’t know what is ur gothram and family tree. No idea on what to study. Cant gurantee how many marks u will secure. But, u will give dates of Chiranjeevi movie release, mumaithkhan movie release too.
Irresponsible youth, irresponsible parents in brnging them
what man. What r u praying so seriously. Whats matter
I just finished exams. Praying god for pass marks.
May god bless. U wil get good score. So well
Please pay for prayer
what is dis dear.
tip for ur prayer
how much is dis
5rs pandit ji
what for is this. What will I get with this.
How many marks do u need.
35 Marks
35marks is ur pass mark in exams. However we don’t have any pass marks in veda and sastra
We have to learn and recite all mantras and should be 100% perfect to be in the priest position
We don’t have 30 marks as cut off or cast certificate/ reservations to be in this position. how can i live with the 5rs u gave me. you should have that common sense
U came here happily. i did the prayer for you. i have recited all the mantras and
did everything in prayer for you.when i did good prayer, y cant u give some me a better tip
When some sex movie gets released, u can spare 300rs for ticket. when i scream
and shout mantras for you, u cant give me more than 5rs.
Gimme 20rs
it became a habit to demand for everything and now it started even in temple.
hey lord. Should I consider this as your grace? Right from morning to evening, till I am alive,
though I don’t understand the meaning, I am reciting ur mantras in sanskrit.
Is this what u give me? See that guy. 30 marks are enough for him. He can go abroad, jobs paying him lakhs Though i scream ur mantras from dawn to dusk they foul cry for giving 20rs to me.
People who dont even know anything have become politicians and making scams in crores of rupees. People dont point their fingers for that.
when i ask 20rs instead of 5rs, see how he is speaking. dont say that in earlier ages like tretayuga and dwaparayuga u killed demons. come between the fools like these and live for 2 days. u will know why
i am screaming now. as if the existing problems are not sufficient
I have this stammering problem. It comes whenever I am angry.
seems like someone has come. I will give the balance battering after I return.
what do u want dear.
we are looking for a suitable groom for my sister.
Please pray for finding a good brahmin guy.
Brahmin.. What qualities are u searching for.
He should be a Mtech graduate and should be a S/W prof.
why every women runs after a S/W pro. Why cant priests and pandits not suitable for marriages. Why, cant we do marriages. Are we suitable just for performing marriages and not for marrying someone? Are we are unfit for marital life? Why do u want only S/W engg..
S/W will have good salaries and also they will have more chances of going abroad. Also
my sister looks stunningly beautiful. S/W prof are handsome.
Do u think they have good salaries? They don’t have a guranteed jobs. During recession times, S/W prof made circumbulances around the temple and fell on my feet for prayers. Do you know it.
Coming to America chances, Now a days in all America, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and almost every country has the temples and inviting us abroad. Even we are travelling abroad for doing pujas and reciting vedas.
U should know. Also u should make a point that travelling to America alone is not a prestigeous issue. In the whole India, atleast in Andhra, it doenot matter if that guy is a minister or from a well to do family. he will bow before that lord and next on the priest feet.
What else did u said. S/W pro look handsome?
Do you know this fact? With in 2years, al of them, have tummies just like a women in
9 month of delivery. They hang their bellies out everyday. Even they get tummy and bald head before 30years of their age. I look much better than them.
not only that. Though we have a pigtail on head, as per sastra, decorated with some flower for name sake but we look very decent.
Listen to one more thing I say. U should think of getting your sister marriage done with a nice and good guy but should have constraint that u want only a guy in a particular profession. Do u understand what I am telling.
Did it reach your brain
Do this prayer. I don’t need your advise.
No matter whatever I say, u people never change.
They need to get marraied. They need a grrom. They need only brahmin but need only a S/W Engg
They don’t need priests or pandits. Priests and Pandits are unfit for marriages, he feel.
Are u listening to me. Are ur ears working properly.
Take dis dear. Get ur sister marriage done only with S/W engg. Bless her and send her to America. Do u understand. Get her married only to a S/W engg. Others are unfit to marry her. Now u can go.
Need only S/W engg.
What mistake did I do? Is it a mistake to take birth as a brahmin. Wont I get married until I change name to Samuel Sarma Shiek Singh. Do I need to have all religions in my name
Just to get marraied. Don’t I get married ever? What is this curse ? I am just asking you to explain
U have two wives when u r fat as Lord Ganesha. U have two wives when u r sleeping adisesha. U still have two wives though you smear ash as lord shiva. But why I am left like lord vaman who is unmarried in his life. Why don’t I get a partner. Why don’t women marry brahmin priests.
What sins we did? We keep reciting ur mantras from morning till evening.
This is not just my prob. All brahmin priests in the Andhra state are raising this issue. Why don’t we priests unfit for marriage. We always stay at ur feet.
Anyways, it not your mistake. Its my grand father who said that there is no world except your feet and he forced me to become a priest. I should kick him first.
Anyways. Leave what has happened. I should have some miracle in my life by this evening. Else I don’t believe in your existence.
Bless me Pandit.
What do you want?
Seems like you are a vedic scholar. I heard the priets profession is good. Even I want to learn mantras to become a priest. Can u recommend me some good vedic school which is nearby.