MasterChef US Season 3 Episode 5

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(Announcer) Previously on Masterchef,
Felix captured the judges' attention
in the first mystery box of the competition.
(Gordon) That was one of the best dishes we've ever seen.
(Announcer) Ryan stopped at nothing in his battle to survive.
My duck worked out much better than her duck.
I mean, you guy can't eat raw duck.
Samantha, you're leaving the chef competition.
(Announcer) In the end, Frank and David
were recognized for their risottos...
Making them team captains for the next challenge.
(Gordon) Frank and David have a huge advantage
in the next stage of the competition.
(Announcer) And another Masterchef hopeful was sent packing.
The person leaving is Dave Mack.
One Dave down, the other one to go.
He's a cancer to any team. I've never seen anybody
with such an infectious negative energy.
(Announcer) Now, the remaining 16 home cooks
are about to jump into the trenches...
I need more pork on this grill right now!
(Announcer) For a challenge on a scale like no other.
(Man) Here come the troops.
(Announcer) And one more contestant's dream
of becoming America's next Masterchef... Come on, come on.
(Announcer) Will come to a bitter end.
(Gordon) The person leaving Masterchef is...
Sorry to say...
[Bird screeches]
[Dramatic music]
♪ ♪
(Announcer) The remaining 16 home cooks are about to face
their first Masterchef team challenge.
What the hell's going on? Like, what's this all about?
I'm just absolutely clueless at this point.
[Rotors roaring]
Whoo! [Chuckles]
I hear the propeller noise, I feel the dust, the wind.
I feel like I'm in the middle of a hurricane.
[Shouts and cries]
It is the most intense feeling on the planet.
My heart was beating so fast,
I thought I was gonna have a heart attack.
(Announcer) The helicopters belong to U.S. marines
who are on training maneuvers,
and our remaining 16 contestants will be cooking for them
in this extraordinary challenge.
(Monti) The choppers land, and out of the choppers come
the three judges.
[Cheers and applause]
The judges looked really silly,
especially Joe in his suit with that hard hat on.
[Cheers and applause]
(Gordon) Welcome! It's my honor to introduce you
to colonel Steve weintraub. Sir.
Ladies and gentlemen, you're at one of the largest
marine corps facilities in the country.
On behalf of the United States marine corps,
good luck today in your challenge.
[Cheers and applause]
I can read between the lines, and this one, I know we're gonna
be feeding a lot of... A lot of military dudes.
Troops, in two hours from now,
all of you are gonna be ambushed
by 201 marines. Oh, yes.
Your mission is to send them back to training
with full stomachs.
We have to cook for 201 marines, okay,
who have been out in the field
for who knows how many days.
They're gonna be mob hungry.
And you won't be in a fancy kitchen.
Take a look.
We are literally in the trenches today.
(Gordon) Okay, here are the rules of engagement.
Each marine will eat an entree from the Red Team,
and an entree from the Blue Team.
They'll indicate their favorite
by lining up behind the team they think is the best.
The losing team will face their very first
Masterchef pressure test.
Got it? All: Yes, chef.
Good. Frank and David, you two had the best dishes
in the last challenge.
So both of you are team captains.
Time to pick your teams.
Come and stand next to me, please.
Hands down, I wanna be on team Frank
because I want to destroy David,
and I want him out of this competition.
Before you tell me who it is, I need to know why.
I'm looking for people that can stand on their station
and take control.
So Becky. Becky.
(Gordon) Becky, take your apron, please,
and come line up over there.
Being a good leader is being able to pick people
that are better than you so you don't have to work as hard.
Becky's super smart
and she tends to take charge in the kitchen.
So it's a very, very strategic move. Frank.
Well, I think this person's already proved themself
in the kitchen... they don't really fold under pressure.
Felix. [Applause]
Josh. Let's go, baby.
Scott. (Gordon) Scott. Wow.
Next person? It's Mike.
Thank you, brother.
Stacey. Stacey. Wow.
I do not want to be on David Martinez's team.
He has no idea how to talk to people,
and I wouldn't want to have to take orders
from a guy like that.
I really respect the way that this person
approaches what they do in the kitchen.
I would like to pick Helene.
[Cheers and applause]
The guy has a lot of knowledge,
um, he's got a lot of skill in the kitchen.
Tali. Yeah. (Gordon) Tali.
(Tali) I'm happy to be on Frank's team.
Honestly, I think he's a better leader than Dave.
(Gordon) Okay, six left. Three each.
I'd like to see Ryan on my team next.
(Gordon) Wow, wow, wow. Wow.
Tanya. Tanya.
(Gordon) David, you're picking for both teams,
because, whoever you don't pick, of course,
will be on Frank's team.
(Monti) It's gonna be between me and Christine.
I really feel like people underestimate my ability
in this competition,
so I knew I was gonna be in the very bottom pick.
I think they'll be a really good team member,
a really good addition to my team,
and I'd like to invite Monti to join the Red Team.
(Gordon) Christine. Yes, chef.
Did you expect to be last pick?
You know, I have a disadvantage, and there's limitations,
so it wasn't a surprise to me at all.
Being last pick, I want to prove that
I am more than capable.
The last thing I want to do is get in the way of a victory.
I'm actually happy to have Christine on my team.
I know that Christine has the ability
to be prepared for a challenge.
Red Team, Blue Team, are you ready?
All: Yes, chef!
Your time starts... Now.
(Announcer) In this team challenge,
each team must prepare a meal for 201 marines.
The entree must include at least one protein, one starch,
and one vegetable, or they automatically will lose the vote
to the other team.
All right, so here's how we're gonna do it...
My roots are Italian, and in four minutes
I gotta make a decision what I'm gonna make?
It's probably gonna be what I know, and that's Italian food.
Who doesn't love pasta salad?
I'm thinking of a summer giambotta,
which is basically like a bunch of different
summer vegetables, pasta.
We'll throw some friggin' mozzarella in there,
it'll be beautiful. We'll spice the chicken
with our spice grill over here... We'll get it on the grill.
I think that we should make barbecue chicken.
All-American, down to earth.
But I went with his decision
because I trust him as a team Captain.
(Frank) All right, let's do it. Go, blue!
All: Go, blue! Let's do it.
(Announcer) While the Blue Team, under Frank, is going Italian,
the Red Team have decided on an American classic.
We're serving pork.
Becky, I'm gonna need you
to get on some barbecue sauce.
The potatoes we still need to figure out.
I want to give these guys nice and hearty food.
It's a cold day out. One, two, three... All: Win!
(Joe) I like the idea of the Red Team dish.
I like a pork chop with a barbecue sauce,
you know, smothered, heavy, good food.
I just don't think they've given themselves enough time
to cook it.
By deciding to cook whole pork chops,
they've forced themselves to be cooking into the serving period.
(Gordon) Yes. (Joe) High risk.
I think the giambotta is a nice-idea pasta.
But I don't think marines know what giambotta is,
nor do they care.
(Graham) It's too froufrou . Nobody wants that right now.
I think that versus barbecue sauce?
Yeah, I got you. No way.
(Gordon) 55 minutes gone, just over an hour to go.
(Announcer) While the Red Team struggles to get organized,
on the Blue Team's grill,
Michael is already experiencing problems.
Michael, what do you got going on?
I'm grilling the onions and the mushrooms right now.
Yeah, I didn't see the mushrooms get seasoned, oiled, anything.
They just got thrown on the grill.
I don't mean to throw Christine under the bus,
but she prepped 'em.
These are gonna turn black as tar. So...
(Michael) Uh, yeah, well...
So it's Christine's fault?
I'm cooking the mushrooms... Yeah, but, if you...
If, like, someone gives you something done wrong,
at least, as part of the team, you would tell somebody, right?
I wasn't aware that the mushrooms were that...
You wanna eat that crap?
Michael Chen's having a hard time grilling.
I look over at his face... Pure fear.
You've got these veggies going over to the grill,
but they're unseasoned.
You've got these dry onions
that are just getting burned over here.
He's not taking responsibility for it,
but if that's the way you want to roll, that's it.
Good luck, guys. All right.
You're not seasoning them, Mike?
There's no seasoning on them at all.
Oh, my God.
(Announcer) With just 45 minutes before
201 hungry marines invade to eat lunch,
Michael is making a mess of the vegetables
for the Blue Team's chicken and pasta dish.
(Joe) The grill man is a little inexperienced,
and he's showing some weakness here,
so I would really get someone strong.
Like, this is somebody that could maybe, you know,
be better used to chop something.
We're gonna switch this up.
You're gonna start chopping this stuff up,
and Tali's gonna take over on the grill.
Hey, Mike, just stand back here.
(Gordon) Just under ten minutes to go.
(Announcer) While the blue team keeps their pace,
the Red Team is fighting to overcome a lack of direction
from team leader David. We need to get those potatoes on.
Is that all the potatoes you've got?
No, we've got four more pots.
No, but any more on the grill?
We can get more on the grill right now. Yeah.
David, how are we gonna get
201 portions of potatoes roasted?
We have to dump out half this water.
Listen, the only way we're gonna get this to boil
is if we have a little bit of water.
David, at this point,
has lost control of the team.
He's not giving clear enough direction,
so I start kind of telling people what to do.
You guys, I need more pork on this grill, like right now!
Seriously. Right now. Right now!
Come on! Just over five minutes to go.
[Dramatic music]
(Gordon) Here they come, guys!
Blue Team, Red Team, stand back.
(Graham) Here come the troops.
(Stacey) The marines come in from all directions,
and we've got the number... We know, 201.
But really, seeing 'em there is a whole other story.
I mean, it's chaos.
(Announcer) With seconds before service begins,
Gordon spots a fatal error on the Red Team.
Oh, my God, the pork's raw. The pork's raw. David!
Sir. David!
Urgently! I cannot believe this.
That is not [Bleep] cooked pork!
Get it back on the grill!
The soldiers are gonna come through in a minute here,
and so I need to get as many of these pieces
of these pieces cooked off as possible. I'm freaking out.
(Announcer) The Red Team have mere moments left
to try and salvage their under-cooked pork
while the Blue Team appears to have everything under control.
We're ready to serve. Yup. We're ready? Oh, we're ready?
(Gordon) Red Team, Blue Team,
ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four,
three, two, one.
Let's go, guys.
Marines, it's an absolute honor
to have the privilege to cook for you today.
Come and eat. Let's go, let's go! Hoo-wah!
(Gordon) Let's go, guys. Frank.
I hope we have enough pasta, man. What?
I really hope we have enough pasta.
I swear to God, you do not serve raw pork to a marine.
Yes, sir. Double check that they're all cooked.
These are Kansas City style grilled pork chops
with cheesy ♪ potatoes ♪
Potatoes. Yes, sir.
Frank, you're gonna have to tell me
if I'm dropping it over their tray.
Make sure, okay? I put Christine up front to serve
because I wanted to make sure
that she's doing something productive.
To the right, to the right. To the right, to the right?
Yep. Thank you, sir.
(Frank) This is a pasta with grilled summer vegetables
and a grilled chicken breast.
I'm gonna help you with chicken, honey. Okay.
On the right again. There ya go.
I end up in the serving line serving the chicken breasts.
I'm stressed because it's awkward.
I have to basically reach out and feel for the tray,
and feel which side is empty, and that's where I leave it.
But it is a little difficult,
and it's hard to execute that quickly.
(Announcer) While Blue Team's Christine is running low on confidence,
the Red Team is running low on... food.
(Man) I'm gonna need more pork!
Thank you guys so much for your service.
Do we have any more potatoes ready?
They are not cooked. These are raw.
More potatoes. We're out of potatoes!
I'm really upset at this point.
We're gonna run out of food. This is not good at all.
All we have on our plate is Cole slaw... not okay.
So sorry, guys.
How we doing, guys?
Which one do you like better? I like the red.
The red?
How about you? Okay. Blue, sir.
Blue style. Love the chicken. I love it, love it, love it.
Only thing about the pasta is
that I'm not really big on the vegetables.
All right, so are you gonna be a critic
after you get out of the marines?
Are you hungry? All right, man. Yes, sir!
I'm giving two scoops of pasta to each one of the marines.
I'm looking at the line,
I'm seeing there's a lot of people.
But I got a lot of pasta,
I wanna make sure these guys are, you know, they're full.
But little by little, this pot of pasta sauce
is dwindling down.
More pasta!
At this point, I'm getting real worried.
Who likes the Red Team's pork on this table?
I like the pork chop. You like the pork chop.
Why, is it a little more hearty?
What's wrong? Let me see that.
That's raw. Uh-oh.
I'm gonna take this back and I'm gonna get you another tray
with a cooked pork chop, because this is unacceptable.
Okay? All right.
David! You got it raw. This is raw.
You're gonna kill somebody. Oh, no, no, no. No, no, no, no.
This is completely raw. No, no.
We gotta fix this.
I gotta get another one back. They're [Bleep] hungry.
All right, guys... Red Team, come here!
Red Team... come here! Stop!
That's what we're serving... To the bloody marines!
I was so invested in serving these marines
2-inch-thick pork chops, and it's completely my fault
that we're going down in flames right now.
Get a grip and wake up! [Bleep]!
(Announcer) Both teams have been cooking frantically
for over two hours,
but with half the marines left to serve
and no meat ready,
the Red Team needs to devise a way
of fast-tracking their pork chops.
Is this one cooked? If I go back there...
(Gordon) No, look... no [Bleep] Miles away! No!
(Woman) We need more chops, you guys. We're down to two chops.
Mike, pound the chop out. Do something!
The line is stopped.
Cowboy Mike's back there with, like, two skillets,
banging the crap out of these pork chops
to get 'em thinner so we can cook 'em on the grill.
I just need to get these stupid things
cooked all the way through so they're edible
so they can serve them to the marines.
Let's start cooking them on this side too, okay? Please.
This is saving us. Keep pounding. Keep pounding.
I apologize.
Can you just get to cooking some stuff?
I'm so sorry. We can apologize.
(Gordon) It's getting embarrassing. I mean,
I've told David, "man up, get organized." Yeah.
Helene, please, how are you on pork?
Do you need more pork?
(Gordon) But look at Becky . Becky's now coordinating it.
Becky's now running the Red Team.
The girls have taken over the Red Team. Absolutely.
So this is the story of unlikely heroes.
You have Monti... More potatoes, please!
You have Becky up front, who stepped up to the plate.
(Gordon) She's got a system going.
Yeah. Who would have thought?
She's taking over and protecting her station. Wow.
More pasta.
I'm just trying to keep 'em fed, man, I'm trying.
We should have had all four burners going
the whole entire time and had it done.
I'm not sure why it came together at the last second.
But we're doing the best we can.
If we can't get pasta out to these troops,
then there's no starch,
and we're not compting the mission.
That's not good.
I see the line. Maybe there's 20, 25 people left.
We re-dress the pasta, we get it ready to go,
and I'm just hoping that I make it.
You guys are doing awesome, man.
Thank you guys for saving me.
Yeah, go.
Everyone voting red at this table, hands up.
Don't be shy.
Come on, I see a half hand here.
All right, and blue?
Wow, even Steven. 4-4.
We'll see how it ends. Thanks, guys.
(Announcer) As both teams get back on track,
that last of the 201 marines gets served.
Hi, guys.
Thank you guys so much for your service.
You're amazing. Who's your money on?
Oh, I think that Red Team's gonna win it.
I think at the end of the day, it's based on the dish.
I think the Blue Team has better flavors.
I think it's a risk, their dish,
but I'm gonna count on these marines...
Have a sophisticated palate... I'm going blue.
Right now, for me, I'm undecided.
It could go either way.
I need pork chops. Two, now!
There's, like, two marines left in line.
I feel kind of ashamed that we didn't do a better job,
but we finished strong.
Hi, how are you today?
Spicy grilled chicken for you.
We're done, guys.
Good job, brother. Thank you so much, Frank.
We are all super excited, we're super proud of each other.
I'm proud of my team. I've never worked with people
that worked so coherently before.
(David) At this point, I think it can go either way.
I'm hoping that the meal was substantial enough,
but they left the decision up to the marines,
so I don't really know what's gonna happen.
(Announcer) As the hungry marines finish their plates,
the question remains... Will Becky's barbecue sauce
be enough to make up for the Red Team's
sometimes raw pork chops,
or will the marines favor the Blue Team's less hearty,
but fully cooked chicken and pasta?
(Gordon) Marines, it's been an absolute honor
to have the privilege to cook for you today.
I'd like to invite you all to stand up
in oneig line, please. Straight down. Thank you.
If ever there was a time to flashy a nip... ladies...
I'm not doing that. Dude, shut up.
Ryan is telling me to "show them your nipples.
It'll get us more votes."
Jesus [Bleep]... Have some [Bleep] respect, man.
I'm just kidding.
(Gordon) If you prefer the Red Team's menu,
two giant steps this direction.
If you prefer the Blue Team, two steps this direction.
Let's go, blue!
[Indistinct shouts]
How do you like that pasta?
[All shouting]
(Gordon) On the count of three.
We don't know the count at this point.
I'm thinking we have this in the bag.
As long as these troops liked our food,
we have this in the bag.
(Gordon) Stay where you are, we're gonna have to take a count.
Frank's a strong chef,
he's a strong competitor, he's a good leader.
It's gonna come down to the wire.
There's a lot of people in that line.
I'm super nervous about what's gonna happen.
At this point, I don't know. It's a toss-up.
I hear that the Red Team had a really beautiful-looking plate.
And, you know, the fact that they have pork chops
and party fare like that with potatoes.
I'm, like, mmm, that's an all-American meal.
(Gordon) Okay, marines,
the winning entree...
To the Red Team!
[Cheering] [Bleep]
Go, marines!
(Announcer) So the Red Team wins by just 16 votes.
(David) At the end of the day, it doesn't matter
how you get the job done as long as the job gets done.
Had a lot of chaos in the kitchen,
but it's a good feeling. Everybody loves a winner.
Blue Team, you will face a very daunting pressure test
where, at minimum, one of you
will be leaving the Masterchef competition.
Frank's dish was a terrible idea.
I mean, he was playing to his strengths
and that's Italian food, and that's not what
the soldiers, apparently, like to eat.
A lot of people on my team at this point feel upset.
I personally felt responsible because
we picked the wrong food.
You're feeding American troops barbecued pork chops,
potato, and Cole slaw... It's hard to beat that.
I'm feeling disappointed in myself.
And to think that I have to go into a pressure test
after what I already feel was a pressure test,
I'm just really, really stressed out,
and I'm feeling overwhelmed.
(Announcer) After losing the first team challenge,
the home cooks from the Blue Team
await a pressure test, where at least one contestant
will be sent home.
I think our team was better. Hands down. Yeah.
I just think that they picked the protein that resonated. That's it.
I don't think we deserve to be in this pressure test.
But at the end of the day, it did come down
to what those troops decided.
So we had to take those licks.
They made a barbecue sauce from scratch for their pork.
That's totally, like, American. Totally.
We did a great job, but don't expect any sympathy
from anybody, or any kind of praise
when we go in there... We lost.
We made great food, it just wasn't the right kind of food
for the clientele.
And it sucks to know someone's gotta go home.
In the end, there's only one Masterchef,
and we're gonna all be fighting for our lives.
We're not this anymore. Unfortunately,
now we're back to our little, individual selves
fighting for our spot.
A pressure test is the death sentence.
It is living hell.
It is what Satan himself would fear.
Yesterday you competed in your very first team challenge.
While the Red Team are safe up in the gallery,
Blue Team, you'll now have to face
your very first pressure test.
At least one of you will be leaving Masterchef tonight.
Usually, the entire team
will be competing in this pressure test.
But today, one of you will get to sit it out.
And the person who gets a pass
will be decided by your team Captain.
Frank... who do you think
should be saved from today's pressure test?
This is a ridiculous decision.
If you can, choose yourself.
Why would I choose myself, chef?
I got us here.
I'm the one that needs to be cooking.
Think about it.
Well, chef, there'one person
that had recommended macaroni and cheese
and barbecued chicken, and I think th
if we would have went that way, we definitely would be
standing up there, not down here.
So I'm gonna have to say Felix.
No, I want to cook.
Are you 100% positive that you want to stay
and compete?
Frank, who's next?
Well, I'm gonna have to say Scott, then.
I'm cooking.
Guys... You're acting like martyrs.
(Tali) I can't believe Scott and Felix threw away an opportunity,
a golden ticket, to be saved.
They are idiots.
Frank, pick again.
Um... Stacey is somebody that deserves
another shot in this kitchen.
I'm gonna feel like such an [Bleep] if I go up there.
(Gordon) Stacey, are you joining
the balcony, or are you staying?
I'm so sorry.
I'll take the pass, chef.
Say good-bye to your team.
All right, your pressure test today
is about the most American of desserts.
Delicious... humble...
Apple pie.
A stunning crust of pastry on top.
An immaculate, firm, crisp base underneath.
Delicious apples in the center.
Baking is not my forte at all.
Visually, I'm at a disadvantage.
But I know I still need to put that pie together
and make it look aesthetically pleasing.
So I'm thinking this is my night I'm going home.
At your stations you will find all the basics
for great apple pie.
(Graham) Guys, there's also additional ingredients,
should you choose to use them
to differentiate your pie from everyone else's.
(Gordon) You have an hour and 15 minutes to cook one amazing apple pie.
Your time starts... now.
(Announcer) In this pressure test, each home cook
will be judged on the filling, the crust,
and the overall baking technique of their apple pie.
I've made about eight apple pies in the last three months,
so I'm feeling confident
I'm gonna knock this one out of the Park.
There's not really a tradition of the pie
in Chinese culture.
I might be at a bit of a disadvantage.
But at the same time, I know the chemistry behind it,
and I feel like it's gonna be a great pie.
Don't underestimate the simplicity of apple pie.
For me, the most important is the perfect pastry.
(Graham) Everything's about keeping that butter cold
so that it remains flaky and doesn't melt.
(Gordon) That pastry has got to be made, put together,
and then in the fridge to set.
Right. Meanwhile, it's in the fridge cooling,
you're cooking your apples.
You have to understand your apples.
(Joe) How much sugar, how much acidity...
It's all about chemistry.
There's a lot... A lot of technique
we're asking for here.
All right, Frank. Tough start to a pressure test.
It's very tough. Not easy.
Never made a, uh... Apple pie before.
The filling, the apples,
what are you going to flavor them with?
I got a little nutmeg, a little bit of cinnamon.
I just want to keep it simple it the filling.
Do you wish now you'd taken that pass and gone upstairs?
No, I couldn't just pick myself.
I want to win this competition with some integrity.
Good luck.
Oh, [Bleep]. Cindy, did I cut myself?
- Am I bleeding? - Medic.
Michael, how we doing?
Are you incorporating cheese into your crust?
I'm sprinkling it on top to kind of hold the top crust together
and give it a little bit of saltiness.
I know that apples and cheddar
is a pretty classic combination.
Hi, Christine. Keep working. Hi, Joe.
In a baking dish, are you at a disadvantage
when food goes in the oven? Yes, definitely.
I'm gonna have to rely on Cindy
to tell me the color of the crust
and then just try to time it. Of course.
So I'm definitely nervous about that.
Who's going home? Uh, I honestly think
it's probably gonna be me.
Based on what we've seen
so early on in this pressure test,
Michael is a weak candidate.
Right here, right? Yeah.
(Joe) I don't know about Christine.
With food in the oven, she's at a major disadvantage.
But the thing is, she does know how to cook,
and she knows how to season.
So if those apples are delicious,
then that's half the battle.
Okay, guys, we are just under 40 minutes to go. Oh, God.
Everyone's pie should probably be hitting the oven around now.
Scotty, how we doing? Hey, Graham.
I'm actually a little nervous, Graham, to tell you the truth.
I'm really worried about my dough,
and I don't know how to recover it,
I am clumping like crazy.
Right now, all I can do is try to recover my ass off
to try to keep going forward. Absolutely.
It's not chilled. The butter's warm.
I keep trying to salvage it, and I realize it's done, it's gone.
The only thing I can do is scrap this over,
try to make another little batch, try again.
(Gordon) Michael Chen has just put
a coating of cheese on his apple pie.
He's literally putting it on top so it looks like a taco.
He may as well have baked his apron into the pie.
(Gordon) Unbelievable.
Just over 13 minutes to go,
everybody's pie should be in the oven.
(Joe) We're gonna be eating some raw pie, my friends.
I broke?
There's no way. I just don't have any more flour.
- Felix, do you have extra flour? - Here you go.
(Christine) Thank you. This is a disaster.
Please get your apple pies in the oven.
(Announcer) In this pressure test, seven of the home cooks
from the losing team are baking apple pies
to keep themselves in the competition.
We're gonna be eating some raw pie, my friend.
Cindy, you know what time point my pie went in?
I just need to get that crust golden.
The hard thing about baking, with my vision loss,
is I can't really taste it midway through
like I can with cooking other things.
What is the color of the crust? Right now,
it's like a game of luck, and that's really scary.
(Gordon) Get that in the [Bleep] oven.
Get it in there, Scotty. Get it in there.
Next time, when you get a pass, if you're here long enough,
do me a favor, take it. Yes, chef.
Yes, chef.
(Gordon) Last three minutes. Make this count.
I'm making sure the bottom doesn't burn.
Come on, pie.
Please start cooking faster.
This could be the most important 60 seconds
of your Masterchef existence.
(Scott) My crust would not form,
so what I ended up doing is just breaking
the thinnest pieces I could off
and sort of making a shaved crust effect.
(Gordon) Ten, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four,
three, two, one, and stop!
That was a great job, you guys. [Applause]
Right. Time to taste.
Frank, first up. Let's go.
(Announcer) All three judges will taste each home cook's apple pie.
And once the tasting is completed,
at least one person will be sent home.
I put some walnuts, I put some pecans in the flour
for the crust.
I thought a small ratio would add a little texture and flavor.
I want to hear that crisp freshness of that pastry.
I wanna hear it too, chef. Good.
Is it there? It's a little bit there.
Come on, let's see it.
That looks beautiful.
The pastry's literally crumbling in my fingers.
You've never cooked an apple pie before?
I swear to God I never cooked one.
Oh, I hope it tastes good, man.
It's absolutely delicious.
Yeah! (Man) All right!
You redeemed yourself. Well done.
Thank you so much. Great job.
It's really delicious.
The crust is extremely flaky. Awesome.
And the apples are melt in your mouth.
Oh, man.
Good job. Thank you.
It's, um...
It's got a lot of finesse. Cool.
You might have baked your way into the next phase
of this competition, my friend.
Good job. Thank you.
Great job. Well done. Thanks, guys.
Everything is riding on this one apple pie.
It could cost me this competition and send me home.
Tell me about your pie.
I wanted to do a play on a carameled apple.
I threw in some pecans and walnuts,
tossed the apples in that, and baked it.
The apples seem a little bit firm,
which would say what? That they're undercooked.
That they're undercooked.
It's a pasty white crust with undercooked,
over-seasoned apples,
an abundance of nuts that really don't have
a place in there, as far as I'm concerned.
Just really not very good.
What's the seasoning on the apples?
Um, cinnamon, cayenne, nutmeg.
This is a soggy mess.
I'm sorry to tell you this,
but this is your worst dish
you've ever cooked in this competition so far.
It's like my worst nightmare is coming true.
And I don't want to be done here.
No part of me wants to be done here.
(Graham) All right, Tali, let's go
I put in brown sugar, a little simple syrup,
some calvados, cinnamon, nutmeg, and some cardamom.
So the crust looks actually cooked Kinda thick.
Like there's no one home on the inside.
That was my bad.
I should have put more apples in it.
All right, please come forward, Felix.
How are you? I'm good.
I did a caramel, and I did a candy-ginger as well.
I am pleased with how it looks,
but I'm not sure how the inside's gonna be.
Visually, it looks like you ran and grabbed it
out of a professional kitchen and brought it back.
But... the proof is in the pie.
It's not as sweet as I thought it was gonna be.
The outside is so beautiful, but the inside, unfortunately,
doesn't take it over the top.
Thank you.
Okay, Michael?
I'm feeling pretty good walking my pie up.
While it may not be the best out of the best pies,
it's definitely gonna keep me safe from elimination today.
(Joe) What in God's good earth inspired you
to cover your apple pie with cheese?
I think that it sets me apart a little bit,
and I think it also helps give the top of the pie
a different texture.
It's definitely got a little crunch to it.
Of course, that's from the cheese.
It's watery, the cheese flavor is completely dry and crusty.
There's no bottom crust.
You'll be back at school soon.
I want to get rid of that horrible, murky bathwater first.
What is all that?
It's the butter and the brown sugar
and the apple juices.
It's like someone's the bed.
It's raw.
It's a mess. It's not an apple pie.
Scott. Let's go.
This is the longest, hardest,
and most embarrassing walk.
If my head was any lower, it'd be scraping the ground.
I don't even know where to start.
What in the [Bleep] is that?
A disaster... A crust gone wrong twice,
and an attempt at a recovery.
Tell me that I've got something in there
that actually tastes like the inside of an apple pie.
I believe you do.
The apples are delicious,
but you've got to balance the tartness right.
And there's no liquid at the bottom.
But you screwed the pastry.
Yes, chef.
The filling's great.
It would have been nicer with a bottom. Agreed.
Christine, let's go, please. Yes, chef.
(Christine) I'm really worried.
I'm not even sure if the bottom crust cooked all the way.
I had no idea what the pie was like on the inside.
That's really scary.
I feel like I need a miracle,
but honestly, I-I think I'm going to be going home.
(Announcer) The judges have tasted six of the seven apple pies
made for this pressure test.
Christine has the last pie to be tasted
before the judges decide who will be sent home.
How are you, Christine?
I'm all right, chef. Okay.
First of all, I've never seen you that flustered.
And then, with barely 18 minutes to go,
you still were not in the oven with your apple pie.
What the hell is going on?
Honestly, chef, there's just no excuse.
I just was flustered,
and I'm not experienced with making pie at all,
so there's just really no excuse.
What do you think this pie looks like?
I think it probably looks like a pile of rubbish.
Visually, it looks stunning.
It's got a nice, crisp, dark brown color on the edge.
Thank you, chef.
The sugar has almost glazed the pastry,
and it looks as delicious as Frank's.
So stop doubting yourself.
Be bold.
Yes, chef. Okay?
The pie underneath... The pastry looks cooked.
Can you hear that on top? Yes, chef.
What does that sound like to you?
It sounds good and crusty. Good and crusty.
So stop feeling upset with yourself. Okay?
You've got to start believing in yourself more.
Okay? Come on.
Come on.
Hear that? Yes, chef.
There's not a soggy patch on there.
That's all the way around. Okay?
Can you hear that?
On the balcony, you can hear that, right?
Yes, chef. Yes, chef.
And it's intact.
Right in front of your very eyes,
I have a wedge... Oh, thank God.
Of a beautiful apple pie.
And the flavor...
The flavor's amazing.
Okay? It's delicious.
So well done, okay?
Congratulations. Really good job.
All of you, please come down to the front.
[Dramatic music]
♪ ♪
That was a very tough pressure test.
75 minutes to make one of the most famous desserts
anywhere in the world...
A humble apple pie.
Frank, Christine, Felix, and Tali,
step forward, please. Thank you.
You all made pies that were good enough
to keep you in the competition.
Congratulations. Join the balcony, please.
Thank you, chef.
(Gordon) Michael. Yes, chef.
You went overboard with the cheese.
Yes, chef... you misinterpreted the classic apple pie.
Tanya, big disaster.
Your apple pie was like the shock factor for all of us.
Scott, I didn't think an apple pie would beat you.
I didn't honestly think something as simple
and as delicious as that would get the better of you.
Tanya, step forward, please.
I-I-I... I don't wanna go home.
You've made it to the last 15.
[Crying] Get a grip, Tanya.
Get a grip.
Michael, Scott, only one of you
is staying in this competition tonight.
I made quite a few small mistakes,
but I really feel like Scott made
a much worse dish than I did.
This is insane.
I can't believe that I chose to stay
and actually do the pressure test.
And now I might be going home.
The person leaving Masterchef...
I'm sorry to say...
Come up here, young man. 19 years of age.
You have a great future in food.
Well done. Come on.
(Graham) You should be really proud.
(Joe) Well done, buddy.
(Gordon) Please take your apron off, place it over your station.
And keep that head up high.
I came here because I wanted to prove
that I have what it takes to be a great chef.
You know, I just didn't expect to be going home so early.
I'm proud of the things I was able to do
all the way up until this challenge.
Congratulations on one of the most confident yeses ever
really? In this competition. Well done.
(Michael) It's been a great ride and a great experience,
and I'm very thankful for that.
And I wouldn't trade that for anything.
you've been down here twice now.
Yeah? Trust me, the third time here
will not be lucky for you.
Back upstairs. Yes, chef.
I have another chance, and I just know
I have absolutely zero margin for error going forward.
(Announcer) Tomorrow night on Masterchef...
Ooh! Oh, my [Bleep] God!
(Announcer) The home cooks face the most shocking mystery box yet.
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