Marisa Peer tells you why your diet is failing

Uploaded by MarisaPeer1 on 13.03.2011

Hi I’m Marisa Peer, you might not know this but the number one reason that diets fail
is because people do not have portable food. It starts with the greatest of intentions,
go to work, run late, eat at a vending machine. If you want to take control of your weight
you must, must, must have portable food. Fifty years ago, a minor didn’t go down at mine
shaft to pop up at lunch time and get his food from a café or take out. Parents with
babies always take portable food with them. And it is simple, this is my bag that I keep
in the boot of my car, but if I had an office I keep it in my desk or my locker. So it’s
very simple, I have in there some sweet corn, some olives, a can of tuna fish, some nuts
and seeds. And if I’m running out during the day I know that I can take with me an
avocado or an orange, an apple or maybe some tomatoes, and I have enough food to make a
really fantastic healthy lunch wherever I am. So all you literally have to have is one
can of fish, one can of sweet corn, some olives, some nuts and seeds and take with you some
fruits and now you have got perfect portable food and you never ever have to break your
diet. So I recommend having a little bag like this in your car, in your desk, in your locker,
and you’ll never break your diet again. Thank you for listening.