Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Garden Glove Hanger

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This is just a fun way to hang your garden gloves or garden tools. You're going to need
a wooden spoon, going to want to paint the bowl of the spoon yellow, the back side of
the bowl. I like to paint the whole spoon. And point the stem green. When you're finished
painting it especially if you're using a craft glue that's for children, you're going to
need to seal it. You can just take a paint brush and brush on something like Modge Podge
or some form of sealant and let it dry. When it's completely dry, you're going to want
to design your petals. Now I choose to make petals that are falling down and expose the
middle of the flower. You might want to make petals all the way around. In that case, you
could make petals that were semi circular. You want to draw the bowl of your spoon on
a piece of paper and then draw your petals. Make them anyway you want. And when you're
finished, cut them out and put them on your felt. I choose pink. You choose any color
you want. Put them on your felt, outline them with a fine line marker and then cut out the
felt. When your down cutting out all your pieces, you want to lay them around your spoon
the way you want them before your glue them on. Once you have them all laid on, then you
want to glue them on. I like to use a tacky glue when I'm using felt or fabric because
it seems to adhere better and soak in to the product and you're going to have a better
seal on it. When you're finished with that, you're going to want to place your bead and
your skewer. So you want to use a very fine bit on your drill. Make sure you have it some
place where you can drill through it and not hurt anything beneath it. Find where you want
to put it, set your drill bit and drill through. Try not to take your drill bill off when you
do it. And then put your skewer in. When you skewer is in all the way, take your scissors
and clip it off, put your bead on, drop some glue down into that and you can even glue
around your skewer first and put it in. That's going to be something that's going to be more
secure and hold it better than if you just glued the bead on. Then you're ready to embellish
this part of your spoon. I used these little shell buttons but you can use little beads
or anything you want. And then I also used my marker to make the dots on it but you could
use a very fine paint brush and some black paint as well. Once your product is finished
and dry this way, then you're going to need to hang it. Now for something that's going
to hold something a little bit heavy like gloves or a tool, I would want to put in one
of these little screw eyes. As you put it in, you screw it down at an angle, it won't
stick our very much further than your bowl. So it will hang well on your wall and it will
also be a little bit more secure. But you can also take a loop of ribbon, that's probably long enough right there, clip
it off, cut it off. And then use your hot glue and put a bead of glue on the ribbon
and also turn it over then and put that glue right there on your spoon. And then take your
skewer or something, press it down so that the glue is really secure there. Again, if
you have painted something, the ribbon may not hold as well with the hot glue as the
skewer. So if it's very light, a ribbon is a great way to hang it but if it's going to
be holding something a little bit heavier, you might want to put one of these screw eyes
in it. So when you're all done, you're ready to hang, you're ready to hang your garden
gloves or a garden tool on your little flower.