Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends : Christmas Gifts for Girlfriends: Espresso

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hi, my name is Cat Tiffin and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm here to talk to you about
what kind of gifts you should be getting for your girlfriend or significant other this
holiday season. Back again talking about holiday gift ideas. My fiance loves coffee, loves
it, can not get enough of it. Probably spends way too much money drinking coffee out of
the house. There is things to invest in a coffee machine or a espresso maker to make
her own. Like to spend 3,8,4,10 dollars a day on coffee. I think a good gift for her
this season is going to be a coffee maker. What more to the point a espresso coffee maker
combo. I have been pricing them in most places around town are going to be offering a discount
of some kind cause it is the holidays. Just like automobiles and certain computers, they
do get new models in. Who is cares if she gets a 07 or a 06 she is not going to be checking,
you know checking it in somewhere and have it oh well he got you the 06 version. They
always got a extra knob for some thing on the thing for the thing. It seems to milk
.02 seconds faster. Not her concern. These cups someone makes his own latte and they
are phenomenal. They get these cups at a the store, they look professional, nice little
map of the world, little end. You get those and a espresso maker with some good beans
that you can pick up at most discount stores around town. You know where I'm talking about.
Maybe you want to go to a coffee like espresso store. Maybe a really nice coffee shop that
actually grinds it own beans or sell them whole and you can actually grind them up yourselves.
These are all good gifts and it is something that would keep on giving. She can enjoy it,
she saves money, you know it adds a little something to her day and every time she uses
it, every time she makes some coffee or latter or a triple espresso it is going to make her
feel like you really care about her.