Mahabharat - Episode 30

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l am a poet
l can view reality from all sides
l am a mirror
But people have forgotten to look into the mirror
Which is why they can't see reality properly
Which is why they wish to define it...
...add footnotes to it... they can understand reality
However, this is not essential for me
l am narrating the story of Mahabharat...
...not explaining it since you have to understand it
lf l were Fate l would have tried to explain
l am the path of Action...
...which is why there is no need to explain
Shakuni conspired with Purochan... embark on a successful scheme
Even Duryodhan and Karna were included
No other comment is necessary...
...on this conspiracy
l am not Shakuni's path of Action alone
There are others on this path
So, listen to the tale but do not add footnotes
lt was decided that Yuddhistir go to Varnavat
But that was not enough for Shakuni
He has called the Pandavas a five-pronged weapon
The point is:
What of the other four brothers and Kunti?
Come sons of Gandhari
l have never seen you scratching your beard
What's the matter?
There was no need for that to this day
The matter is serious
Very serious indeed!
lf Yuddhistir goes to Varnavat alone... will get nothing
But how to send the other four with him?
lf Kunti, too, goes with them...
...that will be best
You are worrying unnecessarily
Let Yuddhistir burn first...
...then we will find ways... eliminate the other four
You do not know Vidur
He will guess immediately...
...and go to your Grandsire...
...who will in turn ask your father:
What is going on Dhritirashtra?
The well-planned game will be spoilt
lf you want to attack in the dark... it with great caution
Should l talk to mother?
When will you grow up Duryodhan?
Your mother should know nothing of this
Let her eyes remain closed
Her closed eyes inspire me
Duryodhan has always...
...worried me Kunti
He is large-hearted
He will even give his life if need be...
...but he cannot mix well
But Yuddhistir seems to have taught him this
No sister
Water cannot be divided by a stick
My sons are no different from your sons
They are streams of the same river
They had to meet some day
Sister l am very happy
Duryodhan has built such a huge place...
...for Yuddhistir in Varnavat
May God grant them a long life...
...and may their love increase
Duryodhan can never be so loving
Do not doubt your brother's love, Bhim
l know that
But remember, he was the one...
...who poisoned me and threw me in the river
Bhim is right
l will not let you go to Varnavat alone
You have still not understood Duryodhan
What is there to understand?
What is his advantage in building a house for me?
There is one
He knows you will be the king soon
The treasury will no longer be in his hands
He is using the treasury for his benefit
What will he do after you become king?
He knows he will be dependent on you
This is a way to keep you happy
There may be some other scheme
God knows what scheme he has cooked up...
...with uncle Shakuni and Karna
lf they could prevent you...
...from becoming king they would do so
He's not the king yet
That's why you should not go there alone
l, too, wish to...
...take all of you along so that we can enjoy
But we will need mother's permission
Sahadev you tell her
She listens to you
Let's take mother along
Then we will have real fun
Besides, if she is not there...
...who will feed Bhim?
You, too, have started teasing me about food
No brother!
When you eat, l feel satisfied
Don't be suspicious about Duryodhan
He is arrogant but not a coward
He will fight but will never scheme
Arrogance is a coward's shield
Please come
Sit my sons
What is this discussion?
Who's a coward? What shield?
Nothing. Just passing time
Sahadev has suggested...
...that we all go to Varnavat
That's a good idea
l did not like your going alone
But will it be right for me to accompany you?
What are you saying?
lf you don't go, l will not go
lf l don't go, no one will go
Mother you must come
Okay. l'll come
The Pandavas could not understand...
...the trap laid with cunning
They accepted unquestioningly and with love...
...Duryodhan's treacherous love
My respects!
-When did you return? -Now
Anything special?
You'll have to decide that
Okay. Tell me
Purochan has built a superb house
But no one knows why he bought...
...butter, oil, fats, wax and shellac
Butter, oil, fats, wax, wood shavings...
Don't talk about this
-Yes -Go now
Yes sir
Fats, oil, wax...
Tell me, dear Duryodhan...
...when are the Pandavas going to Varnavat?
The travel plans are being decided
After that, we will find an auspicious time
The Crown Prince is here
l'll bring him in myself
How Duryodhan has changed
At one time he would not even talk about them
Now he has gone to receive him
l appreciate the change in him
Come brother
My respects
Live long, my son
Come sit here
Sit Prince
My son
When do you leave for Varnavat?
l have a request on that matter
Do you wish to cancel the visit?
-ln that case... -No, no
How can l hesitate to obey an order...
...from my Elder Father?
What's the problem, my son?
There's no problem
l wanted to ask you if l could...
...take my mother and four brothers with me
There's no need to take permission for this
Do take them. The youngsters will enjoy
And mother must be going because...
...if she does not...
...who will arrange for Bhim's food
Control your quicksilver tongue
You should not talk like this about your brother
So what should l do?
Do take them along with you
Duryodhan's happiness...
...knew no bounds
The Pandavas had themselves...
...walked into the trap
Come Vidur
l had come to meet the Crown Prince
Nakul told me he has gone to meet the king
Don't call him Prince. Hen is like your son
l like to call him Prince
l would be happier to call him King
Allow me to leave now
l'll ask him to see you when he returns
No, l'll come and see him again
My respects
Wasn't your uncle looking worried?
To worry is his nature
All ministers look worried
Hail King of Gandhar
What's the news?
Vidur was in his office in the morning
After lunch, he went to the Crown Prince
But he had gone... meet the King
Do you know what Vidur wanted?
No, my lord
Victory to you Uncle!
Uncle you are really great today
You may go
The first rule of politics is:
After entering a room, do not speak unless... make sure you can speak or not
But he was only our spy Uncle
Who else could it be? Anyway, let it be!
Tell me what makes you so happy?
You, too, will be happy
Yuddhistir is taking his brothers to Varnavat
You are hiding something
Even Mother Kunti is going with them
How did you perform this miracle?
l did nothing, Uncle
Brother himself wanted it
l only agreed with him
Agreeing is an important part of Politics...
...particularly if it is in our interest
When are they leaving for Varnavat?
When the moment is right
But l now feel that...
...Fate is on our side
Fate! On our side?
Only cowards depend on fate
You just watch me play the game
l can control even my dice
Now l'll see what Grandsire...
...and Vidur can do
My respects Aunt
lt's you Prince!
l am like your son
Does it mean that a Crown Prince... any less than a son
Princes are not sacrificed...
...for a son but sons are sacrificed...
...for a Prince
Who can beat you or Uncle at debate?
Where is Uncle?
The King called him about your travel
When he came to me, l was with the King
Now when l am here, he has gone to the King
l will come again
My respects
Wait for sometime, my son
We have to leave at sunrise
l cannot wait now but...
...l'll come tomorrow to pay my respects
May you live long
My respects Uncle
May you live long
l was returning from the king so l came here
l had gone to see you
Aunt told me you had to see the King
Arrangements for your travel have to be made
Prince Duryodhan and the King of Gandhar are here
At this time?
Come my child
My respects, Vidur
-Greetings -Our respects
May you live long
l am indeed very lucky
l was just telling Duryodhan...
...that l had not seen Vidur in months
-How are you? -Well
Please sit, Uncle
Of course, we have come here to sit
l heard that you are leaving at sunrise
Yes, Uncle
May your travel be safe and comfortable
This is the season of blossoming flowers
When the flowers blossom it seems as if...
...the forest is on fire
lt is a very pretty sight
Tell me which animal need not fear...
...a forest fire
Tell me Duryodhan
Who could it be?
Who indeed?
You tell me Bhim
Yes, Uncle
Fire is his favorite because... is cooked on it
Do not tease Bhim, Duryodhan
But no one has yet answered me
Who is secure in a forest fire?
Only the rat remains secure because...
...he is in the rat hole
That's an intelligent answer
l must leave now
-So soon? -Yes
They will have to leave early
-Okay -Our respects
We, too, must leave now
No, Uncle. Please sit
lf you insist we'll have to sit
Besides, you are going tomorrow
How about a game of dice?
Yes, yes let's play
Our respects
May you live long
Duryodhan, you came here pretty early
Yes, Grandsire
He has not gone home as yet
l do not understand
Duryodhan came here last night...
...and has been here ever since
We were playing dice and Duryodhan lost
Yes. l lost all night
May you be happy
May you have grandchildren
Before entering a new house...
...look out for the exit first
Look after your younger brothers
See that they do not stray
Keep a watch on the roads. Come
As you wish!
What are you doing?
What's the problem?
Have you ever heard Uncle speak anything meaningless?
No. He is particular about words
He measures every word he speaks
He speaks only what is essential...
...and needed
Remember last night...
...when he blessed us for our travel...
...why did he talk of blossoms?
His exact words were:
This is the season of blossoming flowers
When the flowers blossom... seems as if the forest is on fire
...this is the season
Don't we know that?
Had anyone else said this l would not...
...think about it
l think he was trying to tell us something
He was warning us
Remember his words:
After the talk of the forest fire...
...why did he have to add...
...who is secure in a forest fire?
He asked Duryodhan this question
Okay, let's follow up on this
A question is first asked to the youngest
Then why did he ask Duryodhan?
But that fool could not answer
Duryodhan's face fell when...
...Brother said that only a rat could... secure in his hole
Even Uncle Shakuni was all praise for the answer
The rat stays in a hole
Yes of course
That's the point
Why did he talk of a forest fire... state this simple truth
Was he warning us against a forest fire?
What if we keep sleeping...
...and fire surrounds us?
From tonight, we will not sleep at once
One of us will stay guard
But we are on a pleasure trip
But Uncle was warning us against a fire
He did not agree that...
...we are on a pleasure trip
Long live Queen Kunti
Come! Come!
You are welcome
l have named this house 'Shivam'
Very appropriate
l hope you will all be comfortable here
l hope you like this place
How can a house built by you... unsuitable?
Next to Vishwakarma... are the best architect
Come sit
My room is next to the main door
Do call me if you need me
You are a respected person, Purochan
People will line up at the main door
Your room should have been at the back... that you are not disturbed
No trouble at all
lt is an honor to serve you
l'll take your leave now
Understand the essence...
...when you enter the house
Think well and understand...
...Vidur's veiled message
You are right
The house does not have a back door
l thought as much!
Which is why Uncle spoke about the rat...
...who stays secure in a forest fire
We, too, should dig a hole...
...because this house will surely be set on fire
Let's fight it out
Why live under such circumstances
Why would Uncle talk about a rat-hole?
Until Uncle Shakuni believes
...we are dead...
...we will not find out...
...what he really wants
Purochan should not realize that...
...we know all this
Let him be happy that...
...we are trapped here
We will stay alert at nights...
...but go out during the day... if we are unaware
l wish l could really thrash...
...Purochan and teach him a lesson
We should attack when...
...there is no other alternative
lt is also strategic to keep a low profile
Let the enemy think...
...that his plot is successful
We will need an experienced miner to dig the hole
Where will we get a reliable miner here?
lf Uncle fears...
...that all of us...
...are to be burned alive in the house...
...then he will also send a miner
Greetings Prince
What is so special about this rat?
lt is an expert at digging holes
Who stays secure in a forest fire?
Only a rat can stay secure
How's uncle?
The miner had not brought a rat in the trap
lt was symbolic of Vidur's Ethics
The path of victory can also...
...pass from under the ground
Treachery does not befit brave men...
...but it is essential... confide in only trusted people
Vidur sent a message through the miner:
This man stands before you... as efficient as this rat... digging a tunnel for you to escape
You should escape quietly and...
...allow the conspirators to think...
...that they are successful
Their success will make them unwary...
...and you can get out of their reach
This is the only path to your success
So, order the miner... start his work...
...while you sit back comfortably
Stay awake for a few more days
After that the Prince will reward you
Be cautious
Anything can happen
Tell the King of Gandhar that all is well
As you order
Stay awake
lf you are unhappy about the administration
Or if there is any other problem...
...l'll tell the King about it
Meeting you has solved our problems
-Hail Prince -What's it?
The Chief Bodyguard wishes to see you
We don't have any enemies here
Why has Duryodhan sent bodyguards?
Okay. Send him
As you wish
My respects
-What's it? -l am here to protect you
Why do we need bodyguards...
...within the limits of Hastinapur?
l only obey orders
l know! l know!
You obey orders but...
...there is no need to present yourself... point out that we cannot leave without you
You may go!
As you wish
Anyone there?
Yes sir
Have my brothers returned?
Not yet, sir
My respects
Can l help?
Will you allow me to help in war?
You have made your point
But can't l help in some way?
One false stroke and you will ruin everything
Vidur has said...
...the future of the nation is on this tunnel
lf l am successful, Hastinapur remains
lf not, all is lost
You have seen how much...
...time has been lost in conversation
That is what we are short of: Time
My apologies
Do your duty...
...while there is still Time
Once Time has passed...
...there is no use repenting