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Hello and welcome to Freshly Served, the healthy vegan cooking show. Iím Heather and tonight
weíre gonna make a teriyaki stir fry which Iím gonna use some Japanese vegetables such
as Japanese eggplant.
If none of you have seen this before, itís a bit lighter color than your regular eggplant
and you can also see itís a bit skinnier and usually longer. So thereís a Japanese
Iíve also got some shiitake mushrooms which you know look like a mushroom and Iím using
some greens and this napa cabbage or sui choy has been in the store for a last little bit,
it seems to be in season. You can use any type of Chinese or Asian greens that you wished.
Sorry I was simply saying weíre doing Japanese didnít I.
Anyway, you can find all kind of different ones if you have a Chinatown or Chinese grocery
store in your area. Bok choy, sui choy any kind of green, whatever you want, itís all
Before getting into the vegetables Iím gonna start with the sauce for our stir fry and
Iím gonna start some ginger. Now ginger Iím gonna grate and juice which is one of my favorite
way to do ginger because then you donít get a big bite full of ginger.
And to grate it, Iím using this grater which has teeth but no holes so what itís gonna
do is catch all of the pulps of the ginger so that I can juice it and there is no need
to take the skin off of this ginger. You can just grate it right like that then once you
get your ginger fully grated, take all of the pulp over to the side and then all you
do is squeeze it and the juices will run right out in all their glory.
So ginger is the starting point for our sauce in a sauce pot because we are going to heat
this, next Iím going to add tamari which is soy sauce. Tamari is usually naturally
fermented which is why I use it. If you have a soy sauce that said it is naturally fermented,
go for it. I think itís just a name.
Ok! Sesame oil, this is toasted sesame oil, very strong flavor so you only need a bit
of it and then Iíve got mirin which is a rice wine for cooking, a little bit of that.
Proportions of these are in the recipe if you want to go check that out HealthyVeganRecipes.net.
I just got this brown rice vinegar, I talk a lot about it but I never actually use it
because I usually use apple cider vinegar so I thought today I might actually use some
brown rice vinegar but I havenít open it so give me a sec.
Alright! I got it open and for those of you who are lucky enough to shop at my grocery
store, this is organic brown rice vinegar so it is possible to find this stuff. I get
my sesame oil, my tamari and my brown rice vinegar from a company called New World Natural
Foods which are in Canada and it says right at the back, naturally fermented lightly filtered
so I know that itís not as processed as some of the others.
Lightly filtered is not a big deal for me. Ok! So letís see if I got everything? Iíve
got ginger, tamari, mirin, toasted sesame oil, some vinegar, Iím gonna add a little
pinch of chilli, not too much! Thatís stuff is really powerful so be careful if youíre
not a fan of the spicy.
And last but not least for teriyaki sauce you do need some form of sweetener, Iíve
got the last little bit of my bottle of brown rice syrup that Iím gonna put in there. You
donít need much but what it does is creates a bit of a glazed and thatís how the teriyaki
sauce get a little bit thick.
And it does help to counteract the acidity of the other things so what we shall do put
a lid on this pot, put it on the burner and just put it on medium low. Iíve had about
4, 409F. So while that simmers, weíll gonna give it about five minutes by that point weíll
be ready, weíll be going with this so donít need to worry about that too much.
You want to chopped up all of your vegetables before you start going with the stir fry and
so Iíll start chopping my vegetables Iíve got like I said I got my eggplant, the shiitake,
Iíve got my greens washed and Iíve got some green onion.
Oh! And I was also gonna put some seaweed in here so I got some wakame and what I do
with that is Iím just gonna put it in a little dish and put some water and Iíll show you
when Iíll get it going. Here it is in its dry state, very tiny. Iíll add some water,
when you see at the end itís totally different.
Alright! Veggies are chopped, I keep them separate on the bark so theyíre gonna go
in the wok one at the time allowing them each a bit of time to cook before adding the next.
Sauce is on the back, starting to get a little bit warm so Iíve turned it down to simmer
and it is ready to go so some untoasted sesame oil not the flavorful kind. You can also use
olive oil if you donít have sesame oil that is going to go into my very hot wok.
And you really do not need a lot that was about a teaspoon or less. Iím gonna start
with the shiitake which in Chinese medicine have all kind of healing properties and as
soon as they go in start to stir. Ok? You wanna give them a bit of time to cook and
then add the eggplant then the greens, then the green onions. Keep stirring the whole
time hence stir fry.
So in stir fry you just got to keep stirring because of the high heat we donít want the
vegetables sitting around getting burned. This is why you have to cut it up beforehand;
you donít have time to be chopping your veggies while you stir them.
Also some of you might be thinking when I started ìwhat a pretty big wok you have thereî
ìwell yes it is!î reason being good to have a lot of room. I also have the tendency to
throw things around so a lot of my stir fry will wind up flying across the kitchen. I
simply grab it and bring it back to the wok.
Now, finish things off with a sprinkle of salt, stir that through and the final stage
of the cooking process is a light steam and what we do for that is just take a little
bit of water, pour it down the side of the wok here, that was probably about a tablespoon
of water, it will evaporate and as it evaporate it steams these vegetables so that they finish
their cooking process.
Ok! All it takes is a minute but as soon as that water evaporates these are done. So you
can turned off the heat, you can take it off the heat, Iím gonna leave it on just for
a minute more while I get the sauce in here. A beautiful teriyaki sauce because it needs
just a little bit of heat for the glaze to happen so for it to thicken and the remaining
heat is gonna be just perfect for that.
Alright! There you go! Serve this over rice, serve this over some rice noodles, eat it
on its own, eat it over a baked potato, a baked sweet potato; however you want to do
If you want to thicken the sauce a little bit, take the vegetables out, leave it on
the heat for a little bit longer and that sauce is gonna thicken up nicely and there
we go. A beautiful teriyaki stir fry.
I hope you enjoy, you can find the recipe at HealthyVeganRecipes.net. Iím Heather and
this is Freshly Served.
I forgot the poor seaweed, there it is beautifully soaked, all I do is take it out and chopped
it up a little bit so that I donít get some large chunks of seaweeds and just stir it
into the stir fry.