How To Fight & How To Fight "The Truth"

Uploaded by HowToFightTheTruth on 25.04.2012


Some people teach you how to fight with your fists.
But that's not where you want to start. You want to start up here with your head
they may teach you how to jab how to hook how to throw a cross
but did you know 80% of fights are won up here
its the mindset that we need to work on first.
Now its kill or be killed out there.
If you haven't got your head straight, if you're not focused,
You are dead!
Now in this video I'm gonna share with you how you can win any fight
simply by using your head
And I don't mean head butting either!
It's all about Mental Boxing
Discipline Dedication and Desire
Keep in that positive three D cycle
and you will or often, you will experience more success and you will become a
But with every positive there is a negative
the self doubt, the getting distracted disappointment
Now on my way to becoming the British
Commonwealth, European, and World Boxing Champion I experienced them all and you will too
unless you get the Mental Boxing bit right
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