Predator 2 Review - Alien Predator Total Destruction Collection Review Part 7

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Coming off of the original Predator, Predator 2 was released a mere 3 years after
the first, the shortest span of any movie in the respective
Alien and Predator series. Well.. Aside from AVP and Requiem,
but we'll get to that series.
It's hard to praise or criticize this movie, because it does so many great things with
the Predator mythos while at the same time doing just as many
things wrong. "It's your move"
"Shit happens" And for all it's cinematic prestidigations,
basic flaws hold it back from becoming as well remembered as it's predicessor.
Even when Predators, the third movie in the series was finally made,
not only did the writers ignore the events from the AVP movies,
but this one as well.
The big thing that's strange to me, is that this movie decided to put the predator
into a.. cop drama.
Along with all the cliches you've come to expect in that genre.
"I don't roll over for anybody! Especially the feds,
without a goddamn good explanation!"
But that's not to say that Predator 2 is some forgotten embarrasment to the series,
it brought a lot of things to the table that Predator fans take for granted now.
So, without further ado let's dive into the urban jungle and take
to the hunt.
So right off the bat we're informed that this movie takes place in Los Angeles,
during the mystical futuristic year of 1997. This does give them the freedom to show that
in this version of history.. I mean.. the future..
that gangs have escalated into brutal militaristic forces,
with gang violence tearing apart the city like a war,
which the characters have no problem pointing out to us.
"Don't let this get out Phil, but it's a fuckin war down here."
"We're not winning this war." "Metro command is a war zone."
"It has not been a nice day!"
That brings us to our hero's introduction, Mike Harrigan played by none other than Danny
Glover. A good choice of actor, as he can be very
intimidating and give subtle performances with a much more
believable tone than Arnold ever could. Unfortunately though, the audience never gets
to see him show off any real strength. That along with the sweaty detective clothes
in my opinion makes him look much older, and even downright frail.
"The guy weighs about 190, 195 pounds. You couldn't carry him up there."
No shit?
But I digress. He does pull of an impressive stunt to rescue
the dying officers from the intro that we never see again,
so we at least know he's crafty. And has a miniature armory in the trunk of
his car, just like anybody in Los Angeles.
And breaking off his door to avoid getting shot through the windshield..
even though driving straight at them, they could easily still shoot him anyway,
Mike gets the officers the cover they need to save the motorcycle cops.
Further proving that he is the starring role of the film,
he announces his presense but still succeeds at ambushing the gangers remaining outside.
"Hey, assholes!"
And of course amidst all the chaos, the officers recieve clear orders to
not engage in infiltration, but instead set up a secure perimiter.
Okay, let's play "Direct this scene" where you at home get to guess what happens
nextto Mike an company! Do they A - Follow orders,
preventing more people and police from becoming unneccicary casualties,
B - Ignore orders entirely, going in guns blazing
while not securing the area at all, leading to several unneccicary casualties
that are fogotten momments later, or C - Discover they are in "The Matrix."
"Can't let you in there, Hinamen's on his way here"
"Hinamen can kiss my sweet ass! Come on!" "God damn it, go with him!"
If you guessed B, you're right! And will never pass the police academy.
Upon entering, they find one of the drug lords shooting wildly..
ohh, there goes officer bob. Oh well,
moving on Mike follows him to the roof, where we get our first real reveal of the
Predator, only 9 minutes and 55 seconds into the film.
"AAAAAGGGGGGHHHH!" A few bullets later, it's Mike on the roof
with the Predator. He notices it, and aims his gun directly at
For unknown reasons, the Predator decides to just leave.
I guess either he hit his killing quota for the day,
or didn't want the movie to be less than 15 minutes, including credits.
This scene also shows us one of Mike's flaws, evidently he's afraid of heights.
This would be an interesting addition to the character, except..
well.. you'll see. The investigation inside continues,
and they find the rest of the gangers were slaughtered
with deadly precision.
"They've been cut to pieces." "Must be the Jamaicans."
"Their style, but.." "Where the hell did they go?"
But all that is cut short when the chief arrives, and is none too pleased with Mr. Harrigan's
decision to ignore his commands.
"You're making me look bad." "I thought we had an understanding."
"I put my ass on the line to get you here.." "And all I expect is a little COOPERATION!"
I know we're supposed to side with Mike, but what about officer bob?
"Third floor, officer down, we need backup!"
Chief didn't even bring that up, so I think he went rather light on him.
A busy transition later, we are introduced to the crew back at the
precinct, inlcuding Jerry Lambert, played by Bill Paxton.
You know Bill of course, from Aliens. Here, he's playing the hot shot newbie on
the team, but as it's Bill giving the performance it's
actually pretty enjoyable and he looks like he's having a good time
with it too.
"And you know what she said without missing a beat?"
"uh, no.." "She said"
"'I stabbed that son of a bitch plenty of times,
he never died on me before!'"
Similar to Hudson in Aliens, Bill presents us with an impressive range
of emotions on what is generally considered a one dimensional
character archetype.
Here we are introduced to Gary Busey, playing the role of Peter Keyes.
The federal presense in the cop drama cliche lineup,
and Gary does a good job presenting him as the douchebag you love to hate.
Also, I'm not sure if it's intentional, but the name Peter Keyes is awfully similar
to the Keys of Peter, as in St. Peter,
as in the pope and such.. I'm not as high up on religion as I am on
science, but it's interesting to see a man of his stature
presented with a name that suggests things such as
none on earth shall judge him, but I'm probably getting way off topic with this.
We also spend more time getting to know other supporting characters,
Danny and Leona. Danny is the long time buddy of Mike, so..
well you know how that works in these kind of movies.
It's actually presented really well here though, their friendship comes off very natural,
which helps the feel of the movie a lot. Leona also shows off her character,
in that she doesn't take crap and is pretty tough for a female lead.
Suprisingly she also is not shown fawning over anyone
or even mentioning a relationship, which helps depict her as a very independant
woman. Overall, a very interesting character,
despite not having the big star role of the film.
So beyond fleshing out the roles, the main point of this scene is Mike welcoming
Jerry into the team, with a few solemn words of wisdom.
"The door swings both ways." "That's it."
"Hey, Kid." "Welcome to the war."
This sets us up perfectly for the segway into...
"Oooh..." "OOOOOHHHHH..."
(sex scene)
Well I guess the directer, Mr. Hopkins decided that if they were going to have an
R rating, they were going to use it.
"I can have naked women in this movie, I want a naked woman!"
But the sex is violently interrupted by a group of the Jamacan Voodoo posse.
I hate when that kind of crap happens to me. But it turns out that having loud sex by a
huge penthouse window must be a magnet for attention,
because we get another appearance by the Predator. And this time, we get to see him playing with
all the new toys.
He's got a ridiculously tight net launcher, razor sharp projectiles,
and the now famed Combi Stick. That alone with the staple technologies he's
carried over from the first film make for an impressive
arsenal, and we haven't even listed every new
weapon at his disposal.
The action is over fast, and we see that every news van in LA has arrived
at the scene before the police, as Harrigan and his team
pull up.
"We were gonna go in there with our guys, but"
"We were told on a radio transmission" "nobody goes in there under any circumstances
at all." (Radio)"All units responding San Pedro & 5th
Avenue" "Be advised, federal officers will handle
investigation." "We didn't hear that, let's go."
What the hell is with this guy and not following orders?
The first time, sure, you could argue that it was a time sensitive
situation and he got caught up in the momment.
"If we let those bastards get dug in now, we'll have to level the building to get em
Here.. if he wasn't supposed to enter, why'd he show up in the first place?
The investigation wasn't his, correct? Who the hell is running this precinct?
Well, when the team enters they find the Predator's trademark victims hanging around.
The way the whole scene adds up clues the team in to the idea that it's not
either of the two big gangs' work.
"Shit, if the columbians did all this, then why'd they leave their boss Ramone over
there hangin' ten and his girlfriend naked on the floor?"
"Wasn't the columbians" "Our friend from the armory."
"Right." "we got a new player in town."
They spy one of the interesting trinkets just momments before
"This is a restricted area!"
You know, you could have gotten up there a lot faster
if you weren't dragging those spotlights up the stairs.
Just sayin. Peter and Mike exchange words,
in a none too friendly fashon.
"You got a big nose. and you're sticking it too far in my business.
Now maybe you can hear this. The next time you cross me,
you're gonna turn up missing."
"Who the hell are you Keyes?" "The last person in the world you wanna fuck
Who the hell are you?
"the last person in the world you wanna
The scene comes up to a close with Mike telling his old buddy Danny
that even though they've seen plenty, they'll come by together later
to have a closer look at the scene that has nothing to do with
any investigation they're involved with.
"We'll take a good look at that room. Okay?" "Hey, wait for me."
So let's play round 2 of "Direct this scene"! How will Danny handle this situation?
Will he A) Wait up for Mike and investigate as a team,
as instructed, B) Say fuck it and go home,
or C) head in alone and end up getting killed?
(dan gets killed scene)
Oh, no! Not the protaganist's longtime friend!
"Capitan..." "Danny and I came up together."
"FIFTEEN YEARS on the fuckin' street!" "whoever killed him's gonna pay,
I'm gonna finish it!"
So yeah, we're going pretty extreme in the predictible cop drama plot points.
But then again, it's not just a man and partner,
it was a team of four. There are still people other than Mike to
care about in this movie. Leona and Jerry both do the obvious thing
to offer to help, and Mike actually listens to them.
That is refreshing, amidst the cliches piled into this movie.
Together they figure out that Keyes is after something much bigger than
drug trafficking, and Mike tells Leona
he wants to speak with King Willie, the head of the Jamacan Voodoo Posse.
A transition later, Mike and Jerry are at a lab looking for clues.
An air of secrecey surrounds Keyes' investigation, but Mike hands over the predator's weapon
for analysis.
"I pried this from Danny's hands" "This is what took him up into the rafters."
"Let me see." "We are now at 150,000 times normal magnification."
"Astonishing!" "This material doesn't correspond to anything
on the periodic table..."
What the hell do you mean it doesn't correspond to anything on the periodic
table? The manner in which elements are classified
and identified on the periodic table has been used to predict the existance of
elements in the past, and the range is quite large.
Where does it fit? You can get a good idea of it's properties
this way. *sigh*
so much for SCIENCE fiction.
Well, before the day is out Mike heads down alone to see King WIllie,
and like any awesomely powerful crime lord, he meets up with him alone in a filthy alleyway.
Willie's dialogue here is ominous, and helps to bring back the feeling of
the indigenous stories from the first predator, about the demon that makes trophies of men.
"I don't know who he is... ..but I know where he is."
"The other side!" "What are you talking about?"
"The spirit world, man!" "You see?"
You had KFC? In all seriousness,
I know well about chicken bones' use in divination, but the ones they use in this scene
look like they came out of a crew member's lunch.
No vertebre, no rib bones,
just leg and wing bones.
"This thing that's killing your people and mine,
is from the other side!"
So willie says a lot of creepy things, but offers little to no information and they
part ways.
Well I guess KFC divination isn't quite as effective
if you're suprised the predator has arrived. Woah,
woah now.. he's got a sword?
The head of a huge criminal organization is going to fight the predator with a sword?!
Awesome, I can't wait to see this! know, this crap is really starting to annoy me.
Well, after a short skull care and maintenance instructional video,
we're back to the lab with Jerry and Leona.
"The federal authorities erased everything from the computer file
except for this." "Part of a chemical test on a fragment of
wood from the penthouse." "And it contained traces of cattle blood,
and heavy traces of steriods." "I believe that whoever killed detective Archuletta
had recently been in a slaughterhouse."
Wait, why the hell would they erase absolutely everything,
except the one clue? It might look insignifigant on it's own,
but when there's no haystack, it's pretty damn easy to find the needle!
Well, the investigation has just had it's first major break,
but Mike decides to take one himself, and check off another cliche for the cop drama
list. Graveyard, check.
picture, check. Badge, check.
Playing taps, check.
Also, this little brat seems to be taking the same lessons as Mike
when it comes to how to listen to authority,
and manages to run into the predator just about as quickly.
Oh shit, this just got real.
Actually, the predator takes the time to recognize the gun is a toy and deactivates his weapon.
So that explains it! In the opening scene,
Mike was pointing a nerf gun at the predator the whole time.
Well, the kid does manage to teach the predator one of it's most terrifying lines.
"want some candy?"
Great going kid, now all the predator needs is a van with no
windows. Well, it's time for Mike to head back
when suddenly..
...why the hell would the predator do that? Well, moving on
we find Jerry and Leona walking in the subway tram,
complaining about not being able to find a seat
while walking by several vacant seats, but this calm ride is cut short when an altercation
"Get the hell away from me!" "I know how to use this thing!"
"He's got a cap gun.." "Don't make me use this thing!"
"And mine's bigger than yours! Haha!" "I'll take that!"
"What the hell is that?"
What? How the hell did the predator get there that fast,
and know that the people on that subway car happen to all be armed?
And when they drew their weapons? This is my big issue with this scene,
it's when it comes out full force that the predator in this movie is only
sometimes behaving like the predator. This scene especially,
it acts more like Jason Vorhees. Well, after slaughtering everybody around
him, the predator closes in on Jerry.
And here we see that the predator is also bulletproof.
"Jesus Christ, what the fuck are you?!" "Want some candy?"
No, Paxton! Don't take the candy!
So, they stop the train and Leona gets everyone to safety who wasn't
already killed, then heads back to check on Jerry.
"oh god.."
Damn it, what is it with Fox and killing Bill Paxton?
And wouldn't you know it, the predator goes after Leona too.
Oh, she's pregnant? Well that explains it all!
Mike Harrigan is pregnant. Well, he shows up after all is said and done
to find out what hapened.
"Doesn't make sense.." "They were all armed."
How the hell did you know that? Well, the magic bulletproof predator
apparently took it's time with getting it's trophy,
because Mike has plenty of time to catch him in the act,
and the big chase begins. The predator runs along the rooftops,
while Mike pursues on the street. It's an interesting scene,
but is cut short by
Keyes' men? So I guess he's in the slaughterhouse district?
Well they must be using predator technology if they knew where Mike was
before I even knew where Mike was! Apparently victorious in it's evasion,
the predator shows off it's immortality some more
as it is struck by lightning. What the hell is it going to do next?
Stop a jet by sticking it's butt in a turbine?
"if it bleeds, we can kill it."
Well then you can't fucking kill this one! Well, they bring Mike into Keyes' secret base,
and he decides to... tell him everything..
I.. I don't see why.
Or if he was fine with that, why not just tell him from the start?
When did Mike join the secret club? I.. I don't know anymore.
Well, it turns out Keyes has been tracking the predator
and wants to capture it to take it's technology.
"You admire the son of a bitch." "Not what he does, Lieutenant."
"For what he IS. For what he can give us."
They have a big, intricite plan set up that capitalizes on the predator's reliance
on infared to see, and render themselves invisible to suprise
This gives us the perfect chance to see another predator technology introduced in
this movie, multiple vision settings on it's mask.
Well, so much for that plan. Mike notices the problem, and escapes to go
after the predator. The predator makes short work of the team,
and takes out Keyes with a no-look plasma blast.
Okay, that was pretty awesome.
Mike runs in to fight the predator, and good for him,
bullets work now! Or at least long enough for Mike to take it's
mask off, and quote the first movie.
"You're one ugly mother AHHHH!!"
The predator then shows it's discontent for plastic guns,
and... what the? Keyes again? Are you sure they don't have predator technology
yet? Well, this gives us one of the more awesome
predator weapons, the smartdisk.
Well, I guess none FROM earth judged him. From this point on in the movie,
it's one long confrontation between Mike, and the predator.
The action in this sequence is for the most part really awesome,
but Mike's character flaw, his fear of heights, seems to keep interrupting the action.
It's not like he's ever failed to do anything because of the fear,
or even gets over it eventually. He always stops at the edges,
and just brings the scene to a halt.
Well, the chase goes on until eventually, Mike finds the predator's ship.
Now this part, is really well done. It looks like nothing made on earth,
and it's also the first cinematic hint that the predators hunt things other than
humans. Such as..
The battle escalates, in vicious melee combat where eventually Mike bests the predator using
it's own weapon, the smartdisk.
Though honestly, that wound doesn't look nearly as bad as the
bullet wounds, or losing a hand,
or.. getting struck by lightning. ...oh well.
Mike soon finds himself surrounded by predators, and stands his ground.
"Okay, who's next?"
They carry off their fallen comrade, and the elder respectfully gives Mike a 18th
century pistol.
Well, that was nice of them. Wait, this is an action movie.
It can't end like this. The hero has to be running down a tunnel
from a huge explosion.
Like that! Topped off with a pull away into the sky shot,
and you've got your cliche action movie ending.
So that's Predator 2. How does it compare to the first?
Well, I complained that the exposition in the beginning of the original predator
was downright pointless by the end,
and this movie doesn't have that problem, but it's action sequences aren't nearly as
amazing as the first film. Mike is a much more interesting character
than Dutch could ever hope to be, and while I like the supporting
characters they aren't quite as strong as the ones from
the original. The biggest flaw by far, in my opinion is
the predator itself. There are just too many inconsistancies and
instances where it doesn't behave like you would think
the predator would.
So for horror, the slower paced investigation and occasional
jump scares do net it two ugly motherfuckers out of five,
but Mike's issue with heights tends to bring the action scenes to
a hault, right when they're getting really good.
At best I'd give it four trophies out of five for action.
Overall, despite it's flaws, it's added so much to the Predator mythos
that if you're a fan, or at least interested in the series,
you would be doing yourself a serious injustice to pass this film up,
reguardless of what cinematic sins it commits. It's still a great ride, and well worth your
Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supported my videos
while I've been infrequent in my updates. And don't worry, I'm hoping I'm gonna get
my next review done within a week, very soon.
I'm gonna try. And that review, will be Alien VS Predator.
Thank you all for watching, this has been Decker Shado,
the internet personality with the best hair!