36HC - E03 - Reality Show

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Everyone's working nicely together.
We are all having input.
There is not anybody that I can say is getting on anyone's nerves, at this stage.
That may change later.
We voted off Adam.
But he got back in the game.
Even though Chris was voted out originally, we didn't know each other very well.
So it didn't really change anything.
We are stronger as a team and we got to know each other better.
The plus one vote.
The other's don't know I got it because the stone is only marked on one side.
When we got them and I saw it...
...I turned it over and then just showed everyone else the blank side.
They all don't think I've got it.
Welcome to your third Challenge.
Let's get to it.
We are going to have a duel and a player from each team will use five balls to hit five wooden blocks off the structure.
Player that hits more wooden blocks than the other player wins the point for the team.
First team to get 14 points wins the Challenge.
Make sense?
Let's get to it.
Are you ready for the Challenge?
First up, Jo and Deano.
Go Deano.
One point for Deano.
Come on Jo
Three balls left.
Next up, Sandy and Chris.
Go Sandy.
Very close but no point.
Good girl, well done.
Very good, two balls left, one ball left.
Go Chris.
I wasn't aiming for that one.
Dont't tell anyone that.
Yellow team gets another point.
Yellow team leads by two points.
Next up, Julie and Andrew.
So close.
Good on you, Julie.
Andrew has to get two points or more.
Very close.
Might go for one of these. Oh no, come on.
That's it Yellow team wins the point.
Well done.
Next up, Jarrod and Matt.
Come on Matt.
Matt, you go first.
Go Red Team.
Come on Matt.
One ball left.
Go Jarrod.
You won't get it.
You've got plenty of time, plenty of time.
Take your time.
Yellow team leads three points to one point, Red team.
Next up, Jack and Adam.
Good boy, well done.
One ball left.
Adam, your turn.
There is no need to rush, take your time.
Yellow team wins another point.
Yellow team four points, Red team one point.
Next up, Jo and Deano.
He's got nothing on you Jo.
Next up, Chris and Sandy.
Oh, nearly got two.
Good girl, that is how you do it.
Sandy misses.
Yellow team gets another point.
Yellow team five points, Red team one point.
Next up, Julie and Andrew.
Come on baby.
Great shot.
Just warming up.
All right Red team gets a point.
Next up, Jack and Adam.
Good man, well done Deano.
You can do it Jo, you can do it.
You can't miss.
Good old Jo.
We are going to count each point for each block hit from the structure.
Yellow team seven points, Red team three points.
Good play.
Go Matty.
I like a challenge.
Chris, you go.
Very nice.
Good work.
It is going to be a flawless game.
12 for Yellow team, and 7 for Red team.
Next up, Deano and Andrew.
Good man.
Yellow team wins the Challenge.
We just couldn't compete with the dart throwing team next door, so they won out.
Well done teams, congratulations Yellow team.
Red team you have to eliminate one player.
You will get the torch of misery.
Allright I will see you at the next challenge.
We got easily beaten.
They were pretty accurate, let's say.
We lost the challenge.
That doesn't really bother me, in fact I kinda would have preferred we lost the challenge.
I was probably the weakest link in that activity...
... because I only got one down.
I wouldn't be surprised if I was eliminated.
I didn't have much input into that either.
Not looking good for me, I don't think.
Jo in terms of physical challenges.
She is probably one of the smallest on our team.
I would say either Adam or Jo at this point.
Overall it is a team effort and we are only as strong as our weakest member.
I would be pretty sad as I am quite enjoying it here.
And you know I want to stay until the end.
Welcome back.
Andrew what did you think of today's challenge?
Yeah another accuracy challenge which started off slow.
I think we got better towards the end but obviously too slow...
... to catch up to their points.
Jo, not having anything to eat and getting tired by the end of the day.
Do you think it has anything to do with losing Challenges?
Yeah, my pheripheral vision was just not going ...
... with the lack of the food and stuff.
Sandy, are you usually good at aiming Challenges?
No can't say I am a very good dart player, no.
How are you feeling with not having lunch?
Not sure that is the problem I think just probably getting a better aim would be nice.
Unfortunately it didn't happen on the day.
Matt, not having food, does it have an issue on your performance?
Not yet.
I think it would but I am used to going without food when needed so...
...I think I performed as well as I could.
Adam, your decision for voting now?
Has it changed since the last time?
Are you voting for someone you don't get along with or?
No, I get along with everyone.
My choice will be a random choice again.
Spending that little time together.
What half a day?
Do you get to develop any real attachments...
...that will make this vote a little bit hard or not enough time?
Jo, what do you think?
Probably not enough time becasue we are always always together.
The five of us, so we are building our relationships all together.
Andrew, would you like some time alone with certain players so that you can talk strategy?
Yeah, yeah something like that.
I guess it might help in the latter stages of the game but...
...at this point try and keep the team strong kinda attitude.
Makes sense, let's do this.
Sandy, you first.
I should say that there is no more lucky rock draw at the end.
The person that has the most votes goes home.
One vote Andy.
One vote Andy. One vote Adam.
Two votes Adam.
Spoke to Matt.
He said to me, same game plan.
Guess that means do we do the same thing as we did last time?
Two votes Adam, one vote Sandy, one vote Andrew.
One vote left.
Adam is three votes, you have to go home.
Sure enough when the votes came in, everyone had put Adam's name down.
Except for one which was Sandy, which was me.
My motive behind voting for Sandy was...
...I dunno, it might have helped Adam out somehow.
I asked him, I tried to get out of him who he was going to vote for.
He didn't give me a straight answer and I wasn't sure who he was going to pick.
If at least he and I had picked the same person it would have been two votes.
Maybe someone else might have chosen the other person as well.
Tried to help him out but everyone else had gone for him, so.
With Adam having injured himself earlier in the day I wasn't surprised that he was voted out.
I guess we all chose him because of his physical abilities.
Do you have any last words for your team?
Good luck, hope you do a lot better with the ongoing challenges.
I only went for you Andy, because your name starts with 'A' as well as mine.
Otherwise good luck for the rest of the Challenge.
Allright, if you can go that way.
Considering I was one of the weakest links...
...I thought I would have been the first to go.
I for some reason didn't get any votes from anyone.
My team obviously likes me.
Me and Jo are pretty tight. I would have to say she is my number one ally in here.
My name has only appeared...
...once on the sheet so far and that was Adam.
Because he couldn't vote for himself.
At the moment no one is out to get me.
Gone for you Andy, just because your name starts with 'A' also.