Best of Alvaro&Bea (4) - with English/Hungarian subtitles

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Hi, Bea!
How are you?
And your father?
Not too bad.
And your mother?
As usual.
Is she still angry with you because of our relationship?
I don't feel like talking about this.
What I feel like doing is being with you.
Are you hungry?
Not really.
This is because you haven't tasted my lasagne.
For your information, this is one of the few dishes
that I make better than my father.
Better than your father?
You have no idea of how annoyed he gets about it.
Well, and now what?
Will you help me with the béchamel sauce?
That's the only thing that is missing.
Well, I'm not really familiar with cooking.
Yes, I know.
If you could cook, too, you would be the perfect man.
Sorry, dear, but I make you a Spanish omelette that is shrouded in mystery.
In mystery?
Bloody hell! You'll see!
That's it.
Only one question:
The béchamel will serve to coat the lasagne,
or to bath it??
What? Why do you say this?
Because it's very thin. Look!
And it's full of plumps.
It's perfect!
It's perfect!
You should put more flour in it.
There's no need to put more flour in it!
Because when it goes cold, it'll solidify.
I've done it a million times.
Well, as you like.
Then I'll take out the table-spoon.
Hey, you're a little bossy, aren't you?
Oh no!
Do you see what you have just done?
No! Me!
And now what?
This is what happens when you get on my nerves .
If Arguinano (a famous Spanish cook) had somebody standing in his way every day,
he would only have a restaurant serving barbecues.
Get out of the way, Arguinano! I hope I can save it.
But this is...
This was a masterpiece.
This is completely useless.
Don't throw it in my hair!
No, I won't!
Not in the hair!
Not in the hair.
No, by no means in the hair.
You've broken it.
What are you doing?
My croquette.
This isn't right.
No, it isn't.
You're tired. I understand.
What is not right is that we're rolling about on the kitchenfloor,
having a bed like that.
Let's make it up!
Look at this!
Put me down! Put me down!
It was wonderful.
It wasn't bad at all, was it?
I've never experienced such happinness with a man.
Baby, you have to get used to it because
I'm not an average man.
I'm from the perfect generation.
From the perfect generation?
It's that...
I've never known a man...
who was so cocky like you.
How can somebody be so cocky?
I'm not ticklish.
I don't believe it.
I love you, Álvaro.
I love you too.
Of course!
Bea, can we eat the lasagne that we made?
Of course!
But without béchamel sauce because a clumsy oaf ruined it.
I'll go for it and we'll eat it here, OK?
Go! Hurry up!
I've come to apologize.
I was a bit rough before.
I'm the one who should apologize.
You're absolutely right.
We come here to work.
Even so, I have no right to talk badly to you.
Neither as to my secretary ...
nor as to Bea.
If you have to stop me, just do it!
With all these troubles we're facing right now
the last thing we need is to pass the time doing silly things.
But we can't suppress our natural instincts, either.
If we have to burn...
we burn.
We have a flat for this.
If we leave Bulevar, we are Álvaro and Bea,
and we can burn as much as we want.
But here we have to go on behaving like boss and secretary.