Macrobiotic Cooking & Recipes : Good Books & References on Macrobiotics Cooking

Uploaded by expertvillage on 09.11.2007

You want to share some other resources were people could find out more about macrobiotics.
Yes. What are these books that you want to talk about? This Food and Healing it is by
Anne Marie Colbin it is a very good book it tells you about all the basics and how to
cook. We have Michio Kushi, this is a very intense book it is a book about macrobiotics
it is a little hard to get through but, you probably want to save that to after you've
been cooking this way for a while. But, the Macrobiotic Way is a easy guide to macrobiotics
cooking and it includes receipts. I actually think this is a really good book to start
with. Great and this one Staying Healthy with The Season. Yeah this a great book because
it tells us about the five transformation theory which is another part of macrobiotics.
Oh okay. Were each season tells you which vegetables to eat and each season is connected
to certain organs and you want to do certain cleansing for different organs of certain
times of the year. Interesting. Yeah it is all based on Chinese medicine so its pretty
involved, but, there is lots of resources out there. Great that gives up a good starting
point on macrobiotics.