How to Make Valentine's Day Gifts : How to Make a Valentine's Day Pop-Up Card

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.02.2008

Hi. My name is Lanie Evans and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm going to show you how
you can make a simple pop up card for Valentine's Day. Let's get started. I'm going to use a
simple, well, card stock works best. So I'm going to take my paper and fold it in half,
actually I have one here that I've already done. I folded it in half. What you're going
to do is take some scissors and cut a small, almost two lines, about an inch or so, depending
on how long or big your card is. That will determine the cut. You're going to open it
up and push this out and then fold it down and you have to kind of work with it a bit
so that you get this shape, this kind of chair shape. We'll get a good fold on it. Just like
that. Now this isn't very attractive for your card, this is kind of the inside of your card,
let's make the outside. Take a second piece of paper, helps if they're the same length.
But I can show you how, if you don't have the same length, how you can avoid that. Okay,
so fold it together, this is where you're going to need some glue. Now if you want,
what I'm going to do since my paper is not the same size, I am going to cut out a heart.
I'm going to draw it first, so there's one side. I'm going to take these crazy scissors
that have an interesting edge and I cut it out. I don't want to see the black so I'm
going to cut it a little bit smaller on the inside of the line. So now I have my heart,
I can do it red side to red side, but I'm going to make it a little more interesting
and do white side to white side so that we have the red here but you'll have the white
covering up your hole. So now we need to get some glue. This is great because you can line the spine
of the heart up to the side of the card. So now you have your pop up starter. You have
the outside covered. Now let's get to decorating. You can address this here, you can, your options
are limitless really. What I like to do is add a little heart here, you can add decorations,
which I'm going to do. And instead of a heart here, what I prefer to do, is make this a
little more interesting. I'm going to take another piece of card stock, the thicker the
paper the better so it's pretty tough. We're going to do a fan like shape, or accordion
Hot gluing is the best way, you can also tape it together. So depending on which way you
want to do it, your card can fold down like this so when they open it, it'll pop open.
I'm going to put a message, I'm going to make another heart. And then basically, you're
going to attach the glue here and here. And so when someone goes to open it, there's your
pop up.