[SUBTITLED] PES 2013 PES FullControl Gameplay Video 02 [E3 2012]

Uploaded by officialpes on 21.06.2012

Full Manual Passing & Dynamic One-Twos
Full Manual Passing gives total control over pace and direction
Dynamic One-Twos offer freedom of runs and placing of passes
Dynamic First Touch
Dynamic First Touch adds instant control such as traps, flicks and feints
The flexible system links receiving the ball and how the player moves it on
Full Manual Shooting
For the first time, PES offers total control over where you place shots
Full Manual Shooting requires greater skill, but makes shooting more accurate
Deft Touch Dribbling
Complete realisation of technical dribbling with the sole of the foot
Full directional support and simplified controls to keep possession or beat opposition
Response Defending
Defend with perfectly timed tackles or control the distance of holding players. Turn over the ball more quickly with faster counters