2.1 Adding References to RefWorks by Searching Online Catalogs or Databases

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Adding References to RefWorks by Searching Online Catalogs or Databases
Another way that you can add references
is by directly searching online catalogs or databases from within RefWorks.
There are many catalogs available to search for free
from your local public or university library to government and corporate libraries.
You can search PubMed this way too
and your library also may have customized the list of online databases
to include online resources that your library subscribes to.
To begin, go to the Search menu.
Select Online Catalog or Database.
Under the Search dropdown menu select the catalog or database you want to search.
For example, the Library of Congress.
You can specify the maximum number of references to download
And you can either enter a Quick Search
which will search all available fields for the terms you enter
Or you can enter more complex searches using Advanced Search.
Using Advanced Search you can specify which fields you wish to search.
For example, let's search for the author, Edward Gibbon.
Click the Green Plus icon to add another row.
You can add up to four rows to enter search terms.
When you have more than one row
you can specify how you want to join your search terms
using the Boolean operators And, Or, and Not.
Let's leave it set to And.
On the second row we'll select the Title field and type Roman Empire.
Then click the Search button.
RefWorks tells you the number of total references found
that match your search criteria.
Note that these references have not yet been imported into our RefWorks account.
You can click the View icon to see the full details of any reference.
You can import this reference from the Full View box,
either by selecting a specific folder as the destination
which will also put it into the Last Imported folder
or by clicking the Import button at the bottom
Click the X to close the Full View box.
You can also import several search results at once
by selecting the references here.
and then either clicking the Import button
Or choosing a specific folder as the destination.
Click OK to confirm the import.
The Import Results box confirms the total number of references imported.
To view them, click the View Last Imported button.
And here you can see the two references
we just imported from our Library of Congress search results.
Next we'll go over how to import references from text files
Using PubMed as an example.