EarthBound Fortress 2: Chapter 1

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...used a pencil eraser...
...fought a series of explosive fire trees...
...snuck past a massive cult...
Pretty much!
... and now you're here?
Yeah, that's the gist of it.
Eh, yeah, you took your sweet time getting here!
Do you even have any idea of how tough it was on the way?
Well, just sit down, and tell me everything from the beginning. Okay?
(first, a full-day hike through misery and torment and NOW, storytime.)
(alright, let's go with, um...)
Well, it was, hm...
It was on a fateful night!
There was this big meteor, right, that fell near the...
No, no. Not that one.
You know what I mean... earlier!
(well I guess before, there was the fat red smart kid and the skinny orange dumb one.)
(and that gang that ran that arcade!)
(and then there's the alien talking bee that visited me from the future
that told me I was one of the Chosen Four to save the world!)
(and then there was those roadblocks. Oh man, those roadblocks were...)
(wait a second... maybe she's actually talking about--)
Oooooh! That's what you meant. Okay then!
♫ Character select, N. E. S. S. ! ♫
♫ Give it up for the brainiac, I'll name him Jeff! ♫
♫ I'm the man, with the plan, and I love to rock! ♫
♫ I'm gonna name my dog King, even though he's not! ♫
♫ I got a girl on my crew, I'll let my game name her! ♫
♫ Paula?! Could that be any LAMER? ♫
Wait wait wait, what did you say about my name?
Oh boy.
Oh, come on, it was just for the rhyme!
So! It was me, Pokey, and King.
King's my dog, and Pokey's my neighbor.
We were all going back up the hill to check out what happened, now that the cops were gone.
The animals were all crazy!
Snakes biting, crows trying to peck out your eyes...
Pokey's useless in a fight by the way,
but King's primal! A real hunter!
And between his fangs and my bat, we made it back to the top of the mountain to find Pokey's brother, Picky.
... napping next to a giant meteorite, which I'm sure is super healthy.
And then this talking space bee from the future,
told us he wasn't really a bee, but that he really was from the future!
... beg your pardon?
That's what got me too! Because...
if his name is Buzz Buzz, how is he not a bee?
But it's cool, because he said there's three boys and a girl
who are destined to save the world. And I'm one of them!
Pokey, uh... he thinks he's one of them too, but I don't know.
Anyway, we're headed back down the mountain,
and then this silvery thing called a Starman shows up!
But totally-not-a-bee Buzz Buzz blasted him!
... and then got crushed to death by Pokey's mom, two minutes later.
But before he died, he gave me the Sound Stone,
which I have to use to collect the Eight Melodies, and save the world.
But... what about the meteor crash?
Oh yeah! The meteor crash. Well...
Hey, is that...?
... woah.
Hey Tracy! Tracy!
Tracy where are ya I need to tell you about this a meteor fell--
Oh wait, you're already up.
But anyway! A meteorite fell near Giant Step!
So, are you gonna take a look at it?
Of course I'm gonna check it out!
Alright, I'm going back to bed. Have fun.
Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
More roadblocks!
What?! Who's there?
Hey, Ness! Hey! L-L-Listen to what I've got to say!
When I took Picky to the place where the meteorite landed...
Oh! Good evening ma'am.
You're looking lovely as usual.
Anyway, as I was saying,
the police that were guarding the meteorite landing left suddenly to deal with the Sharks.
You know the Sharks, they're the local ruffians, and they were really...
Oooh, that Pokey fellow doesn't seem trustworthy.
To me, anyway.
But I'm his best friend!
Well, um...
I'm his... only friend, but...
Well, once I kicked the Sharks outta town,
I had to go deal with the police officers...
(I'm outta here, that looks like it's smarts!)
♫ Check out my Super-Ultra-Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot martial arts! ♫
♫ I'm the Captain, I'm strong, that's why I'm Captain Strong! ♫
♫ If you think you're getting past me, well... you're wrong! ♫
And then I walked!
I walked...
... I walked!
... I *WALKED* until I literally crumbled into the first hotel I saw in Twoson.
... and I was told you were kidnapped!
Found a bike, trekked some more,
and hauled myself into this loghouse.
Ness, you forget one step!
...the rest area, hmm?
Oh! Right!