"That beautiful left turn." Doug Pray '83 talks about his time at Colorado College.

Uploaded by ColoradoCollegeWeb on 26.10.2012

When I think about the
experience I had at Colorado College
life that I eventually got involved in
which is directing documentaries
immersing myself in lots of different cultures
and being involved in arts and music and what I love about film making is
that it combines so many different strains
it combines drama, writing, art, music
politics, culture, sociology, you know you name it. I mean it's kind of all
in there, whereas possibly if you're at a school where you just kind of focus a
little bit too early, it's kinda like "yep, this is my path, this is what I'm doing"
you don't have that left turn,
that beautiful left turn, that suddenly puts you in a new land
and it's like "wait a minute,
I'm really into biology"
and not just taste them but really get into them. I was able to do art.
I was able to do photography. I was able to do music.
I was able to learn about drama.
I was able to write short stories
you know it's obvious that at any good college you're gonna do a lot of stuff
but I can't defend that because I don't know why the semester system wouldn't
produce just the same
kind of thinking but I really feel like here it's sort of more intensive
you don't just kind of pretend you're doing it because it's that one fun blow off class
that you take every friday afternoon
you do it for a full block, you have to get into it
and I really think that sort of has paid off in a way
that is sort of a multifaceted-ness
that I sort of attribute to the college because I think it gave me that
I got to touch all those things and now I practice them all the time.