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Burne, the burnt dog
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SP Record Channel presents:
Burne's Story
-Well, now...
You know that SP Record
always fought animal abuse.
Do you like animals?
Well, even those who doesnt
will be saddened by Burne's case
A small puppy that became victim
of mankind's cruelty.
He was found in the bushes
in Jaguariúna, a small town near São Paulo.
Burne was scalded with hot oil.
-This pitbull puppy
has the bravery of a grown up dog.
Burne was severely burned
scalded by hot oil
on february, 28th
And he was dumped
on this lot on jaguariunas outskirts'
113km away from São Paulo
And it's still not known
who set fire on the puppy.
Burne didnt die on this place just because
he was found by Valdenir and Daniel.
They were working carrying stones
near the railroad where Burn was dumped.
Valdenir, where did you exactly found him?
-He was near that place over there
I came walking upon the tracks
while i was loading the truck
i usually roam around a little
that's when i saw this small round thing
that looked like a small animal.
Between the grass i could barely see
because his color was similar to the grass.
He was covered in flies,
his skin was white of the flies' eggs
upon his back here
and his eyes were shut, he couldnt open.
Then he realized our scent and started to cry.
He cried so Daniel went to his lunchbox
and got his lunch to check if he were hungry.
Thats when i got really saddened.
-He started to eat desperately
then Valdenir said: No, lets split into tiny pieces
otherwise he might choke.
Then he ran and got some water to feed him
because here he wouldn't find water anywhere.
He drunk desperately and ate desperately.
-The 3 month old puppy,
is now under treatment on this vet clinic
in Jaguariúna-SP.
When he arrived here,
Burn was suffering for malnutrition,
severely injuried and burned on his back,
ears, face and his eyes.
-How many surgeries do you believe
might be needed to fully recover his face?
-Initally from 2 to 3 surgeries
according to our forecast
we will be able to recover his injuries.
But, every plastic surgery does not mean an
accurate amount... might take up to 7 surgeries.
We start by taking tissue from his back
and then inserting this tissue to his forehad
giving room for the facial's muscles and skin,
for the eyes to sit back in their place again
in this side that needs to be "remodelled"
to give him a new "mold" to his face.
-With the plastic surgeries,
specialists expect 95%
of facial aesthetic recovery.
The workers who saved the puppy
visit their new friend weekly.
And they are really proud and glad
with their little friend's recovery.
-He was about to die in that day,
we didnt think that he would survive that day.
But now look at him, all fat, all cute, happy!
-What an evil thing to do,
they scalded this puppy with hot oil
God, do justice! because unfortunately,
the laws in this country are too gentle
and they were supposed to punish
those that abuse animals.
That was an awful thing that happened.
Translated by: Marcelo Monnerat Castello