Esferas Navideñas *Christmas Balls* Adornos Navideños 2 Pintura Facil Para Ti

Uploaded by PinturaFacil on 27.11.2010

So, now I'm going to choose this green color to paint or better said to fill this space here
next to this red one.
It is true that to paint with this technique on a sphere is a little bit more complicated
as when having a plane figure, because you are performing against the gravity.
That means that due to the gravity the color tends to drip.
In this case, the color tries to escape somehow here and we have to stop it and wait a bit until it dries.
Again with the toothpick we finish the corners, where the color didn't properly filled.
Now, we let dry for a while and then continue with the other spaces around.
As you see, right now the red color as well as the green color are quite dry.
I applied then blue and let it dry for a couple of minutes.
Here, I'm going to put some green, and over here yellow in order to alternate the colors so that they don't mix.
You notice that it is a very easy practice with the only inconvenience, that you have to wait the colors to dry;
but, if you work with several spheres at the same time, you can paint a sphere while another one is getting dry.
In this manner at the end you can have painted ten to fifteen spheres for your Christmas tree
without wasting time, because you always continue working with the next one.
Don't worry if you think the colors have a milky appearance,
as soon as they start to dry they will turn clear.
You are watching here how this green color is losing its white touch.
Have a look at these colors now that they are dry.
They look much more intense and clear.
There is nothing left from the Styrofoam ball where it has been painted, you can only see it where it is still white.
We continue filling the rest of the areas.
You can see how the colors that are dry become crystal-clear while the other ones that are still wet are sort of milky.
The colors give a very nice effect to our Christmas balls.
I only have this last space to paint and I will use blue, all the rest is dry and ready, with this last space we are done.
Now that it is finished, I want you to notice that one color doesn't get directly in contact with the same color at any time.
We have alternated the four colors in a way that they are well distributed.
Once it is dry, you can protect your ball with several layers of glaze before hanging them on your Christmas tree.
On the web you can find a photographic step by step, in case you have missed any detail.
Well, I hope you enjoyed this work and that we meet soon again in (easy painting for you)