Gothic lolita fashion from Japan at Dutch TV show " Man bijt hond "

Uploaded by gothiclolitagirl on 29.01.2010

Japan is ahead when it comes to fashion and style.
The Japanese street image shows already for years, outstanding girls dressed up in sweet
dresses and petticoats in victorian style. The Lolita's.
From Japan this hype now has blown over and The Netherlands has gotten also a
hard centre of outstanding followers.
You don't look like real lolita's yet, right?
No, this hasn't happened yet.
But these are the clothing’s you normally wear, or what is the deal?
Yes casual or more like pajama’s, it is still early, right?
What is it like for you to be a lolita?
It is a fashion style that I just find very pretty, because if I dress myself like this I
also start feeling really more beautiful.
You are actually acting the part of the sweet girl, is this right?
Look I am actually the one who is known for wearing more a darker style of lolita, I
mostly wear gothic and Kuro (black) lolita. In my case you try to combine the
darkness with cuteness.
These are bloomers, this kind of pants goes under it, these are different kinds.
It also has something sexy right?
NO (not?) absolutely not no, because if it was sexy then you maybe would wear
regular underwear, but this is also under it so it is covered.. and warm.
But if you think about a lolita you would think about a young girl, where older men
would look at.
Yes but this is what the Japanese did wrong, they used the word lolita, without
looking at the meaning of it.
When I started with lolita, when I was a year of 16, 17 my mother also would say if
I told her, Yes I am lolita "oh Jessica, hush, you should not say that because
that used to be a sex book" and the like, but it really has nothing to do with that.
Everything all right? Yes with you? Yes. Charlie! You look so pretty! Thank you..
Hello, hello, hey, hey.
These are lolita's right sir? Well...
What kind of feeling does it give you? Nothing, (no) no.
Lolita's are something else right? Well I think that are young girls who have sex.
Do you think it is sexy? No, I won't fall it no. (No) No.
Jessica? Yes. How does it feel now to go out in the
public? Yes, how does it feel.. Well I have to say I am used to it, from a younger age
I was in the gothic scene and then you are used to the stares.
But do you get some kind of kick out of this?
In my eyes everyone should dress they way they like. And people should
"oeeehhh" look up wear like what is that, you know, just accept and it is a bit
unfortunate that you have everywhere the sheep pattern you know they all follow
each other and everything outside that should be stared at.
You now also look all kind the same? Look the same? Yes, you enter a fashion
stream and there you indeed see the same elements. well, but it is for example
different then a, just to say something, well, thenthousend people who all dress
in the same jeans and brand sweaters and the like.
Watch out for the jeu de boules balls!
Frankly it's not bad if people look at me and think "Gee you look sexy", not that I
expect people to think like that, but let's say they do.
But it just has nothing, it has nothing to do with each other, you could.. There are
also people who think animals are sexual attractive, Yeah, my god, well, just to say
something very bizarre, so you could make everything sexy.